I may have a producer remix my songs and see if there's a releasable album there or not. I really don't care either way about it.

I made music to express my deep feelings in the beginning, with a harmonica alone. I don't need an instrument to write a song, I can clap a beat and sing on pitch without one.

I have not had a good response to my music, and I feel like I have wasted enough time on this high school popularity contest.

I sold my guitar today, got an ethernet cable, a new webcam, and lunch at the Kobe Asian Fusion Restaurant I saw the other day on the way back from therapy, which apparently is run by Japanese people, and it is gorgeous in there, my God, looks ghetto outside and all 'spherical paper lantern, wabi sabi' inside. "Choji," I think those lanterns are called.

I tried not to put my chopsticks in the air, but I forgot you're not supposed to dip the food from other plates in the dipping sauce on another plate, or something...I understood that they were foreigners in my country, and didn't want to offend them, but they acted pretty much like any restaurateurs in Nashville would have.

I'm def going back, totally worth it.

Anyway, I quit my 'calling' as a musician, and will now only play harmonica for people who want to hear me play harmonica. I may sing at some point if my voice ever comes back after all the rage screaming I've been doing since mom passed. But not for money, not for stardom, for my friends and my own good pleasure.

I have forsaken the guitar, in the name of finding my own way in life, exploring my own identity. Thoughts? Seems an intellectual discussion to me.