Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire-ffxvane_logo-png

So, I haven't finished the original game, but I like what I have played of it.

And I wasn't able to play a lot of the mobile app of Justice Monsters V before they removed it.

But I have played the snot out of the mobile app A New Empire. I have even done what I would previously say was unthinkable. I put my own money into the app in order to get the better things in it. Actually, I have probably put in at least $300 USD into it, and I know that's bad.

But it is really fun!

But this thread isn't about my recognized problem of wasting money on a mobile app. It is about the game itself. Has anyone else discovered the fun that building your Empire on Eos is? Do you participate in the Guild and Realm Events? Have you tried your luck at fighting for the crystal and becoming Emperor of the Realm, or even Supreme Emperor of Eos? Do you enjoy fighting the other Empires and taking their resources, or their version of Noctis as your captive, and banishing them to the Void for all eternity?

What Realm are you in? What Guild are you in? Want to share game contact info so we can gush over the app and all of its splendor?