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    boss figt

    hi there

    I am now stuck in final fansy 15 playing on my ps4. im stuck on the boss figt for levitan so what is the best way of taking him down?
    and what about this how do i change my weapons in the game and use the elixers ? and additianl question is how to get the royal arm and an armor so he its not that hard fighting the boss here.

    hopeu can help me out guys

    Thank you

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    Ok so when the fight starts, the trick is to just keep mashing the attack button, think its Circle on PS4, if not X. Just keep doing that for 15mins (or the rest of the game) and you will win..

    Also if you dont know how to use items this late in the game, you should probably just sell your PS4 or whatever console you're playing it on and go read a book..


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    the only is this ....... how do i get close to the boss without the boss hurting me?
    that is my main isue and if i get hit by the boss it takes away a lof of nochtis helth bar is there med kit i can use or?and where are they located? and what postiion is the best to attach the boss from in the game? what sub area i mean......for ex the clock tower or where?

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    Which part of the battle are you stuck on? is it the beginning of the fight where you are on foot? or when you are flying around in the air? If it's the latter, just fly around, use the attack button to hit leviathan and stay out of his attack range. If it's the first part of the fight, you'll want to hit the square button to guard when he attacks you, since there isn't much you can do, you can attempt to warp strike him with the triangle button but that sequence shouldn't last too long as it is scripted and the story takes over from that point.
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