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The Legends Passed Down: Book 1 - The Quantum Sword:
The Legends Passed Down: Book 1 - The Quantum Sword

A Story Treatment.

By Johnny Norris Jr., Richie Norris, David Norris, and Mike Moskway

A warrior and his wife are in an army together, and work together as a team in a war. They win the war almost single handed by chance, but the wife is wounded and made barren, so their dreams of having children are crushed.

They return to their home and begin trying to live a peaceful life together, but it is marred both by the warrior's boredom with peace and struggles to find a place in society that does not require his skills, and the wife is heartbroken and traumatized at her loss of her child conceiving ability. After some time passes and these emotional states are established in the characters, a war orphan is adopted by them when one of their neighbors is found to be mistreating her.

She bears a striking resemblance to the wife when she was young, and they begin to warm to each other and open up, developing a mother-daughter bond. At that point, the orphan girl begins to describe her past, and it comes to light that she does not merely resemble the wife, she is the wife's younger self, transported to this reality from another quantum timeline.

Only a mysterious artifact known as the Quantum Sword has the power to send her back to her own reality, but a mysterious and immortal swordsman named Cobra is also searching for the blade, in his quest to improve his swordsmanship as an end unto itself.

Cobra is supposedly over 2000 years old, but cannot remember exactly what his past was, especially the very beginning; he does not know why he is motivated to improve his sword skill, has been doing it as long as his memory goes back, and has ceased examining his actions entirely. He is totally unsentimental and unsympathetic, and is a complete free agent; he is simply unable to accept anyone's authority whatsoever, and plainly put, doesn't have to; he is the most powerful warrior that exists.

Cobra hears that the warrior and his wife are looking for the Quantum Sword, and, strangely, offers to help them find it and send Past Wife back to her own timeline, in exchange for the sword once the deed is done. He cannot do it alone because he does not have the ability to decipher the shadowy parts of his past that will lead them to the blade. He only knows some several clues to give them, and depends on their knowledge of the world to piece together the mystery.

He refuses to take orders, and acts alone in battle. The four journey together to find the Quantum Sword, and on the way, Cobra finds himself influenced towards sentimentality for the first time he can remember. He begins to question his goal of simply learning swordplay as an end unto itself, and seems to be rediscovering his humanity, until the Quantum Sword is found.

The Quantum Sword explains to the party that it is literally the focus point for all possible realities that can happen in the physical universe, and has its own will, but no mind (it has all minds and none), no heart (it knows all hearts and none), no body (its body is a sword, but none may wield it properly), but most of all, no conscience. It is merely a tool with a will, to be wielded upon existence.

The sword attacks them to test whether they are worthy to wield it. Cobra fully decides to follow orders in the battle for the first time since he joined, and the battle is won.

Cobra takes the Quantum Sword to send Younger Wife back to her reality, but the moment he touches the pommel (that bally thingy on the bottom of a sword handle), his mind is filled with all possible knowledge of all possible realities, which is so much that none of it makes any sense or is perceivable by his mind, except for one thing: He remembers his 2000 year life, and how he was cursed by a serpentine demon to wander the earth without ceasing until he was the last being left alive, until mankind had gone extinct. He understands his purpose now is to destroy all life in existence, that was what he was cursed with, and there is nothing he can do to undo it, and goes mad. He accepts the curse as his fate, and takes the Quantum Sword and vanishes.

The warrior and wife and younger self go into the dimensional portal after him, and wind up in a totally alien world, a completely random reality.

The last part of the story involves the three hunting down Cobra, defeating him against all odds, and keeping him from destroying the Quantum Sword, which will break the bounds of Quantum Reality and end existence.

They defeat him, reclaim the sword, and prepare to send Younger Wife back to her reality.

Younger Wife begs to stay, and asks for a new identity. She disliked her own life in her reality, and enjoys this new identity she has gained on this journey. She is wise enough now, as well, to realize that this experience has made it so she will never be the same if she goes back to her home dimension.

So the younger wife takes on a new name, and officially becomes the warrior and wife's daughter. They go home, and the warrior casts the Quantum Sword into a dimensional rift, banishing it from human hands...

...In their reality, anyway. Perhaps some being will find it in another reality and return with it someday.

The End.