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Thread: Final Fantasy IX Prequel- Iris' Story

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    Final Fantasy IX Prequel- Iris' Story

    Hi there

    I'm new to these forums and a huge FF fan. I've written a short story, a prequel to FFIX, on WattPad, if anyone's interested in reading it. It's set long before the events of the original game and helps to pad out the history of Gaia.

    "500 years before the events of Final Fantasy IX, the world has changed forever. A cataclysmic event has destroyed nearly all civilised life. In the aftermath, a young Summoner named Iris hides among a group of rebels known as "The Dissenters". Led by a mysterious figure, they travel to the edge of the world to find an Eidolon, a God of Gaia, to help them rule over the broken, vulnerable planet. Iris is alone among evil, and will do anything in her power to stop them."

    Any feedback/reviews would be really appreciated

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