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    Final Fantasy Discussion & Information Thread

    Inspired by Squaresoft's Body of Work From 1987-1999
    Created by Michael J. Saulnier (OutlawTorn)

    Dedicated to Hironobu Sakaguchi, and Final Fantasy fans everywhere

    Main Characters
    Anastasia Maria Grace
    Seto Bobaloo Sobral
    Casius Magnus
    Hans Venechenko
    Cideon Armstrong
    Biggs Armstrong
    Wedge Armstrong
    Lillian Nobunaga
    Banion Warbear
    Marrick Cross
    Juakeem Mohinder
    Sedato Bobaloo Sobral
    Henato Bobaloo Sobral Jr.
    Bastian Fairheart
    Dorian Cunin
    Allister Galloway
    Vicks Hitaku
    Henato Bobaloo Sobral Sr.
    Elder Kirin
    Chieftain Akena
    Priestess Talla

    Sarovoc Ducrinus
    Chief Agent Victor Chimera
    Agent Leo Strata
    Agent Lyra Strata
    Agent Tallis "Tank" Cortez
    Agent Callixta "Raven" Ravana
    Agent Simon "Cypher" Heidt
    Tybin Marks
    Sabin Marks
    Lucious Ducrinus
    Lazarus Ducrinus

    Character Profiles

    Character histories have been summarized, highlighting main points of a character's background and origin. This has been done to keep some stuff held for IC development.

    Character Pictures are rough Examples of general appearance.


    Theme: Gary Jules - Mad World, Lifehouse - Broken
    Name: Anastasia Maria Grace
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Race: Zenobian
    Occupation: Resistance Fighter
    Alignment: Divine
    Personality: Ana is a simple girl with simple needs and values that drive her complex way of life. She's humble, semi-shy, polite, and passive. To meet her on the street, you would think she's a sixteen year old choir girl from a local church. She radiates innocence and pureness. But beneath her genuinely angelic shell, a beast lies dormant. Ana is willing to fight and die for her values of freedom, equality, and universal justice. We meet the fragile desert rose in Zenobia, but as this journey unfolds, the fiery beast will emerge, and we will see a new side of Ana stand up to fight for the people of Zenobia.
    History: Ana grew up in District 93 of the slums of Zenobia. Not quite the outer badlands, but not quite the sophisticated sub-metropolis of the inner slums; a District in the middle. It was still no picnic, the slums will be the slums. With three of her best friends, Jin, Willow and Kato, she helped form and lead The Zenobian Resistance... Four kids from the slums. Noble, however meager. Ana and her friends decided to make a move, and a big one. They aim to hit Zenobia Prime, and hit it hard.
    Weapons: None
    Summons: None


    Theme: Burn Halo - Save Me
    Name: Hans Venechenko
    Age: 37
    Gender: Male
    Race: Zenobian
    Occupation: Retired Zenobian Special Forces/Owner & Operator, Rebel Radio
    Alignment: Good
    Personality: Styker is a bit a of a brute. He's quick to draw, and quicker to pull the trigger. He avoids nonsense of any kind when it comes down to business. He's a rough, tough customer who is rarely known to mince words. He has a very low tolerance for dramatics, very little patients, and he likes to get things done in swift and convincing fashion. He's usually the one offering brute force solutions to problems while the rest of the gang waste time worrying about the little things.
    History: Stryker is a former Zenobian Special Forces soldier who served Lucious for a very long time, knee deep in the Ducrinus filth. He wrestles with demons and ghosts from his past as he tries to reform himself, and atone for his sins. After the death of his daughter, Stryker's wife left him, unable to cope. He's been alone since. Several years after, while hanging around the slums, Stryker overheard a group of Zenobians listening to a man on the radio. This man had been sending transmissions over the Zenobia News channel's signal. Prerecorded messages to the Zenobian people, telling them that they weren't alone, and that the revolution was on it's way. The man, although captured soon after and executed, had become a hero of the common people. It inspired Stryker on a profound level, and the rest is history.
    Weapons: Various firearms and explosives
    Summons: None


    Theme: Bullet For My Valentine - Hearts Burst Into Fire
    Name: Seto Bobaloo Sobral
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Race: Tribe of Sobral
    Occupation: Mercenary
    Alignment: (Chaotic) Righteous
    Personality: Seto struggles with identity issues, and responsibilities of a past he left behind a long time ago. Seto has a lot to learn about himself, where he comes from, and what that ultimately means... For a long time, he's viewed being honorable and righteous as weak, naive even. He's built a complex defense system around his heart, attempting to harden himself against the world, and obtain what he believes is power, control, and a strong will to impose upon his foes. By nature, however, Seto Sobral is a man of the old world. He values honor, truth, justice, and the old way of life.
    History: Seto was raised amongst the ancient tribe of the Sobral Clan, one of the oldest races on the planet, survivors of the Great War thousands of years ago. He is the youngest of three boys, and was always the runt of the litter. His brothers Henato (oldest) and Sedato Bobaloo Sobral are tribal heroes, fine warriors and honorable men. Long has Seto lived in their shadow, struggled with the pressure of conforming to their mold. Ten years ago, when Seto was just 15 years old, he ran away from the tribe in search of a new home. A place where he could find his true self, and be accepted for it.
    Weapons: Longsword, combat knife
    Summons: Bahamut, Odin, Gilgamesh, Shoat, (Neo Bahamut)
    Note: The (Chaotic) in Seto's Alignment refers to events which occur when Seto comes into possession of the summons Diablos, and Doomtrain. They subsequently taint his "soul"; their dark power influencing and consuming him, before he is relieved of this burden by Casius Magnus.


    Theme: Creed - Bullets
    Name: Casius Magnus
    Age: ?
    Gender: Male
    Race: Black Mage
    Occupation: Nomadic Warrior
    Alignment: Chaotic Righteous (Divine)
    Personality: Casius, not unlike any Black Mage is governed entirely by logic, reason, and a factual, non-emotional frame of mind and existence. Black Mages feel the very basics of human emotions. Rage, sorrow, guilt, fear, but they are so dull, so repressed that they aren't allowed to influence the choices and judgment of a Black Mage. As a result, Casius' personality is very odd. He is a quiet, gentle man, but when the necessity presents itself, Casius is very violent, destructive, "devastating".
    History: Casius was raised in one of the most prominent of Black Mage tribes. A disciple of martial arts and Black Magic from the time he was just a young boy. Casius became a powerful, well respected member of the Black Mage tribes, favored to lead the Tribal Council one day. But as Casius aged, he became restless. He longed for more. More power, wisdom, experience, as opposed to growing old within the biased, closed off Black Mage tribes. Against the will of the Council, Casius left the tribes, sacrificing his heritage, and his roots. For any Black Mage who chooses the outside world over his own people, is considered an exile, no longer welcome amongst the tribes. Casius now travels the vast expanses of the world, seeking his higher form of existence
    Weapons: Martial Arts, Magic
    Summons: Ifrit, Diablos, Doomtrain
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