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Thread: Final Fantasy Chronicles of Exigo: The Fall of Spira

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    Exclamation Final Fantasy Chronicles of Exigo: The Fall of Spira

    The following is going to be a full upload of a previous RP that precedes the events of Final Fantasy Chronicles of Exigo: Brave New World - Final Fantasy VIII. The original forum that housed this RP has since ceased operation and I had been requested by a former RPer to release a copy for her to reread. I felt this was a good opportunity to perhaps drive activity towards the new RP in the form of inspiration or even just to show how fun RPing can be for newcomers. I’ll be compiling the posts little by little when I have the time, but I intend to reupload all of the posts.

    So with that said, here is

    Final Fantasy ~ Chronicles of Exigo
    The Fall of Spira

    Pyreflies; no one knows exactly what these are. All we know is that they comprise all life on the planet. Pyreflies are the lifeblood of Spira, nourishing it through renewal, developing it through the many experiences its creations gain, the constant progression which provides the planet with growth.

    The Farplane stands as the heart of Spira; it delivers the pyreflies from its basin deep within the center of the planet to the outlying areas of its surface, both ending and creating life. Without the Farplane, Spira could no longer maintain the natural way of things and thus would slowly die. Some call it paradise when one is at one's end. It is positive energy, an entity of pure growth and progress.

    Via Infinito would then be its polar opposite. It consists of the negative energy, of destruction and decay, but it has yet a very important role in the survival of Spira. It works against the Farplane, pumping its own current into the world. Its sole purpose is to taint lives to give rise to fiends and unsent, the darkest of Spira's wondrous creatures. Those of Spira who have traversed the chasm yet lived to recount their journey often note it as a tartaros of sorts, the realm of chaos and despair.

    Let it not be misread; these two entities are not at war, but rather compose the two aspects to life: harmony and disarray. Should one come to harm, the balance would be lost and Spira would be doomed to desolation.

    This brings our tale to a small Al Bhed child named Shinra who is about to approach his golden age in Spira's timeline. Shinra is a genius, a prodigy, who has on many occasion bolstered the accessories of Spira's most prominent. At this moment, he has begun conducting experiments on the Farplane itself, particularly the positive energy it contains. Unknowingly, his extraction of such sensitive powers is weakening it. While still slight enough to go unnoticed, the changes are quickly being recognised by Via Infinito. It is assured that action will be taken so that the balance of Spira does not become irreversibly disturbed.

    A promotional advert has been released by Rin's agency, the sponsor to Shinra's campaign, to gather researchers and workers for the labs and Bikanel Digs. Currently, they are under license to excavate all areas of the desert island by The Machine Faction, but Gippal has personally voiced his disdain for the agency.

    Flyer to aid in Farplane Energy Research Endeavors
    Greetings citizens of Spira. The former Age of Sin is over and the Eternal Calm has truly set in. New research has made the first steps back to Spira's golden age, to a world filled with Machina Cities. Join us in helping the push back to true civilisation! Please contact Villa at the Calm Lands branch to apply.

    Welcome one and all. Welcome to the Technological Revolution!

    Elsewhere, a spirited young woman, Rikku, continues on her own journey. Three months have passed since she faced her last mission as a member of the Gullwings Spherehunter group along with fellow members Paine and Yuna at Yadonoki Tower. Currently, she travels around the planet helping others while trying to gain more knowledge about Spira’s past. Her goal is to help people with machina with the intent of not making the same mistakes that occurred in the past, mistakes which led to war and generations of suffering. In order to do this she would need information about its history. She would continue spherehunting, which experience taught her was the best method in acquiring the data she seeks. Her travels led her to Via Infinito where it is rumoured that Trema had not yet destroyed all the spheres. Somewhere deep within its recesses, one sphere remained. The rumour went on to say that Trema had lost it deep in Via Infinito, deeming the trek too perilous for any to seek and therefore in a position equivalent to destruction. Following this lead, Rikku endeavoured into the depths, confidence in her accomplishments driving her to fulfill the task at hand. This was the last that anyone had seen of the Al Bhed.

    It has since been several days and Rikku has yet to emerge to the surface. Baralai was the only one she notified of this mission, contacted only for permission to access the chasm. The Praetor had been sworn to secrecy as Rikku feared her mission directives would only distract her cousin and friends from their much deserved peace. However, with her disappearance, he could no longer stand idly by, having distributed notice in secret to fellow governing parties, the Youth League and Machine Faction.

    Baralai's Notice

    Attention able-bodied free agents of Spira:
    I call you under grave circumstance. One of our world's finest spherehunters has gone missing in the depths of the Via Infinito, a large chasm hidden within Bevelle's walls. I fear what may have befallen her and wish to call upon volunteers to travel into the labyrinth and bring her home. This mission is to be cover and confidential. I wish not to alarm outside parties.
    Thank you. That is all.

    What all this could bode for Spira has yet to be seen, but the paths and choices made in the coming days could set the fate for generations to come.

    Notes: Me and Zera have come together to make an RP on Spira. <Since Zera made Exigo extremely complicated>>=o I resent that remark! we’ve decided to go back to the roots where it is much more simple. According to Zera’s timeline it started in Spira, so naturally as me and Zera are past fanficcers of Spira we have brought to a much more simpler RP, and one which everyone can hopefully enjoy.

    Name: Nikki

    Age: 18

    Race: Human

    Home: Bevelle


    She looks exactly like in this picture and she is of average height.

    Class: Archer

    Biography: Until the age of 5 Nikki had been very content with her life, she had loving parents and a little sister who was 4 years old. She spent her days playing blitzball with her little sister in the streets of Bevelle. She loved each day as it came and felt very safe from Sin within Bevelle’s huge walls. She made loads of friends at her classes of becoming an Archer, and she loved listening to the story of how past summoners defeated Sin. She would always be at the front listening to the many stories that the Priests told.
    That was until one day when Nikki was 5 years old, Nikki was playing at a friend’s house over at the north end of Bevelle. Her parents had decided to take her younger sister shopping for shoes in the south end of Bevelle, where the quality was said to be much higher. Unfortunately Sin was dangerously close to Bevelle and attacked the south side of Bevelle, killing her whole family. On that day Nikki lost her innocence, learning that the huge walls that surrounded her can never protect anyone against Sin, and that the world wasn’t a happy place, it was a nightmare.

    After that day the Priests took in the orphan and they brought her based on Yevon’s teachings. As she grew up and experienced many more losses of friends she made, she started to not socialise with anyone. She thought if she didn’t get close to anyone then she wouldn’t get hurt. She still listened to the wonderful stories but she was always at the back. Even through Lord Braska’s Calm she knew it would not last, and just kept herself to herself. The only thing she focused on were the teachings and her training on to becoming an Archer.

    When Braska’s Calm ended and Sin returned Nikki immediately joined the Crusaders, still she made no friends but she wanted to make a difference. She believed her faith in Yevon had chosen this path for her, but she had refused to take part in the Operation on Mushroom Rock Road, believing that Machina will only bring Sin’s wrath. She soon after the Operation resigned from the Crusaders and headed once again back to the temples for advice on her path and for even more training.

    When the Eternal Calm arrived her faith in Yevon had completely withered away, everything she believed in had been a lie according to the Lady Yuna. She was distraught and didn’t know where to turn, that was when she joined the Youth League. The people there seemed to share her ideas about rebuilding a new Spira. But she was very lonely still, she found it difficult to talk to anyone, now the threat that Sin was gone, she had the freedom to be happy. But she didn’t know where to start. So she hid behind her stoic disguise. Not letting anyone in.

    At this present time Nikki is still lost on what to do with her freedom, but she is very slowly finding herself. She has slowly become more sociable, but she still has no real path or friends in life. That is until she saw a flyer in Bevelle about rescuing Rikku. A chance to meet new people and put her fighting skills to good use, she decided she would volunteer her services.


    Name: Iezak

    Age: Old, but he looks 30.

    Race: Unsent *for a twist*

    Home: Bevelle was his home while he was living, but he was killed in Bikanel, which is where his spirit rose.


    Weapon/Tool: MRI (Mobile Resonance Imaging), Tectonic charges, Gravity Gun *who says being an archaeologist has to be boring? *

    Class: Archaeology and moderate Tectonics knowledge

    Biography: Born during the Age of Sin, he was a citizen of Bevelle and undertook a excavations education in order to find a way to stop Sin by researching the advanced civilisation of the past. He was out by the Calm Lands, investigating a signal during Gandof's battle against Sin. He would discover the legendary Sun Sigil, unearthing it and recovering it until the final strike of Gandof's Final Aeon opened a chasm in the plains. Iezak was fortunate to have kept his life, but the Sun Sigil was lost to him.

    Following the incident, he would focus on older areas of the planet, noting that they would probably hold the best results. Zanarkand's Ruins held nothing left intact besides the Dome, which summoners had been going to for a long time, finding nothing of significance. Apart from that, the fiends and unsent alone were reason enough not to endeavour further.

    Instead, Iezak would roam across the Al Bhed island of Bikanel where he noted the heathens to have uncovered ancient machina. If they could discover so much treacherous artifacts from the past, perhaps the reverse could be done and some good could come from those wretched sands.

    One day, however, his fate would be met as a creature rose from the depths, spewing poisons and a thick miasma that he could not resist. Death was not the end for him. He could not abandon his quest to save Spira from Sin, which was furthered by its downfall as the next movement was one towards a regression that bore Sin in the first place.

    Posing as a new researcher for the heathen child, Shinra's excavation team, he would work both to uncover the past and hinder the heathens' path toward Spira's destruction.


    Name: Hunter

    Age: 20

    Race: Al Bhed

    Home: Home, but currently the Bikanel excavation site.


    During the Age of Sin, he dyed his hair and wore shades to hide his true race from those who despised his people.

    Weapon/Tool: RKX-11, remote excavations machina that can be used as a mechanized suit for more directed digging by a conscious user.

    Class: Basic Excavations

    Biography: He grew up in Bikanel and knew only that the outside world despised him due to the misguided fanaticism of Yevon. At a young age, he would dye his hair black to gain as much contrast as he could from his race. With a young Gippal and other Al Bhed, they would travel to Bevelle and other cities under Yevon to discover the activities and plans for stopping Sin. While Hunter hid and had a better chance of gaining this information, pride from his companions would prevent them from taking the same steps.


    Name: Mishka Guado

    Age: 17

    Race: Guado

    Home: Guadosalam, but she now travels where she needs to be.


    The hair only appears like human hair, though it is actually more related to a thin and flimsy root of an herb only found in Guadosalam and grows out from two thicker protrusions at the sides of her skull that spike at the tips to appear like pointed ears, though her true ears are in front, covered by hair.

    Weapon/Tool: Wrist-mounted crossbow, two-handed broadsword

    Class: Spherehunter of the Warrior Class

    Biography: Growing up to a very liberal family, she was always scolded by the other guado of the underground city. Eventually, she would decide the city was too smothering and left to live her own life. This reached a specific path once Sin was defeated and the rise of spherehunters began. Finding a group trying to get started, she would join as an outcast, the ronso members of the group alienating her for what "her" leader had done to them. Eventually, she would prove herself and become the team's leader, but it would be disbanded following the end of the power struggle of the reigning factions. Again a free agent, she would discover the notice Baralai made while working on a mission for the Youth League. Via Infinito was a part of Bevelle her group had not dared enter, but she knew that was where her destiny awaited.


    Name: Cecyann

    Age: 20

    Race: Human

    Home: Luca


    Weapon: Calibur; A broadsword wide enough to protect Cyan and others effectively as a shield. Its blade's alloy is light enough which enables her to maneuver Calibur with fair precision. The blade has an emeraldian hue and the handle has a chain on its end that displays a Moonlily shaped amethyst.

    Class: Paladin


    Born in Besaid Island, Cyan didn’t have the time to know her birth town as she changed home to Luca at the age of 2, where she has lived for 6 years. During this time in the new city, she was a healthy child, confident in her own worth, strength and energy. Her easy going personality granted the girl many friends despite those repelled by her “bossy” and “tomboy” natured demeanours. Her conscious, honest and core bluntness earned her the respect from adults: qualities she persists in maintaining until today.

    The “grownup” shell she has developed very early was promoted by her father – or rather – because of her father, Galekko. This man harboured only shadow in his heart ever since his light was taken away. He was widowed. Since an early age, Cyan had to bring as much energy to her family as she possibly could; she wanted to make them happy.

    Cyan’s mother, Habbo, died during the current Calm in an accident in Besaid. This only caused Galekko to curse the irony of losing his wife during the time of peace, when Sin is not a threat. The event changed him from then after; burdened with sadness he never really managed to hide from his two daughters – Cyan and Reffa – age of 2 and 1 (respectively).
    This was why Galekko, not able to live in the island anymore, moved his family to Luca. There, even though quite absent in mind, he managed to bring a peaceful life to his little girls. Reffa was the girl who loved to pick flowers close to the Mi’hen Highroad; Cyan was the juvenile blitzball player.

    ~ 12 years ago ~
    Cyan is 8 years old
    Reffa is 7 years old

    Spira was overwhelmed with joy with the news of Lord Braska, from Bevelle, bringing a new Calm to the Lands. Everyone seemed happy, knowing they were safe from Sin during this time. Even Galekko, who knew only too well not to count on Sin alone to bring misery, seemed to still sigh in relief, as he knew the following 10 years were ideal for his children to keep growing into women. Positive feelings he kept opaque, regardless.

    ~ 5 years ago ~
    Cyan is 15 years old
    Reffa is 14 years old

    Cyan was not only a very proficient blitzball player but she was also a decent swordsman – something she initiated as a hobby and lasted in grand part due to her protective character; she believed that, one day, she would serve a summoner as his/her guardian but, before most, she wanted her family safe. This swordskill activity raised Cyan’s ego even more; she was proud of herself.

    Years later, she will come to look back at these days with bitterness, blaming her over-confidence.

    One day, Cyan compelled Reffa to go on a walk through the Mi’hen Highroad; to a place further than what Reffa was used to. She promised that the flowers they’d find would be the most beautiful Reffa could ever hope for. She guaranteed her blade would guard them off fiends, throughout a safe journey to the Moonflow – to the Moonlilies.

    It was in the middle of laughs and idle banter, however, that Cyan failed to see the danger that awaited them: an Ochu paired with a water flan. Upon realizing her carelessness, Cyan rushed to the front row, readying a defensive position, holding up her Variable Steel weapon. She glanced rapidly at her sister, hurrying her to hide. It took a shout for Reffa to lose her stunned figure and follow her older sister’s request. Cyan leapt and pierced her sword into the Ochu, but it was as if the creature had been slightly scratched. Not only that, the water flan kept casting Water spells to the bigger fiend which seemed to heal his wounds. It was a losing battle and they would have to escape.

    Cyan kept trying to evade the fiend’s tentacles but it wasn’t soon when one of them hit her, throwing her to the ground and causing a dark substance to leak into her eyes, blinding her.
    “Cyan! Here, I brought eyedrops!” She heard the sister rushing to her rescue. Cyan shouted at Reffa not to rush to her aid. The water flan followed Reffa’s quick movement and, with a water spell, knocked her back. Confused with the attack, Reffa couldn’t avoid the powerful Ochu’s lunge. It threw her several feet away where she rested motionless.

    Still blind and now mute with bewilderment upon her sister’s scream, Cyan hurried to the place where she heard her sister’s body fall. She kneed down by her, shaking her shoulder. She called for her name, wishing for a response from Reffa’s part who remained in full stillness. Cyan was oblivious to the sounds behind her as some people seemed to have joined the fight against the Ochu. She reached to her pouch, looking for the miracle feather. When she found the Phoenix Down, she placed it on top of Reffa’s chest. Cyan grasped her sister’s hand in a quiet sulk. One that grew into a river of tears as she realized the Phoenix Down was not working.

    A hand was placed on Cyan’s shoulder. “…I’m sorry. Her wounds are… far too deep for the miracle to happen. Yevon can’t reach her anymore...” The man’s voice was only saying what Cyan already knew. He sprinkled some Eyedrops in her eyes.
    “Please allow Lady Gatha to perform the sending.” he requested. Cyan turned her teary gaze slightly to the path behind the man’s figure; she realized this was a Summoner and her group of guardians. They appeared to have defeated the fiends.

    All Cyan did was nod her head slightly in a positive response. Looking down, eyes closed, she kneed down once again, hugging her sister’s body while avoiding the thought of her father having to face the same ironic fate a second time.

    ~ 3 years ago ~
    Cyan is 18 years old.

    Lady Yuna’s Eternal Calm arrives. Yevonites’ beliefs have been disregarded throughout Spira as the truth had been unveiled. Cyan was part of the Crusaders who were used to be sided with Yevon. Now, they – and Cyan – are part of the Youth League. A group lead by Meyvn Nooj that strives to find out everything there is to know about Spira’s past. The Sphere Hunters were also born. New Yevon, lead by Praetor Baralai, was composed of old ideals inserted in the newborn Spira’s context. And finally the Machine Faction: the only truly neutral Group who would come to rename Machina as Machines, in order to end the old stigma.

    ~ Present Time ~

    Cyan's Theme
    After the disband of the Youth League and New Yevon groups upon Lady Yuna’s latest heroic deed, Cyan is immersed in Sphere Hunting. She has come to realize – along with all Spira – that this world keeps many secrets and there are many still to be unfolded. It was in this context she heard of the flyer from Bevelle to rescue Rikku. She decided she would join as not only she thought Rikku - as the guardian she was – deserved all the help from the world but because of the rumour about the Sphere within.

    It was a good time for Cyan to feel worthy once again.


    Name: Valvaris "Val"
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Home: Kilika
    Emerald-colored eyes
    Light-brown hair
    174cm, 64kg

    Hair: Short hair with an asymmetrical fringe sliding towards the right, as such - -

    --credited to HJI

    (1) Small sized green-colored earring on the left ear
    (2) Black-colored bikers gloves, as such --

    ---credited to Amazon

    (3) [unseen] Black-colored socks

    (1) Black-colored Undershirt
    (2) White-colored fullbody Robe [with about 3 buttons from below the chest to the stomach]

    ---credited to Prodirectsoccer

    ---credited to drawin

    (3) A brown sash on the waist, inside the robe, to hold the two guns

    White-colored. plain cargo pants (without the designs), as such --

    ---credited to Usoutdoorstore

    Black-colored boots, as such (full black, without the brown) --

    ---credited to Altrec
    Vibrant Vische [:wee-shay:] - Dark Green-colored pistols [similar to Yuna's Gunner version]
    Class: Exquisivor [= Black Magic Gunner] [:ex-kui-see-ver]

    - An Exquisivor uses two Machina "Magic-Powered" Guns to fight. The guns converts the user's magical energy into bullets to be fired upon the enemies.
    - Exquisivors' normal attacks are stronger than an average Black Mage, but their magical prowess are not as strong. The main advantages Exquisivors have compared to other classes are that they are able to infuse elemental powers in their attacks at lower casting duration AND able to fire two attacks of different elements at the same time.
    - Stronger and more experienced Exquisivors are able to fire stronger versions of the basic elemental attacks.
    Valvaris was born in the town of Kilika a few years before Lord Braska's Calm. He grew up knowing the existence of Sin, and had been brought to the Temple by his parents often, essentially making him a follower of Yevon. But he never liked Yevon. Despite the protests from all villagers over the existence of Machina, he loved the idea of Machinas. He does not believe that Machina brought upon them Sin, but he cannot explain how did Sin appear and he cannot express his interest for Machina either. He could only secretly learn bits and bits of Machinas, especially through people who possesed Machina, whom stopped by Kilika. In one of Sin's attacks before Lord Braska's Calm, his parents were taken away. They were washed into the ocean, and were never found. Valvaris survived the attack as he gripped onto a rock using all of his strength. As the attack ended, he passed out and slowly drift away. Luckily, he was saved by another villager who survived, before he got washed into the open sea, suffering the same fate as his parents.

    [Age 5] As the villagers were rebuilding their home, Lord Braska's Calm came. During the first year of the Calm, more ships came over to Kilika, whether as a pitstop for merchants, or travelers going around the world. And during one of these times, Val met a man, an Al Bhed, named Cid. He learned so many things about Machina from Cid, until the day Cid was to journey away from Kilika. On the ship, Cid shouted to him, who was on the deck, whether Valvaris wants to follow himself to see more Machinas. Val was delighted, and he decided to follow him, since the villagers began harboring hate towards Val due to his interest in Machina. Valvaris followed Cid all over the world for 7 years, visiting various places, whether they stored any Machinas or not. He even ventured into HOME at Bikanel Island, the land for the Al Bhed. There, he learnt various skills in assembling and dismantling simple Machinas. He even learnt skills and techniques using a pair of Machina "Magic-Powered" Guns, which converts the user's magical energy into bullets to be fired upon the enemies.

    [Age 12] One day, while in Luca, Cid decided that he had to head back to Bikanel for some urgent matters, Val wanted to tag along, but was stopped by Cid. Cid told him, "There are many more things to learn from around the world, go and venture, and find what is most important to you. Remember, do not use Machinas for harmful deeds." Val stayed back in Luca, waving goodbye to Cid who was on a ship to Bikanel. Before Cid left, he gave Valvaris a pair of Machina MP Guns - Vibrant Vische as a gift. Val spent his days in Luca helping others examine, repair and maintain Machinas. Many had assumed he is an Al-Bhed due to his proficiency in dealing with Machinas, especially at that young age. He was one of the surviving members during the Operation Miihen a few years after, too.

    [Age 15] Soon after, came the Eternal Calm, brought by Lady Yuna. With that, Val joined the Youth League in attempt to hunt spheres, to learn more about Machina, and the world -- Spira. He made many friends throughout his time in the Youth League, but he did not try to make himself shine too much. He does not like showing off, but he is definitely slightly more talented than many of the Youth League members. However, only he himself knows that.

    [Age 17] After the disbandment of the Youth League, Val continued being a sphere hunter. There is so much more to learn about Machina, and there are so many more mysteries to be unravelled. Val, being the guy who likes exploring and learning, he decided to keep searching for spheres. However, later in the year, he found out from Baralai's Notice that Rikku is missing. Val knew Rikku when he was young, since he had travelled to Bikanel with Cid before. He decided to join in the Rikku Search-and-Rescue Mission, as a childhood friend; and as repayment for all that Cid had done for him.


    Age: 18
    Race: Al Bhed
    Home: Deserted island village near Luca
    Appearance: Looks like this, but have an overcoat similar to Kingdom Hearts' Seifer's design instead of the white tunic. The gloves should be fingerless and golden-yellowish, I forgot to change the colours. And it's hard to see from here, but he wears a golden earring on his left ear.
    Class: Martial Artist
    - Much like monk, uses fist, palm and kicks to perform moves, but focuses more on agility instead of strength.

    Age: 18
    Race: Al Bhed
    Home: Deserted island village near Luca
    Appearance: ...... It is a cheerleeading uniform. Her job class requires it. She wears a silver earring, and suppose to have a pair of futuristic looking sunglasses. Sims 3 doesn't have it. Just... imagine it. =P
    Class: Psychic
    Biography: Immediately after Braska's Calm, Yuki and Yuubou were seperated from their parents and their other Al Bhed friends during one of the relatively minor but inevitable attack by the followers of Yevon. Unable to go to Home at Bikanel because of the lack of transportation, Yuki and Yuubou stayed at the island about 25 nautical miles (46300m) east of Luca. There, they found an elderly Sage, who told them that he will be dying and had them made his apprentices.

    Despite being elderly and a Sage, he moves fast and attacks powerfully. At the same time, he cast spells that the twins had never seen before (not that they had much to see, being two kids and all). The twins had a difficult time coping with the sudden change of lifestyle, though soon they kept up and starts their apprenticeship officially, with Yuki learning and helping with the advanced magics that the Sage is researching on, and Yuubou the way of martial arts the Sage has been uncovering.

    The Sage uses an ancient Machina spherecorder to record both of the twins' progress in their apprenticeship, which at the time is zero but is promising. Every sphere he made he stores it in hopes to uncover more of their secrets. Until the age of 15, this has been life for the twins. Over time, the twins have been picking up other skills, most prominently being stealth skills for slipping out to play and explore, and some times just to escape from their master. This is of course, due to their natural speed and agility as Al Bheds that they mastered the skill with ease.

    On their 15th year of life, their master finally passed away. They buried their master of mysterious origin with the Al Bhed ritual, well, what's left of it in their minds anyway, and due to their ever-playful attitude, decided to roam the world with the intention of searching their parents. They packed their bags, with food enough for a few days of sea travel, a few older spheres their master owned to study, the spherecorder, and off they went with a raft built with tree trunks in the forest.

    They reached Luca first, where it was the nearest to their island. There they met people with special disdain towards them. At first they didn't understand, and greet people as they do when they are kids. That was not necessarily the problem, if only they had learned to speak Spiran. Yes, their problem is that they greet each and every person they met in Al Bhed, which is their mother tongue, which they have used for 15 years. Come to think of it. They also used it on the island. Was their master an Al Bhed? No. He doesn't have green eyes. Their master is a very mysterious person indeed. Anyway, that's their problem. Being the smart kid that they are, they soon figured the problem out. Since then, they kept their tongue and started learning Spiran, while journeying to find out about their parents.

    It was one year later that they heard their parents were at Kilika Island, so they traveled all the way there from Moonflow, convinced that their parents will finally unite with them. Alas, just before they reach Kilika, Sin came and destroyed it in front of their very own eyes. They were devastated, but they pulled through and started helping restoring Kilika. Apparently Kilikans wouldn't turn Al Bhed helping hands away afterall. It is then that the twins decided to help people, while maintaining their battle prowess researches.

    A few months passed, and the twins were on the roads again, wandering around, helping others as well as learning Spiran language that they now speak half fluently. They traveled to Home after it's been destroyed. They met Rin, who, at the time, tried to rebuild Home, and got on Fahrenheit with the others. In a few days time, they've learnt all the paths atop of the Fahrenheit, including finding a deserted room of some sort to study their spheres. When Eternal Calm came, they were so excited to land that they left one of their studied spheres onboard, which later got picked up by an Al Bhed child prodigy named Shinra, who turned it into a dressphere YRP used. Of course, the twins doesn't know.

    Two years after Eternal Calm first came, the twins finally returned to their home 25 nautical miles east of Luca. Within these two years they joined the Machine Faction because it felt right to rejoin their race. They digged a few times, got bored, and left the deserts. And they promptly left again after packing more of the ancient spheres to study. They went all over Spira, searching for spheres similar to their own, in hopes to finish the research their late master started.

    A few months passed again since their adventure to roam all of Spira. There has been a certain rumour about some huge superweapon being unleashed, but that's not possible. Huge destroy-all superweapon only exists in fairytales. The more important stuff is that the two opposing factions, Youth League and New Yevon were fighting over trivial matters and most likely a war will start soon. Fortunately on the hands of High Summoner Yuna and the self-proclaimed Friendly Neighbourhood Gullwing, the conflict was resolved as easy as a pie, or so it seems.

    Currently, three months after the speech High Summoner Yuna gave, the twins was staying in Kilika, living on canoe maneuvering. When they got the message that the New Yevon Praetor Balarai sent, they immediately got excited at the chance to go adventure again. They packed their stuffs, went back their home near Luca and packed more spheres, and left for Bevelle. What lies ahead, they do not know.


    Name: Joseph
    Age: 20
    Race: Human
    Home: Kilika


    Wears some black pants, blue coat. Also has a rosary around his neck, hidden by his shirt
    Class: Samurai
    Weapon: Gerbera Straight, a katana with a red and gold hilt and handle. Also has a mirror finish blade
    Until Joseph was age 6, his life seems normal. He had loving parents and an older brother Jason. However that all changed when Sin attacked Kilika. Joseph and Jason were playing in the forest with some friends so they were spared, but lost both parents as a result.

    They were moved to Luca to stay with an uncle. Joseph decided to learn the way of the sword, hoping that he could defeat Sin when it came. Then several years later, he heard news that Braska defeated Sin. While he was happy, he continued his training knowing that one day, Sin will return. Jason, on the other hand, studied magic in hopes to join his brother in battle. Joseph also learned some magic from his brother.

    When Joseph was 16, more bad news hit him. Jason had died when Sin unexpectedly appeared while helping people in Kilika. Joseph spent an entire day cursing Sin while mourning for his brother. The only thing that was left was the rosary that survived. With that, he travelled the world, honing his sword and skills so as to become a guardian for a summoner.

    With the arrival of the Eternal Calm, he became unsure of what he wanted to do. He then received a letter from the swordsman that taught him. He wanted him to come back and teach some students. He decided to do so and returned to Luca.

    Several years later, he saw a flyer about Rikku’s disappearance. He decided to help and after getting his master’s permission, he set off for another adventure.


    Name: Kyra

    Age: 20

    Race: Human

    Home: Original Home: Esther. Landed in Bikanel desert and was found by Al Behd- Who let her stay in home since they thought she was hit with Sin’s Toxin, even though they found her in an escape pod. After Yuna brought the eternal calm she’s been travelling all over Spira not really residing in any specific area.

    Appearance: Blonde hair, Blue eyes, Height 5”4’, Medium Build. Put into perspective Kind of like Rinoa, but better looking with blonde hair and blue eyes. I’m More or less describing myself. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures on this computer.

    Weapon/Tool: Gunblade

    Class: Fiend Analyser/Warrior

    Biography: Grew up in Esther, Moved to the space station when she was 16. At that time she wasn’t getting along with her family and wanted to make her own life, away from them. She took on astronomy and studied the sorceress with the others at the space station. She also studied the monsters on the moon and became knowledgeable of many races of monsters. When Squall had to save Rinoa at the space station, Kyra’s life had become a living nightmare. All that she had ever dreamed of was falling apart. She didn’t know what to do, so she jumped into an escape pod but forgot to set the coordinates in order to get back to earth. When she fell asleep in the pod, next thing she knew when she awoke, she was on a collision course to a certain planet. She tried to figure out the star system, but wasn’t able to. Doing everything she possibly could in order to prevent death, she saw a blinding light. That was the last thing she could remember after that point. She was found in Bikanel by one of the excavation teams. Cid took her in after she had told him her story about living on a space station for 4 years studying astronomy and Sorceress Adel. Although he didn’t believe her story, he told her about Sin and its toxin and how it might have affected her. Although this new place was foreign to her, they treated her like family. She had become very good friends with Rikku, but when Rikku took off to find Yuna to stop her pilgrimage, she went her own way. After Yuna brought the eternal calm, she was still in her travels with consisted of studying fiends. She had come across the calm lands and the old man’s beastery and found her passion. Finding different ways to kill and tame fiends, nothing could stand in her way. She then began to wonder what the pyreflies were and where they go. She began travelling to the Farplane not only to see where they go, but what they can do. She was told that they feed off memories. She remembered her family and how much she actually missed them. She also began to think that if they react to people’s memories, would this give her an opportunity to see her family again?She arrived only to find that since the fall of Sin and since the Guado were disappearing, the Farplane was slowly falling apart. In that instance, she turned toward Bevelle to see if she could get any answers. Baralai had informed her of the Via Inferno. Although it was full of negative energy, she thought there may be a way to find some sort of positive energy and eventually find a way to the Farplane. It did sound rather crazy, but she figured she may as well try. After all of the crazy things she had been through, she thought she could handle anything.


    Name: Keema

    Age: 21

    Race: Guado

    Home: Guadosalem

    Appearance: Very tall and skinny, brown hair gelled so it parted almost looking like it is in pigtails but much more stiffer. Brown eyes with a long nose and a narrow face. Is where light purple robes and light pink flame design lining the bottom of it. She is wearing light pink sandles.

    Class: Beast master – Can summon and control fiends at will, but only ones she has encountered recently. She has a mass of knowledge to do with the Farplane.

    Biography: Ever since Keema was little she has always felt safe and has been very fascinated by the wonders and mysteries of the Farplane. Ever since her first visit she has always wanted to help to keep the Farplane stable, and keep the balance between the Via Infinito’s energy and the Farplane’s. But when she was little she was also subjected to racism by the humans, but she felt safe and content when Lord Jyscal ruled Guadosalem. Their leader was kind and Keema loved to watch him work, she hoped that one day humans and Guado would be at peace with each other, he was often away negotionating with the other Maesters. Keema continued to study about the Farplane and how to control its energy. She learnt how to control fiends at will during her studies, but also how to not misuse this power. The day that Lord Jyscal died Keema was 18 and she cried and mourned for him. And to her it seemed like the whole of Spira had been affected on that day. She was now able to guard the Farplane and look after it but still her thirst for knowledge was still there and she was still studying, looking at the history of Spira and Yevon. She regulary visited Macalania temple and prayed for the calm to come. The wrath of Sin was getting very tiring to her, she prayed for a Summoner to bring the Calm. Her prayers were indeed answered Keema was very excited because the Summoner Lady Yuna was to wed Maestor Seymore their loyal and knowledgeable leader. She was infact one of the few guado chosen with the responsibility to get the bride ready. But something was amiss the Lady’s Yuna’s mind seemed to be elsewhere as she styled her hair. The Lady Yuna didn’t say much to her the whole time, but Keema didn’t notice she was much too excited about the wedding. But in the middle of the ceremony, it turned out that the Lady Yuna was in fact a traitor. And Keema grew bitter at that. When the Eternal Calm came Keema despaired at the fact that she and the others followed Seymore blindly, thinking that he was only doing it for the good of Spira. Their Leader had grew twisted and with that she and Guado fled to Macalania forest, for fear that the Ronso might take revenge on them. Praying (even though Yevon had turned out to be false) seemed to be the only thing that comforted her. But she didn’t pray to Yevon, she prayed to those that had fallen and to Lord Jyscal. Two years after the Eternal Calm first arrived and there was much fear among the Guado. The Ronso were angry and they could attack them at any time. A youth they heard had wanted revenge for the fallen Ronso. Keema despaired at not only this but at the dying forest. She began to think that maybe things were better when Sin was around. But this thought was soon discarded as the Guado heard that the Lady Yuna had stopped the Ronso. Keema grew hopeful at this, and she grew even more hopeful when she heard the music from the musicians. Now she has moved back into Guadosalem with Lord Trema as their new leader. There was much work to do with the Farplane it had recently become unstable and she with the other Guado needed to fix it. Also with hopes of the Albehd boy Shinra might be able to restore the Macalania forest, Keema volunteers to go with him into the Farplane, sharing the wonders and mysteries of the Farplane.


    Name: Kane

    Age: 26

    Race: Human

    Home: Mt Gagazet

    Appearance: Encased in heavy armour, and a full helmet with only eye-slots, as such his identity remains hidden, until he decides to reveal it. The armour is pitch black, with Purple twinge to it. 6ft tall. What looks a like the hilt of a sword/shotgun but with a 3ft blade.

    Weapon/Tool: A custom built blade, using the power of an Al Bhed shotgun and the blade of a 3ft long blade. Also a short one-handed blade, made in the image of the blade wielded by the legendary guardian, Auron, kept on his left side, and one projectile-based side-arm kept in a hidden section on the back of his armour. Special blades in the wrists, so that when he punches his enemies, he causes Pierce Damage. Very weak healing magic, which can be cast on anyone, other than himself, but strong Fire magic, which can only be cast on himself.

    Class: Vigilante (Hybrid Warrior)

    Biography: Kane was a top warrior, with skills in use of a weapon he built himself from his favourite blade, and a few gun parts scrounged from Rin's Calm Lands shop he named the ShotgunBlade. He was also a master in hand-to-hand combat.

    Although weak with healing magic, only having been able to learn Cure, his Evasion was of top form. Sadly, an accident involving a Malboro, too much Fire magic, and his new blade, put him out of action for 3yrs. He ended up having to wear heavy armour to protect him from heavy attacks, that are unavoidable, though it did slow him down considerably.

    Several years later, and Kane was back on his feet, Sin had been recently defeated by Summoner Yuna, and Calm was in full swing, Vegnagun had been defeated, and so Kane decided to wander the wastes of Mt Gagazet to train up himself, and get used to his new armour.

    Kimahri, who, after reading the Via Infinito flyer that had been sent from Bevelle, sent for Kane, and told him to head to Bevelle. Once at Bevelle he was to give the flyer to th guards in Bevelle and say that he was there to join the warriors working their way through Via Infinito to look for a girl who aided the Summoner Yuna as a Guardian, called Rikku.


    Name: Valeria


    • She is 5’6” (167 cm) tall and weighs 122 lbs (55 kg) x), with sandy blonde hair and steel blue-grey eyes.
    • Though widowed, she does still bear her wedding ring on her left hand – a silver band with an amethyst gemstone upon it.

    Architect/Choreographer; the former is her true occupation and role in the FERE’s endeavors, while the latter was a pastime she shared with her husband and developed into an actual ability she could put to use for her benefit and others. (Being a choreographer basically just means she is a Dancer, with minor combative abilities, but placing more emphasis on healing and support, without the need to use MP, though there is a “charge time” in the sense that the dance needs to be finished for it to work – like the Dancers of FFXI.)

    Born to a wealthy family in Luca of Bevellian descent, Valeria had been raised to lead a generally smooth-sailing, but mostly uneventful life. Home-schooled, she had performed well in art and mathematics, and later on, would express an interest in drawing houses. At age 17, she proceeded to focus on architecture, taking her studies to the schools in Luca and Bevelle.
    It was early on in these that she met her future husband, Giuseppe, who focused on engineering, yet was charmed by her appearances after multiple encounters. After a year, attempting to be better acquainted with her, Giuseppe would ask Valeria out on dates, but would be turned down each time, some rejections more vehement than the rest. Despite this, Giuseppe remained determined and supportive of Valeria during her harder times, and soon enough she warmed up to him, agreeing finally to date him. As years passed, they began to form a real relationship, with Valeria appreciating Giuseppe’s kind actions towards her and reciprocating, and Giuseppe in turn becoming protective of Valeria. After both graduated with degrees in their fields, the two married, and moved into a house of Valeria’s design while still remaining in Luca. Together, they would work to improve the living conditions of the denizens of Spira without blaspheming the teachings of Yevon. In one such time, they had given assistance to the Youth League, with Giuseppe assisting with the manual labor while helping his wife understand the applications the residents had used, and Valeria in replicating the building’s original designs and reinforcing them, as well as instructing how they were to be built to make them sturdiest.
    During the times they were not working, they shared the hobby of dancing, for it gave them a way to stay active while still enjoying themselves – however, their dances, combined with their intimate knowledge of applicable sciences (thus the world around them) led to their realization that they were slowly, but surely, developing a way to use magic – to shape it and redirect it in a way unlike traditional mages – perhaps even in a way that was less forcible, explaining the lack of need to use MP.
    Deciding to take a break some time after Kilika’s restoration, the couple made for a short vacation in Besaid, which they had heard was both beautiful and peaceful. After making their way there, Giuseppe had departed, searching for an area on the island where they could stay both close to the nature and the locals, while Valeria stayed and became acquainted with some of the villagers. However, Giuseppe never returned - alone in the wilderness and unarmed, fiends were quick to surround him and bring an end to his life.

    Come the evening, Valeria grew distressed, knowing something was abnormal about his absence, and come the following morning, she departed to search for him – only to see come afternoon after many hours of searching that Giuseppe had become the thing which killed him, quickly consumed by the fear and confusion instilled in his death, and the following exposure to the preexisting fiends’ malice afterward. Horrified, Valeria ran when she finally discovered what the fiend was, instinctively acting to avoid a similar fate or lose her sanity from the realization. She never saw the fiend that was once her husband again.

    Lamenting, but refusing to give up on life and meet the same end as Giuseppe, Valeria tried to pull herself away from the despair and fear and search for a sense of purpose by returning to Luca. She and her husband had worked together to give comfort to society, and she sought after ways to continue this and make Spira a better place to live. It was during these times she discovered a flyer advertising a campaign led by Shinra, the Al Bhed prodigy, promising a commitment to the advancement of civilization and its technology, to bring back the days where machina were a prominent and dominant aspect of people’s lives – the Farplane Energy Research Endeavors. Many censured it; Valeria, while also of the opinion that Sin’s first arrival during the time machina was misused was no coincidence, reasoned that should technology advance significantly again, then the study of ancient machina to see where things went wrong was imperative to the campaign so the same mistakes would not be made. Taking her knowledge of architecture and magic with her, Valeria enlisted into the FERE, to give herself a sense of purpose, and to see that the campaign’s progress would not eventually lead to another age of shadows.



    Excavation Team
    Valeria ~ Finisterre
    ~ NPC
    Keema Guado

    Via Infinito Team
    Mishka Guado~Zerathos986

    Stay tuned!


    Welcome to the next chapter in Spira's history!

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    A figure emerges from the crowd descending from the ship. The young-looking guy walked down the ramp onto Luca's ground while looking around the land he just arrived in. He started walking towards the center square from the harbour. As the matter of fact, it seems that that is where everyone is heading towards.

    "It's been a long time since I've been back here, huh?" thought the boy, "It's the Blitzball season again, I see."

    He walked away from the square towards one of the houses, and looked at it as if he's making sure he isn't at the wrong door. He knocked on the door. The door creaked open, and right there stood another young man around the age of 20. The man who opened the door gasped in surprise and exclaimed, "Valvaris?! Is that you?" The boy known as Valvaris smiled. He gave the man who opened the door a big hug and said, "It's me alright. You don't recognize me after just two years, Dan?"

    "Of course I do, Val! Come on in!" said Dan, as he ushered Valvaris into the house. Val sat down by the table and Dan sat beside him, as well.

    "How've you been?! Two years ago, you joined the Youth League in sphere-hunting and you never came back! You didn't even drop me a letter or something after I heard the Youth League had been disbanded. I was quite worried about you, Val!"
    "Daniave," laughed Val, "I'm fine, I'm fine. I continued sphere-hunting after the Youth League got disbanded. There's just too many things to learn about Spira and the Machinas! I couldn't stop myself from going after the spheres which contain history of Spira!"
    "You and your Machinas! If I didn't know you well, I'd thought you are an Al Bhed, Val." laughed Dan.
    "Hmmm, by the way, Dan, where is Ridarl? When the Youth League got disbanded, she said she'll return to Luca. Did you see her?"

    "You talking about me?" said a girl's voice from the stairs of house. A girl seemingly same age as Dan walked down from the stairs, towards Daniave and Valvaris.
    "Ridarl!" exclaimed Valvaris as he stood up, and for a moment, he looked confused, "Why are you here Rida? You... two..."
    "Hahaha! We are, well... married." said Dan as he blushed.
    "Oh! Hahaha," laughed Val, "My, congratulations!"
    "Thank you!" replied Ridarl and Daniave, and all three of them sat down by the table again.
    "And with Ridarl here, how could you not have known about me?" asked Val.
    "Well, he meant that you didn't report back to him after Youth League got disbanded, he got worried. You didn't even told me where you were heading towards, too, you know." said Rida.
    "And, I haven't seen you for two years! We've known you since you dropped by in Luca when you were 7. Then you left and when you came back 5 years later, I thought you'd be here for good! Who knows, then you left for Youth League." said Dan.
    "Besides, I'm sure it's been awhile since you came back to Luca, 'aight?" said Rida.
    "Yeah, it's been awhile since I'm back here in Luca again, things seems to be rather peaceful here, huh?" asked Val.
    "Yeah it had. Luca's never been so peaceful. Eternal Calm came and after that, the war between the Youth League and New Yevon ended, all thanks to Lady Yuna." said Dan.

    "But I heard something happened lately." said Rida.
    "What happened?"
    "Not long ago, I heard some news from some other former Youth League members. They told me that Baralai issued a notice regarding the missing of Rikku, which was one of Lady Yuna's guardian. An Al Bhed that!"
    "Rikku?!" exclaimed Val, "What happened to her? What do you mean 'missing'?!"
    "According to Baralai, Rikku went to Via Infinito to search for a sphere, and she never came out ever since. Baralai was worried that she might be in trouble. He sent the notice to recruit warriors to help search for Rikku." explained Rida.

    What came after was a moment of silence. Ridarl and Daniave looked at Valvaris, as he digested the information Ridarl provided. After a while, he spoke.

    "I understand. I think I will join in the search for Rikku."
    "You serious?" exclaimed both Rida and Dan.
    "Yes. I knew her when I was younger, when I visited Home at Bikanel with Cid." and he paused for awhile, "And it is a form of repayment for Cid... she is his daughter after all. I haven't had the chance to repay all that he did for me. This is the least I could do."
    "I understand. You be careful, 'aight?" said Dan.
    "Yeah. Be careful. Remember that if you wanna return, you can always come back to us." said Rida, as she smiled.
    "Thanks, Rida, Dan." said Val as he nodded, and stood up, "I'll be leaving now."
    "To Bevelle?" asked Rida.

    Valvaris nodded. He walked towards the door and opened it. As he step outside, Rida and Dan followed. Val turned back and said, "Do take care."
    "You, too."

    Valvaris walked towards the harbour, with the intention of taking the ship bound to Bevelle. Ever since Youth League and New Yevon are dissolved, the ships are now rather free to go anywhere. Dan and Rida looked at Val as he departed towards the harbour. "Let's hope he'l be alright." said Rida, as Dan hugged her.

    ***A few days later at Bevelle***
    Valvaris is seen walking towards Bevelle from the highroad.

    "I'm coming to save you, Rikku."

    ---To Be Continued---

    Note: I'll be adding posts the way the original RPer had posted them. You'll notice some have image headers while others use a simple coloured name. Originally the RPer who played Cyan created a tag for himself and then created one for haboo who played Nikki following her request. I created tags for my characters, as well.

    Note 2: Happy New Year's everyone!


    Note: Well, that's going to be annoying.


    I was only a half-hour walk away from Bevelle. I would’ve taken a ship straight in but I felt like walking the last bit. After all it has been a few years since I’ve been here and it hasn’t changed. The wind ruffled my hair and gravel crunched under my feet as I continued my walk. As I got closer to my destination, I thought back to the conversation I had with my master


    I walked into my master’s room. As usual, he’s sitting on his knees, reading a book. He looks up as I close the door.

    “Ah Joseph, you’re here. Please sit,” he said, pointing to the mat across from him. I took the seat as he put the book down.

    “How are the new students?” he asked.

    “They’re enthusiastic but are quite a pain to work with,” I sighed.

    “Well you were like that when you started as well,” he chuckled. I smiled a bit, knowing that I was the same.

    “Yes but it seems that these newcomers aren’t learning it as a survival skill anymore. It seems more as entertainment to them,” I replied.

    “Yes but since the Eternal Calm was brought, many do not need to fight. More are interested in living their lives now instead of cowering in fear.”

    “In any case, why did you ask for me to come? Is there another class for me to teach?” I asked. It seems that my master keeps adding more classes as of late.

    “Actually no. It’s about this,” he said, sliding a piece of paper across the table. I picked it up and started reading. After a minute or two, I looked up.

    “Is this for real?”

    “Yes it is. Rikku, Lady Yuna’s guardian has disappeared in the Via Infinito. Baralei sent out this notice to anyone for help,” he explained.

    “And how did you know of this? News doesn’t travel that fast and this was issued just 2 days ago.”

    “A friend gave this notice to me just this morning. He said that maybe I or a teacher may be interested in it. I figure you might want to go so I’m asking you right now,” he said. I looked at the notice again. It was quite tempting. I haven’t been on an adventure for some time now.

    “What of my students?”

    “I’ll get someone to take over from you. I may even be inclined to teach them myself,”

    “Alight then, I’ll go.”
    End Flashback

    The sounds of people brought me out of my thoughts. I could see Bevelle now.

    “Better get moving. The meeting place is on the south side,” as I walked on.


    < Cyan >

    Blitzball season has arrived once again. Luca becomes alive as ever, people coming from all around Spira to watch the matches or even participate in them. One would think that in a world without Sin and its constant threat, people would shift their interest over new activities, new hobbies, new plans to feel excited with. However - and surprisingly - blitzball is still as popular as it was when Spira lived in fear.

    Cyan has a bit of a hard time comprehending this.

    Leaning her back against a wall, arms crossed, she is contemplating the busy atmosphere in the Statue square. The announcements by Bobba and Jimma fill the area along with cheerful hymns, the stairs full of people arriving from Mushroom Rock and the Moonflow, kids running around with balloons, several Blitzball teams’ representatives recruiting new players in the last minute, people entering and leaving the Café, a familiar figure approaching from the right.

    “Cecyann!” the girl called rather anxiously. Cyan didn’t need to look to know who she was. Only one person in the team addressed her by the full name.

    “What are you doing here?? Captain Gazna is waiting! Remember how mad he gets whenever someone’s late! And he is even worse to us being the only human girls in the team, I think! I mean, I don’t know but that must be it! I can’t find any other reason!...”

    “Hi, Dorya.” The words came out of Cyan’s lips carrying a low, uninterested tone. As if predicting Dorya wouldn’t hear them.

    “…which brings upon me great responsibilities!” She paused for a bit, crossing her arms in a quick movement. “Let’s go then!”

    “Sorry,” Cyan replied glancing at the girl only for a second, “I’m not playing the last games.” She could sense Dorya’s bewilderment in her silence. Her mouth was probably slightly opened, together with an overall condescending expression stamped all over her face.

    “It’s a really important game! You can’t leave in the middle of the season!”

    “There are more important things than blitzball.”
    Cyan uncrossed her arms, revealing a piece of paper that she lightly waved, “Plus, I already earned the money I planned to get. I know my father will need it.”

    “What? You’re sending him money? Your father doesn’t even speak to you!”

    Cyan purposely rested a heavy silence. Dorya needed to realize it was none of her business.

    “He has his reasons.”
    For the first time, Cyan faced Dorya completely, “I am sorry about this. But it’s the truth; there are more important things than yet another Blitzball season. I trust Gazna will understand when the time comes.” Her focus shifts to the paper in her hands, “And you’ll just have to go with that.”

    Dorya blabbed some other grumpy noises which Cyan could not understand because of the rest of all the louder sounds in that Square. That’s what she told herself at least, as she read the flyer yet once more. The other girl eventually left.

    Cyan noticed a little boy standing in front of her. She couldn’t tell if he had been there for long or not. He looked no older than 6 and was holding a red balloon with one hand, and an ice cream with the other hand; a bright looking boy.

    “That girl has issues.” The kid said as he licked the ice cream. He was referring to Dorya which made Cyan smile a little.

    He shifted his eyes towards the paper Cyan was holding, curious eyes, “What’s that, Miss?” he asked.
    Cyan knelt down using one knee, so that her height would slightly match the boy’s and tried to explain without details.
    “You know who Rikku is, don’t you?” She asked.
    “I do!” he exclaimed proudly, “My dad talks about her all the time! Momma’s fed up.”
    “…Yes. Well, she helped Spira become a better place for everyone. When I was your age, I couldn’t play as freely as you and your friends can. And it’s thanks to people like Rikku that now you are able to.”
    He licked his ice cream, “Sooo what is that?” focusing on the paper again. Cyan got up.

    “Now it’s time to return the favour. This,” holding up the flyer, “makes me a volunteer for that.”
    “Cool, I want to help too!” he said with a small jump. A reaction expected from a confident child.

    Cyan wore a severe expression, “You go play.” she said bluntly, now with a soft smirk. The kid responded with another lick of his ice cream and a cheerful nod. Another kid bumped onto him in a playful, inviting way. It was enough to have them both run away in a race.

    Cyan walked amidst the masses of people on the city, her own thoughts echoing louder than the street speakers.
    To return the favour was a big understatement. She had more than enough reasons to help Rikku, and it wasn’t just the empty feeling Cyan carried with her. There is a sense of duty that grew with her; a self imposed one that she couldn’t simply ignore.

    It was time to go to Bevelle. Machines would make it a fast travel.


    Nikki closed the front door behind her, as she stepped out of the flat. But the white door annoyingly creaked open. Nikki sighed turned around and slammed it shut, this time she heard the click of it locking.

    “Damn thing” she muttered as she flicked her blonde hair behind her. She checked she had everything: keys, potions, various accessories to help with the immunity of the various status affects, her arrows were in a brown contained strapped to her back, and she had her bow over her right shoulder. Nodding to herself she walked down the stony path and closed the white gate behind her, out of the garden which had many dying shrubs in. She wasn’t really much of a gardener, but it did bother her that anything she planted would die.

    “Off so early!” exclaimed a voice as Nikki was rereading the flyer, she put the flyer away as a big woman with black curly hair approached her, she was wearing a blue flowery dress with a cream apron on complete with blue sandals. Nikki smiled at her.

    “Afraid so Kyley,” Nikki smiled at her, her neighbour Kyley had always been there for her, and was the only person who was probably a bit close to. The 32 year old woman Kyley looked worriedly at her with her hazel eyes when she saw she was carrying her weapons.

    “I hope you’re not going looking for trouble again; you know how worried I get when you go off looking for fiends to slay.” Kyley crossed her arms. Nikki sighed; of course the woman could also be a pain in the butt at times.

    “I’m sorry Kyley, but there’s someone I need to help. Top secret” she replied with a stern face, as if to say she didn’t want to talk about it anymore. Kyley put up her hands in defeat.

    “Okay, okay, I know you can look after yourself. But here if you are going to slay fiends, take this.” Kyley rummages through her apron pocket and handed Nikki a high potion. Kyley sighed and put her hand through her hair as Nikki accepted the potion. “Please be careful dear” said Kyley. Nikki looked up at Kyley this time her face softer than before.

    “Thank you, and don’t worry I will” She smiled at the older woman and then waved goodbye.

    “Take care,” shouted Kyley after her as Nikki took off down the street. Kyley then went back indoors.

    Nikki was now jogging down through the streets of Bevelle, she hadn’t expected her neighbour to come out and now Nikki was behind. She wanted to get their early so she could assess the situation. The meeting place was in the south side of Bevelle, she had too many bad memories in the south side, and tried to avoid it wherever possible. She didn’t even like going on the high bridge. The specific place was just outside the portal to the Via Infinito, which meant she had to jog all the way round Bevelle up the stairs to the high bridge, cross the high bridge and then turn right inside the temple to the small room. Nikki moaned inwards to herself as she thought of the journey to get there. Whoever designed Bevelle did a really bad job at it, it was easy to get lost here if you weren’t local. Still jogging meant she could loosen her muscles ready for the Via Infinito.

    When Nikki finally got to the entrance of the small room there were two guards.
    “Name?” asked the left hand guard.

    “Nikki, I’m here about the flyer.” The other guard pointed.

    “I’ll escort you to the new place, no ones to go in there with the portal until you’ve had the briefing,” He sighed.

    “You see some of the earlier flyers had the wrong meeting place printed on them, which makes our job harder, because we have to guard this portal,” said the left hand guard. The right hand guard just quickly looked at him, as if to tell him to shut up. He then escorted Nikki to a small room next door.

    Nikki stepped in to find a wooden desk with papers on it, and a computer, around the small room were wooden chairs dotted around against the wall. There was a small stained glass window at the top of the room, on the cream walls with a big round light on the ceiling which dimly glowed. Nikki was the first one to arrive.

    “Well this is cosy” thought Nikki as she went to sit on one of the chairs in the room, she began to polish her bow as she waited for the others. She didn’t have to wait long as people began to file into the room, all chatting and beaming with excitement with the task. Nikki put her hand to her head as she sighed “This isn’t a camping trip, don’t they realise that the Via Infinito is one of the most dangerous places in Spira?” she thought to herself. Barailai then entered to the room along with a worried Gippal. Nikki thought that Gippal probably had a personal reason to get involved.

    “Can I have your attention please?” asked Barailai, the room went silent at that as everyone stood looking attentively at Barailai. Nikki hung her bow over her shoulder and stood up and walked over to the group of people to listen to Barailai. “As you all know it has been three days since Miss Rikku went into the Via Infinito. We want you to go and look for her, but please be warned, the Via Infinito is not to be taken lightly.” Barailai paused to look at everyone to make sure they were listening. “The floors layout can vary for one thing, the Pryeflies that make up the Via Infinito seem to change its shape when no one is there, to guard it from intruders. Another thing is that the fiends down there are more powerful than you have seen anywhere in Spira, if you can it is advisable that you avoid a fight wherever possible. As you venture further down the fiends become more powerful. This is a very high risk mission, and please if you have any children or family you will not be thought of any less if you leave right now.” Barailai then paused as some people muttered that they were sorry as they left the room.

    “We’ve sent a watcher down there to already to look for her. If you guys gather round this computer we can show you what it is like down there,” said Gippal as he began tapping on the computer. Nikki followed people to the computer and watched. The picture was fuzzy but it was clear enough to see a connection. But Nikki heard some gasps from people as they saw an abundance of fiends with Pryeflies swirling around them. It was like a maze down there, and it was just what Nikki had expected. But she hadn’t expected there to be so many fiends. Suddenly the watcher seemed to head straight to the floor and the screen went blank.“Damn it!” said Gippal as he suddenly stood up from the computer. He then grabbed his gun from the corner of the room and rushed out of the room, Nikki guessed to go and fix the watcher, which she thought was stupid, but it seemed he was controlled by his urge to find Rikku.

    “I want you to go after Gippal and help him find Rikku” said Baralia lastly and with that the group headed to the teleport.



    The Via Infinito... I'd heard tales of that pit. There were those who'd braved just the first level. Seeing just the sight of all the fiends was enough to send them fleeing for the exit portal. Even so, some counts had spoken of finding remains on the very first level and collapsed in front of the exit, at that. It was enough to prevent me from risking my Fangtastic! sphere hunter group. It had been composed mainly of adolescent ronso eager to discover new visions of the past and any excuse to explore the world outside the sacred mountain. I felt a kindred spirit in them since the beginning despite the fact that they felt only enmity for me. With enough time, though, my own reluctance to fall to social norms of a guado befriended them and we became a strong team. A strong team, but definitely not one to take into the Via Infinito.

    “Can I have your attention please?” Baralai called out, alerting me to the mission at hand.

    I had chosen to volunteer following a sphere delivery to Gippal at the Machine Faction. The flyer had caught my eye, though Gippal would immediately advise against my taking part with the Fangtastic!. Sadly, I was hopelessly enthralled and so, here I was, ready to seek the final unknown.

    The Praetor proceeded to go over the known difficulties we'd face, saying, “The floors layout can vary for one thing, the Pryeflies that make up the Via Infinito seem to change its shape when no one is there, to guard it from intruders. Another thing is that the fiends down there are more powerful than you have seen anywhere in Spira, if you can it is advisable that you avoid a fight wherever possible. As you venture further down the fiends become more powerful. This is a very high risk mission, and please if you have any children or family you will not be thought of any less if you leave right now.”

    It was safe to say about half of the people in the oversized audience chamber fled the scene following those words. Next to speak would be Gippal, who immediately located my spot at the left wall. He continued on despite this and told us about a sphere recording from one of his probe drones. Midway through the video, the machina collapsed and the sphere deactivated.

    “Damn it!” He hastily said, grabbing his weapon and taking his leave.

    Watching his exit, I knew I couldn't just leave him to fix the machina or salvage its remains. He hadn't been of particularly sound judgment as of late. Something about the mission seemed very personal to him and personal emotions would only hinder his chances of survival.

    “I want you to go after Gippal and help him find Rikku” Baralai instructed, signaling for us to take our leave.

    As the new party began to exit, I put my long fingers to my mouth and whistled. Gaining their attention, including a very surprised Gippal nearest to the door, I took in a deep breath and began.

    “I think we should diverge into two separate groups. Gippal, sir, you cannot go in alone. I will escort you. You and you can come with me.” I said pointing at the two Al Bhed nearest me, “The rest of you can go ahead and find Rikku. We'll worry about the machina.”

    “Mishka.” Gippal grunted, “Fine, but let's hurry. I want my sentry back online as soon as possible. Via Infinito isn't a safe area so having a mechanical eye'll give us the advantage. As for you, be careful, but move fast. The longer you linger on a floor, the more likely you won't make it to the next one. Please, find Rikku.” He added, this time looking at the archer girl next to him.

    We moved quickly down the corridors between the audience chamber and the entrance portal to the Via Infinito. Before entering, I saw him take another deep breath and patted him on the shoulder to let him know it would be okay, whatever emotional ties he had to the mission. After the light activated on the warp pad from our presence, a blinding light flashed and we were there, level zero.


    Kilika Island - Twins' House

    "Where is that""Phoenix Down?" The twins said as they were flipping over the bed and turning over the cupboard respectively. They had been preparing for the trip they have long since abandoned. Well, not really a long time, it's only been a few months, but to the hyperactive twins, it's like forever. Since that day when the notice of Rikku's disappearance came, the twins had been jumping to get a holiday from canoeing to go to Bevelle.

    ----- Earlier that day -----

    Kilika Island - Kilika Port

    "Hey, what's with the speed today, you two?" A fellow canoe maneuverer called out after seeing their speedy and seemingly reckless canoeing. "We're going""to Bevelle!" Like always, the twins completed each other sentences. "Oh? When?" "Tomorrow!" They exclaimed at the same time. "But why?" "A secret""Rescue mission!"

    ----- End Flashback -----

    Kilika Island - Twins' House

    The twins got home early. They've earned enough gils for the day. That and they can't wait. Together they packed all of their gils in their magically enchanted backpack that have enough space to pack a Vegnagun, but still as light as a feather, along with all the healing and offensive items they can find. "Hey! There's""the Chocobo Feather!"

    And there they go on their long-awaited journey after a full night of "There!"s and "I found it!"s.


    Mi'ihen Highroad - Rin's Travel Agency

    "We want 50 Hi-potions,""25 Phoenix Downs, 10 Eye Drops,""and 2 Chocobos!" The twins took turns to order all that they want, switching constantly with their excitable personality, timing perfect, confusing the shopkeeper.

    "Got it.. Okay... Check... Noted... ... Wait! Chocobo?" The shopkeeper snapped out of confusion. "Yes, we want to ride""them on our way""to Bevelle!" The shopkeeper exclaimed. "Pid dryd fuimt dyga tyoc! Fro hud dyga y neta uh dra airship? Oui'mm ynneja drana eh yh ruin un dfu." "Dryd fuimt""pa knayd! Fa'ja ymfyoc fyhdat du""neta uh yh airship." Paying with their gils, the twins headed up the airship located at the back of the Agency.


    Bevelle - Highbridge

    "Wow. Look at""the people." The twins were amazed by the amount of people flooding in Bevelle. There were Youth League's member, as well as people from Machine Faction and New Yevon. Most people that have gotten their hands on the flyers had come. Weirdly, they seemed to be fleeing instead of going to the entrance. Yuki and Yuubou made their way into the former temple of Bevelle, now looking more like a tourist attraction, with some people going out of the audience chamber, and some into the warping room. The twins followed suit and went into the first room on the right in the temple.

    Bevelle - Room to Cloister Dungeon

    Stepping on the warp pad after a somewhat short queue, the twins were teleported into Cloister 0 with a blinding light.

    Via Infinito - Cloister 0

    Yuki and Yuubou were, again, amazed by their surroundings. The cloister is huge, with lights so neatly placed the twins were dumbfounded by the construction work. Pyreflies swirled around the all over the place, and together they make Farplane look pyrefly-less. Glyphs of Yevon was everywhere, making the already gloomy place creepier and darker. Yuki and Yuubou looked at each other, then smiled and walked towards the nearest group of people.

    Al Bhed Translation
    * "But that would take days! Why not take a ride on the
    airship? You'll arrive there in an hour or two."
    ** "That would""be great! We've always wanted to""ride on an airship."

  3. #3

    Valvaris approaches a door with two guards standing in front of it. The guard on the left held up with left hand in front of Val to stop him in his steps, "Who are you? What are you here for?"

    "Valvaris. For Baralai's Notice."
    "Some notices printed the location of the meeting wrongly. The meeting place is next door. Please, follow me." replied the guard on the right, as he walked towards another similar looking door on the right.

    Valvaris followed the guard to the door, and stepped into the room after the guard opened it. Inside the room, he saw many people who have arrived before he did. Some are sitting quietly in their place, seemingly examining their weapons; some are looking at him as he walked in; while some other gathered together chit-chattering away. The room is filled with noises of different groups bickering in loud voices. Val picked a spot in the west corner of the room and stared into the room, as if he is analyzing the people in the room. Val's habit wherever he may be, is to observe. At this moment, he wants to know what type of people he might be working with during the mission to rescue Rikku.

    "This many people came, but only a few are obviously capable." thought Val.

    As he was observing the people in the room, the door creaked open again. A silhouette of a short-haired woman is seen moving into the room. The woman had light brown hair, with a sheathed sword hanging by her side. Some of the warriors' eyes shifted onto her as she walked in. Val focuses on the silhouette of the woman, and all he hears is the sound of the boots of that woman hitting the floor, because the woman is resonating an aura he feels familiar with. When she arrived at the center of the room, she turned her head around, and Val saw her face. Their eyes met for a second, Val was sure of it.

    "Cyan!" said Val, softly, to himself.

    Val stood up and took a step towards Cyan, who is now heading towards an empty chair, and took seat. Just then, Baralai walked into the room, followed by another man, who Val know as 'Gippal'. Val knew the briefing is about to start. He took a look at Cyan again, before moving forward towards the front of the room, and looks at Baralai attentively. Baralai then began by saying loudly, "Can I have your attention please?" The bickering in the room stopped instantly. Many walked towards Baralai, who began the briefing.

    Baralai briefed the warriors regarding the details of Rikku missing and assured them that it is a dangerous mission. The volunteers are advised to leave if they have families to take care of. Voices are heard as some others exchanged opinions on the said topic, and after that, many left the room through the door Val came in.

    The briefing continues with Gippal offering the crowd to watch scenes that are captured and projected onto a computer screen by a watcher sent down into the Via Infinito. As Val is watching the image, it suddenly blacked out. Gippal lets out a curse before storming off into the direction of the portal to Via Infinito. Baralai immediately reacted, by requesting the remaining warriors in the room to follow Gippal and assist in finding Rikku. After seeing the fiends-filled land of Via Infinito, Val became more worried about Rikku, and became one of the few who first dashed off in the direction of the teleporter.

    Suddenly a loud whistle is heard across the room, and Gippal stopped in his steps. Val almost knocked into Gippal as he, too, made a sudden halt in his footsteps. He turned his head around to search for the source of the sound. His eyes settled upon a Guado. A Guado who seems strong. She then began speaking, "“I think we should diverge into two separate groups. Gippal, sir, you cannot go in alone. I will escort you. You and you can come with me. The rest of you can go ahead and find Rikku. We'll worry about the machina.”

    From Val's distance with Gippal, he heard him muttered, "Mishka", and then continued on with the importance of having the watcher restored. "Mishka..." he thought. Shaking his head to get off from the distractions, he resumed his steps towards the entrance portal of Via Infinito. Behind him, he can hear various footsteps catching up as well. He took a deep breath, and then stepped onto the warp. The last thing he saw, was a bright light enveloping him, and the next scene he saw, is a dim corridor filled with pyreflies, and two fiends standing in front of him.

    The fiends saw Val appearing from the warp, and started to rush towards him. Val side-stepped away to the right to escape from a charging Dingo, and bent his body down as he slide right to avoid another Dingo who is jumping at him. He slid both his hands to the inside of his robe and pulled out two guns, one on each hand. He turned back and aimed his right gun on the charging Dingo and the left gun on the jumping Dingo. He fired both the guns. The jumping Dingo was shot and fell down onto the ground, but the charging one managed to avoid the attack. It began charging at Val again. Val turned around, kick on the wall and made a backwards somersault, landing behind the Dingo and shot at it. The Dingo falls onto the floor and began disintegrating into pyreflies.

    "This place is populated with fiends. We should explore this place with groups of two to three, at least, for the safety of each other. The only person I'd trust from those in the room before is just Cyan. Hope she's next to enter from the warp..." thought Val.

    He didn't know that while he was fighting, there already were warriors who came from the portal. He turned to the portal, just to see a few silhouettes standing there, looking at him.


    Machina, how vile. In the distant past they had brought forth death, destruction, chaos, and rewarded us with Sin. Sin who would ransack all the homes of the innocent, end countless lives across the generations, which we ourselves had done none differently. Sin was a culmination of humanity's inhumanity and we were finally educated on the cause. Machina had given us the possibility for change and progression, but we would fail in favour of power and greed. Machina gave us the means to conquer what we could, decimate what we couldn't. Those who knew this manufactured them by the hundreds of thousands and marched them through Spira's peaceful plains, grounding out all hope for a bright future.

    In spite of this, some on Spira would blind themselves from truth. Some sought further destruction, desired the horror to one day return to us by returning the planet to those misguided eras of old. Those Al Bhed... Those Al Bhed who strove to bring back the Machina age! They were responsible from the beginning, the forerunners of the Machina age! They brought Sin and they wanted Sin's return!

    I knew immediately when that faux of a High Summoner announced the final defeat of Sin. To think that brute force and Al Bhed allies would shun it from existence, hah! I would later discover the reason: She herself bore the same tainted blood! She was like unto them, the same wretched heathens for Sin's path to resurrection. No, the honourable Lord, Yu Yevon, had cursed us with it to show us the way, teach us to be one Spira, united towards building a greater world. Machina had hindered us from such a path. He knew, as I do from his teachings, that the generation that followed him indulged in those devices and became repositories for evil. We must return to his age, to a Spira that desired not the comforts and power of machines. Unfortunately, records of our Lord's world have long been lost to history, but clues may yet exist. That is the only reason I have to remain on Spira though my time has passed. That is the only reason why I had agreed to this...

    “Ladies and gentlemen! I welcome you all to what may well be the stepping stones to Spira's bright new future!” That filth announced up on his Machina-forged fortress.

    This Rin was yet another Al Bhed, the orchestrator of my current occupation. He has aspired to profit from the technology that could build new Machina Cities drawn from the research of yet another heathen spawn, a boy named Shinra. This boy had found a way, not only to harness energy to bring back those accursed constructs, but to drain the very lifeblood from this world.

    “As you all know, my company has come across new developments in technology that could return Spira to its Golden Age! I tell you, what you do today may just pave the way towards a brand new Zanarkand!”

    Followed closely by a rampaging demon, you offal spewing sow.” I grumbled under my breath as I, among other volunteers attended the opening ceremony for the new initiative.

    Rin was also the culprit behind an incident with Machina only a short while before. I had managed to catch wind of such events and gave notice, which created a stir until the gracious heathen summoner appeared, even discovering the plot at hand and allowing it to proceed by not announcing it to the world. The populous remained ignorant to what Machina truly are and what they had done to the Spira of the past. It was enough to show me I had only myself left to actually make a difference.

    Once he was done spouting his lies, I went about my business. Locating the equipment depot, I quickly snatched up a new model MRI that I thoroughly enjoyed. It was a simple device, though still a Machina, which I had to accept for now. Next, I would find a satchel to store a few tectonic charges, followed by trying my hand at a “Gravity” gun, another Machina, but one that could maintain my “human” guise better should I need the heavy lifting only my unsent abilities could warrant me.

    “Oh, excuse me.” Another one of those... things said to me.

    Hello, young one.” I greeted, hoping my inner enmity for the creature would not become outwardly apparent, You seem to have lost your way. Might I be of assistance?”

    “Oh, thanks! I actually was a digger before, but it's always good to get advice from someone with more experience. My name's Hunter.” He responded, offering his hand.

    Eying the limb with hidden contempt, I played with the thought of skinning it and him where he stood, but took to simply smiling and taking it, I am Iezak. It's nice to meet you, Hunter.”

    “Hey, all that equipment looks kinda heavy. Why not just grab one of these?” He informed me, leading me to another area of the depot that housed strange metal gargantuans.

    What might those be?”

    “Haha, the latest gear just released by the Machine Faction. They're remote excavations exosuits. You can program them as drones or get in them as a digger suit. They're crude compared to what you've got, but it can get the mundane stuff out of the way.” He said with a laugh, “This one's mine. Iezak, meet the RKX-11. I designed her myself, though I have to admit, there's still a few programming glitches to buff out.”

    After a few more trades with the lad, I began to see a good personality behind him despite his misguided path. Perhaps he only wishes this route as a means of being friend to the leader, Gippal, though his true goals have yet to be realised. I should keep a closer eye on this one as perhaps he can be reeducated in the ways of the light. With that in mind, we set off.


    As Nikki was about to head out the door to follow Gippal, which she thought was very stupid of him to go out on his own. “Does he want to become fiend soup!” thought Nikki, she heard a very loud whistle. She spun quickly around to find that the source came from a female Guado. “Deafen me why don’t you” muttered Nikki under her breath as she felt a ringing in her ears from the sheer volume of it.

    “I think we should diverge into separate groups...”

    “Oh ****...” thought Nikki, “I see she wants to become fiend soup as well” While thinking this she missed part of the Guado’s little “speech”.

    “...I will escort you. You and you come with me. The rest of you go ahead and find Rikku. We’ll worry about the machine.”

    “Hey great idea! Risk your lives to save the machina! Brilliant” thought Nikki. She inwardly face palmed in her head. She was only brought out of her thoughts by Gippal, who had turned to face her.

    “...Please find Rikku” he said as he left with the Guado and the two Albehd.

    “... Oh crap he thinks I’m going to lead!” thought Nikki as she went with the others out the door of the small room.

    “NIKKSTER!” Shouted a young male voice, so all could hear.

    “****” muttered Nikki, she really wasn’t having a good start to the day. Nikki heard some low laughter from some members of the group. She kept walking not once looking at the 14 year old boy who was bounding up towards her. “Go home Kai” Nikki said simply.

    “Awww but mum wanted to make sure you were okay. Anyway who was that Guado chick that came out? She was HOT!” Said Kai with a big grin. His mum Kyley must have sent her son Kai to go and see what she was up to. Kai was short but had spikey brown hair, blue eyes, a rounded face and was wearing black trunks, and was dripping wet.

    “Must have been swimming,” thought Nikki as she stopped to turn round to face him. She didn’t question him why he had walked across Bevelle in just his trunks, it was the norm for him. Although she was surprised that he managed to get in the temple. She could see that he now was cheekily looking at the group, and his eyes rested on Cyan and he gave her a grin.

    “Hey there good looking” said Kai, Nikki groaned and put her hand to her head.

    “If you don’t want an arrow up your ass in ten seconds, then leave” said Nikki, She knew she had wasted enough time already on the boy and walked on with the group. Some had gone ahead, while some had decided to watch, as she went to the portal she could hear the guards stopping him and him protesting.

    As she entered cloister 0 it was very cold, colder than she remembered. More pryeflies were around than she remembered too, she went up to the group while arming herself with her bow and arrow. “Sorry about that he can be a real bugger at times” she said to the group. She recognised both Cyan and Valvaris from the Youth League, but never actually spoken to them. She continued, “It’s quite safe here, so before we go any further I propose that we actually introduce each other to the group. I don’t want to have to call you all “it” or “Hey you,” in battle. So I’m Nikki, I don’t need to actually tell you what my class is” She motioned towards her bow.

    As everyone introduced themselves in turn, she made a mental note to at least learn their names. “Right I suggest we all stick together, good thing about this place there’s a teleport on every floor, easy to get out. If we all split off into groups then we’re more likely to become the fiends dinner, as we are easier to pick off in small groups” She then walked on hoping the group would follow as she jumped down to cloister 1.

    It smelled bad, the pryeflies were very clustered together, fiends were to say the least agitated. Nikki walked only two steps with the group when a little girl in a light pink dress in pink sandals ran up to them. The little girl smiled as the pryeflies floated around her. Nikki immediately went into a defensive mode “Unsent...” thought Nikki. The little girl frowned at the weapon, she looked about 7 or 8 years old.

    “That’s not nice!” she pointed at the bow and arrow being pointed at her. Nikki realised that in reality, this unsent could be over 1000 years old.

    “Who are you?” asked Nikki. The girl smiled and skipped around the group twirled about and laughed.

    “Me? Oh no one,” she replied with a giggle.

    “Have you seen an Albehd with long blond hair come through here?” Nikki asked. The unsent yawned.

    “This is boring, my friend wants to play” she suddenly faded into a cluster of pryeflies which zoomed off into the depths, while a Jumbo Cactur stood there in her place.

    “****!” said Nikki as she fired her arrow at it.

    To be continued... dun dun dun!


    < Cyan >

    Bevelle has lost its grandeur, as expected. Another noticeable aspect that Spira’s diffusion has brought to its people. The Youth League and New Yevon seem to have toned down their incisive points of view; Bevelle’s face, for one, has come to know several changes, yet again. It seems that, in the last 6 months, the city is having trouble following a sensible direction between an open minded reign and a Yevon oriented one. If anything, it generated a political dilemma.

    “Yevon is no longer New, is it?” Kaim asked rhetorically as he seemed to observe Bevelle’s main road. These were Cyan’s thoughts too. Contrarily to Kaim, however, Cyan’s were amused, not carrying a tone of disbelief in them.

    She glanced at Kaim, lowering her sight to his hand holding a little girl’s. Cyan acted uninterested.

    “Look, Cassey! They’ve changed the guards’ uniforms again!” he pointed to the guards, calling for his daughter’s enthusiasm; a situation that would otherwise be normal, if it wasn’t for his soon farewell. It was none of Cyan’s business to call for a father’s attention. She kept walking the main road between the side lakes. Resonating steps in an abandoned Bevelle.

    “Miss Cyan, might you know why the city seems so unbusy?” Kaim’s voice came from behind. She kept walking.

    “…You are one of few words, aren’t you? I respect that!” truly, he was one who lacked confidence. Cyan thought he was unfitting for the mission not to mention careless: for joining while having a little child and for bringing her with him.

    Kaim was one of the passengers that came together with Cyan in the Airship to the Calm lands. His daughter, Cassey, picked an interest in Cyan’s sword expressing her liking for the large blade and its green coor which she adjectivated as "pretty". Sadly, it was enough for this single parent to engage in idle banter or, to be more exact, an endless monologue.

    The guards escorted the three close to the room where the briefing would take place. Cyan decided she would detach herself from thoughts concerning Cassey and let her father deal with this. Surely, he will be one of many who will give up.

    Passing the door, Cyan noticed the room was smaller than what you would expect; as if the briefing was to be made for a very small group of people. This made Cyan smirk. They would be selective in some way; not everyone in that room would be in the mission.
    Looking around, Cyan recognized a few familiar faces; fellow ex-members of the Youth League. She also noticed most seemed to be too distracted, unaware of what Via Infinito reserves for them. She proceeded to sit on a chair on which she remained for the whole briefing, ignoring minor distractions.

    There was a bit of a commotion during Baralai’s speech as the Watcher seemed to have a problem. It made Gippal and others rush out of the room, only stopping with a sudden, loud whistle from a woman.

    “I think we should diverge into two separate groups. Gippal, sir, you cannot go in alone. I will escort you. You and you can come with me.” She said pointing at the two Al Bhed nearest, “The rest of you can go ahead and find Rikku. We'll worry about the machina.”

    A fair decision, Cyan acknowledged. Even though sudden, the situation seemed to require it. Such eagerness to problem solving, however, made Cyan wary. Gippal did not exchange eyes with Mishka the same way as everyone else. There was more to it than Cyan could possibly care as of now.

    “Hey there good looking.” A young, cocky voice came from a kid wearing a sly grin. Cyan glanced at the kid and then at the archer girl who seemed upset with his presence. She didn’t seem much older than the boy.

    …Both were noisy.

    Cyan kept walking while looking around at the group, as it finally proceeded to the teleporter. He already went in beforehand, she thought to herself. She was almost sure he was who she believed him to be.

    Cloister 0. It still felt the same as before, perhaps colder.

    “Sorry about that he can be a real bugger at times” the archer girl said, probably referring to the boy from before. Cyan, didn’t look back, instead, she stepped in his direction. Upon fully recognizing him, Cyan couldn’t help but smile. Not an honest smile; it purposely expressed dryness.

    “I see you still rush into trouble, boy.” She bluntly stated now with a more provocative facial expression. The boy seemed to bypass it as he smiled back at Cyan not hiding his excitement.

    “Trouble keeps rushing into me!” He put his hand behind his head, in an uncommon mix of cockiness and embarrassment. “It’s good to see you, Cyan.” Cyan responded to this with a positive nod.

    “It’s quite safe here, so before we go any further I propose that we actually introduce each other to the group. I don’t want to have to call you all “it” or “Hey you,” in battle. So I’m Nikki, I don’t need to actually tell you what my class is.” the girl said, now being more incisive in her apparent leader role. Cyan finds it a bit of a waste of time, yet acknowledges the need for teamwork all the same. She is the last one to introduce herself.

    “I’m Cyan. Say my name when you need cover.”

    “That’s… quite the oversized sword.” A woman with a white cape said. Cyan had already forgotten the woman’s name; she was pointing to Calibur on Cyan’s back. Her tone was not one of casuality ot even admiration; on the contrary, it demonstrated disbelief, possibly doubting Cyan’s ability to handle it. She gave a quick, unmoved glance to the woman.

    “When it stands between you and a fiend, you might as well be thankful.” Cyan could see Valvaris nodding positively to this. Both her and Valvaris then jumped making way to cloister 1; others had already done it, yet Cyan knew those few wouldn’t last. She planned to wait for Nikki and the rest once she got to the next cloister.

    Cloister 1 was an almost exact replica of Cloister 0. Unfortunately, it had a surprise.

    “…That’s no little girl, is it?” Val rhetorically asked. He probably had the same belief as Cyan.

    A loud noise came from the teleporter, Cyan didn’t look back on it but she could hear a male voice.

    “The others are coming too!” It was Kaim. What of his daughter, Cyan asked herself, adopting an angry expression and simultaneously noticing her failure when it comes to detachment. He came to a stop when he noticed the little girl.
    “Hey!” he voiced at her, “Are you okay?” Cyan could feel Val glancing at her.

    “Quiet.” She told Kaim for the first time for much of his surprise. She adopted an unarmed, ready position.

    “But… she’s just an…”

    “Unsent...” Nikki voiced Cyan’s suspicion. And it seems the rest of the group had arrived as well.

    “Who are you?” She asked the little girl who seemed to be just amused by that and any other questions. This was not an innocent unsent, not to mention an unsent child is quite rare; it takes a very mature level of resolve for that to happen, yet this child seems to be acting her age if not younger.

    “This is boring, my friend wants to play” a cluster of pyreflies suddenly gave rise to a Jumbo Cactuar. Nikki was the first to react to it as an arrow was seen flying towards it. It became one of the fiend’s thousands of spikes.

    “Whoa, that’s no dingo!”

    Everyone was in an unorganized commotion. Real warriors were going to emerge from this battle, no doubt. The Jumbo Cactuar was in the middle with its awckward, giant position, moving its legs and arms as if it was a mere oversized cactuar with a deeper, laugh resembling, pitch.

    “Hey, all of you! Stand together damn it!”
    Nikki tried to call out for the three mages behind the Jumbo Cactuar. “You have back attack advantage! Don’t waste it!"

    “Fire should be its standard weakness! Exploit it!”
    Cyan gave a nod to Valvaris, aware of his valuable abilities.”

    As several people were attacking the fiend, it seemed to be, somehow, weakening. It was not something expected from an otherwise normal, overly powerful Jumbo Cactuar. Something wasn’t right, hopefully, in the group’s favour.

    “Cyan, look!” Val pointed at the cactuar’s eyes. Cyan immediately realized what he was calling the attention for. The Cactuar’s eyes were cross shaped instead of the standard horizontal lines.

    “Shooters! Aim for its eyes!” Nikki, for one, seemed busy with her own attacking agenda and avoiding the Jumbo’s stomp attacks.
    “Uhh, sure! Just wait until- Ahhh ****!” she interrupted herself “What’s it doing now!”

    The giant Cactuar stopped its movement as it kept making weird, louder noises. His body seemed to be contracting with thousands of small lumps appearing all over its body. Everyone, in their own way, seemed to adopt a defensive stance.

    “Gazillion spikes!!” Nikki squealed, “Everyone! Watch out!”

    Some mages on the other side readied spells while Cyan carved her sword on the ground, as a wall.

    “Stay behind me as effectively as you can!”
    She told some around her.

    “Protect!” “Protect!” “Reflect!” Several mages finally released their protective spells randomly on the small, dispersed groups.

    “Reflect?! Why would anyone-“

    “Take cover!” Cyan interrupted as the fiend suddenly made a louder noise.

    In that moment, millions of spikes flew all over the cloister in a deafening orchestra of sounds. The sound of the spikes hitting metal on shields and armours; the sound of spikes deflected by the stone on the floor and walls; the sound of screams of pain by those who didn’t manage to take shelter effectively despite the shallow protect magic surrounding some of them; the sound of the fiend who seemed to be dancing and laughing as expected from a mischievous cactuar.

    When the wave of spikes finally ceased, Cyan, Val and Nikki - who were behind her, partially sheltered by the Calibur - had no fatal wounds, only with signs of low to moderate damage.

    “You’re still no fun!” the voice of the little girl was heard yet there was no sign of her.

    The voice was interrupted by the elastic sound of a launched arrow right to one of the Jumbo Cactuar’s eyes. It brought a stop to his energetic, never ending dance.

    “What’s happening?” someone asked out loud.

    The Jumbo Cactuar suddenly became wrapped in pyreflies, its shape distorting and becoming less defined. In a second, it burst into many standard sized cactuars for much of everyone’s surprise.

    “Playful, isn’t she.” Val referred to the little girl.

    “Just deal with the small threats now.”


    This couldn’t get any worse. I was one of the last people to enter the Via Infinito because I wanted to recheck my inventory. After making sure that I had want I needed, I took the portal in. Cloister 0 was empty at that point. I cursed myself for taking too much time checking my inventory and hurried to the portal for the next level, hoping to catch the main group.

    When I got there, it was almost pure mayhem. I arrived just to see one of the archers hit the eye of a Jumbo Cactuar and it dissolving into multiple Cactuars. The Cactuars began running around, attacking the group. Some were trying to protect the injured while others were overwhelmed by these fiends. I drew my sword and quickly joined in, slicing my way to a small group near the center. I cut down a Cactuar just when it jumped at the archer.

    “Thanks. Who..” she began.

    “Name’s Joseph,” I replied, cutting down another Cactuar.

    “Cyan, this isn’t looking good,” the guy with the guns said. He was right, we’re outnumbered at least 3 to 1.

    “That’s an understatement,” she said, looking at the mass of Cactuars. I then saw that some of the Cactuars began bending down.

    “Watch out! 1000 needles!” I exclaimed. With that exclamation, the woman known as Cyan planted her sword in front of her.

    “Everyone get down!” she demanded. I ducked behind her, as did the archer girl and guy with the guns. I heard needles deflect of the sword and her armor. I also heard the pain and gasps of people that didn’t get behind cover and were bombarded with needles.

    “Does anyone know a water spell?” I yelled. Cactuars are generally weak against water. The problem was that most of the black mages were already down or critically injured when I arrived. I swung my sword as did Cyan, trying to cut down the number of Cactuars. Some Cactuars jumped us. Just then, a flood of water knocked them back. I looked back to see that one of the mages managed to cast a Waterga spell.

    This spell caused the other Cactuars to run and become pryeflies again. I let out a big sigh of relief, knowing that this could’ve turned out much worse. We began to tally the amount of wounded.

    “This isn’t good. Around half of our forces are injured critically and require treatment at the surface,” Nikki reported during a quick meeting between me, Cyan and Val.

    “We need to continue on. Those that aren’t that seriously injured can rest on this level till they‘ve regained their strength. Those that need to, take the portal back to the surface. The rest, let’s continue on,” I said, walking to the portal.

  4. #4

    “I see you still rush into trouble, boy.” Cyan bluntly stated now with a more provocative facial expression.

    Val smiled back at Cyan, he was glad she remembered him. “Trouble keeps rushing into me!", he paused, “It’s good to see you, Cyan.” In which she responded with a nod.

    Just then, the girl with the bow began to talk, requesting everyone to introduce themselves. Her name is Nikki. "Valvaris. I do Magic." He said as he walk away. Cyan was the last to introduce herself, "I’m Cyan. Say my name when you need cover."

    “That’s… quite the oversized sword.” A woman with a white cape said.
    “When it stands between you and a fiend, you might as well be thankful.” Cyan replied, while Val nod in agreement.

    Cyan and Val made their way towards Cloister 1. As all of them entered Cloister 1, they realize it was almost similar to Cloister 0. To their surprise, a little girl was standing in front of them. "...That's no little girl, is it?" Val asked. He knows that Cyan, too, thinks that girl is no ordinary human being.

    Kaim, Cyan's friend from before, came into the scene, wanting to reach for the little girl. Cyan sternly said, "Quiet." Nikki then told everyone that the girl, is most probably an Unsent. She proceeded to ask the girl who is she.

    The girl reacted by saying, "This is boring, my friend wants to play."
    "Friend?" thought Val, "Crap!" as a cluster of pyreflies appears and among it, a Jumbo Cactuar.

    "Whoa, that's no dingo!" Val responded immediately.

    “Hey, all of you! Stand together damn it!” Nikki tried to call out for the three mages behind the Jumbo Cactuar. “You have back attack advantage! Don’t waste it!"

    “Fire should be its standard weakness! Exploit it!” Cyan gave a nod to Valvaris.

    Val immediately sidestepped to an empty spot on his right, and projected himself into the air, to gain a good view of the target. He did a small somersault before aiming both his guns at the Jumbo Cactuar, and two red colored magic-circle patterns appear in front of him, one in front of the other. "Hosha" said Val, as he pulled the trigger on both guns. One red-colored flare appeared from the center of each of the magic circles and home towards the Jumbo Cactuar. Upon contact, the red flares releases a small blast of fire onto the target. Val landed on the ground right after.

    The others were also attacking the Cactuar in that chaos. The enemy, somehow or rather, seems to be weakening. "Not right." thought Val, "That!"

    "Cyan, look!" Val said as he pointed at the Cactuar's eyes. They were cross shaped instead of horizontal lines.

    “Shooters! Aim for its eyes!” shouted Cyan.
    “Uhh, sure! Just wait until- Ahhh ****! What’s it doing now!” exclaimed Nikki.

    The giant Cactuar stopped its movement as it kept making weird, louder noises. His body seemed to be contracting with thousands of small lumps appearing all over its body. Everyone, in their own way, seemed to adopt a defensive stance.

    “Gazillion spikes!!” Nikki squealed, “Everyone! Watch out!”

    Cyan carved her sword on the ground, as a wall; while some other mages are casting Protect spells. One was even casting Reflect.

    “Stay behind me as effectively as you can!” Cyan told some around her.

    “Reflect?! Why would anyone-"

    “Take cover!” Cyan interrupted as the fiend suddenly made a louder noise.

    The attack was unleashed. Millions of spikes flew all over. Sounds of the spikes hitting shields, walls and armors were heard. Some were screaming from pain. Moments later, the attack stopped. Cyan, Val and Nikki were partially sheltered by Cyan's sword, and suffers only slight injuries.

    "You're still no fun!" the voice of the little girl is heard, again.

    An arrow was fired at one of Jumbo Cactuar's eye. The Jumbo Cactuar freezes in action. "What's happening?" someone asked out loud.

    In moments, the Jumbo Cactuar becomes surrounded by pyreflies and burst into many standard sized cactuars.

    "Playful, isn't she." said Val.
    "Just deal with the small threats now."
    "Affirmative." Val begin shooting at the cactuars, who seem to be nimbly dodging his blows.

    "Cyan, this isn't looking good." Val said, as they are outnumbered at least 3 to 1.
    "That's an understatement." replied Cyan.

    The cactuars began moving abnormally and tilting forward. "Watch out! 1000 needles!" exclaimed Joseph, whose name was eavesdropped by him as Joseph was talking to Nikki. Cyan planted her sword in front of her, and demanded everyone to get down. Val immediately dashed behind her, along with Joseph and Nikki. Many others rushed behind as well, trying to be covered, as much as possible. Many were still strucked by the needles of the cactuars.

    “Does anyone know a water spell?” exclaimed Joseph.

    "Fire? or Water?" Val thought,"Screw it." He leaped away from the sword once the cactuars stopped attacking, and projected himself onto the sky again, "Just use both."

    Val aimed his left gun to one of the cactuars on the left, and the right gun to one on the right. A red magic circle pattern appeared in front of the left gun; while a blue magic circle pattern appeared in front of the right gun."Dual-Cast: Hosha. Suisha." Val pulled the trigger on both guns. A red flare appeared from the left while a blue flare appeared from the right. As the red flare made contact, a blast of fire knocked down the cactuar; as the blue flare made contact, a globe of water traps the cactuar in, before dispersing into the air.

    "It was more effective than my normal attacks..." thought Val, "Now off you go, fiends." Val stood up straight from his postion and aimed both his gun in front. The same red and blue magic circle appear side by side each other, in front of each gun. "Dual-Cast: Hodan. Suidan.". Val pulls the triggers. A red-colored rock like object appears from the middle of the red magic circle towards a small group of cactuars in front of him. Upon contact, the red rock exploded into a medium-sized fire blast, burning the cactuars. On the other hand, a blue-colored rock like object appears from the blue magic circle towards another group of cactuars. Upon contact, the blue rock combusts and a surge of water rises from the ground, tossing the cactuars up and drowns them, before disappearing. "Simple deeds."

    As Val turns his head towards Cyan, he sees a few of the cactuars jumped at Cyan. As he tried to dash towards her, a gush of water knocked the cactuars back. It seems a mage was casting a water spell. The rest of the cactuars began to run and disperse into pyreflies.

    “This isn’t good. Around half of our forces are injured critically and require treatment at the surface,” Nikki reported during a quick meeting between Joseph, Cyan and Val.
    “We need to continue on. Those that aren’t that seriously injured can rest on this level till they‘ve regained their strength. Those that need to, take the portal back to the surface. The rest, let’s continue on,” said Joseph, as he walks to the portal.

    "Keep your guards up." Val said, "And don't be too naive." He continued, as he threw a stare at Kaim. He began walking towards the portal. As he passed by Cyan, he gave her a light nod, signifying that he is alright, and she should come, too.

    "I might get questions from the people about being an Exquisivor." Val thought, "Troublesome."



    Alright, we'll keep moving!” Gippal shouted to us, jumping the hole into Cloister 5.

    After slicing through the last of the tonberries of Cloister 4, I stopped before the pit, letting the the others pass me. This area was already starting to get the better of me. The essence of death all around distorted my senses. I couldn't tell friend from foe. Everything just smelled so... horrible.

    Our company had started with at least thirty people. A few had run from Cloister 1, the smarter ones. From then on, the battles were countless and we would lose many. I knew that each time one of us fell, it would only add to the overwhelming population down here. No person can honestly admit to finding it a just death to be murdered by unutterable demons such as these. Taking a deep breath, I tried to drown my doubts and fears by reviewing our path to this point. I prayed no fiend would find me as I wasn't sure I could defend myself should the need arise. It started so spirited...

    NIKKSTER!” A young boy shouted, rushing over to our company.

    The archer appointed by Gippal to ensure Rikku's safe return cursed under her breath before saying, “Go home Kai”, alerting me to the boy's name.

    “Awww but mum wanted to make sure you were okay. Anyway who was that Guado chick that came out? She was HOT!” He said, thinking he was out of earshot with me.

    I smiled, looking at myself. Was I hot? I had never looked at it that way. Being with a group of hulking ronso tends to take the lady out of oneself, doesn't it? Walking a few more steps, I would find a reflective surface and even mused myself with twirling some of the Salvia Dill that rested on my head. Unlike most guado, my hair was very soft and delicate even compared to human hair, a gift inherited from my father. I noticed that it also appeared almost like purple colored human hair and found myself giggling.

    Turning, I saw that the others were coming up and the boy from before was being halted by a few guards. Gippal found me then, having equipped his Grinder weapon instead.

    Okay, we'll take out what fiends we need to, then keep moving, alright? I want that sentry fixed. Rikku told me something ugly's gonna be waiting for us down every twenty levels.” He said.

    Understood. Sir...”

    Gippal. I always hated all that 'sir' crap.”

    Gippal, I recommend a tight formation. We can cover each other's backs and the fiends down there are sure to seek any opportunity to separate us.” I suggested.

    I agree with you there. I just hope... hey, where are those twins?”

    I looked around our area with Gippal, but couldn't find them. The archer and most of the others had already left for the pit. After Gippal grunted and put a hand to his face, I knew he must have thought the two had gone off ahead. It was fine for now. I was sure no strong fiends would have clawed their way so far up and not permeate the surface for fresh blood to release into the ether. Motioning for him to follow, we proceeded to the Via Infinito ourselves.

    Right from the start, I saw people running from the pit. I quickly inquired of one as to what the trouble was and would be informed of a monstrous cactuar and a little girl who wasn't a little girl. Nodding with Gippal, we activated the warp, Gippal taking a deep breath to prepare himself first. I would put a hand on his shoulder to let him know it would be okay, that whatever emotional ties he had to the mission, they would be kept safe and his prayers answered. After the light activated, we would instantly find ourselves in Cloister 0 and more would flee for the warp past us.

    You ready?” He asked me.

    Unsheathing my broadsword with my dominant left, I nodded, “Ready when you are.”

    Together, we leaped down into the next cloister. Cloister 1 was chaos. Many were scrambling around the area and attacking everything in sight. The entire floor was littered with cactuar, something I knew a great deal about, having been to the Bikanel deserts in my quests for spheres. They were very difficult to deal with, too, the Fangtastic having hoards of power, but very little in terms of speed. That usually fell on me.
    “Watch out! 1000 needles!” A swordsman wearing a navy cloak yelled, prompting everyone in that area to duck behind the blonde swordswoman.

    “Everyone get down!” She screamed, after planting her large blade into the ground to block the attack.

    "Eep!" The Al Bhed male squealed, seemingly unable to defend himself until his sister came to his aid.

    "Need help, brother?"

    Several others in that part weren't lucky enough to get away and were skewered by the swarm of needles. I and Gippal, thankfully, had been near the entrance and avoided the attack entirely. Attention would be redirected at us, afterward, though. I readied my sword and we decided we'd go to track them down, taking what cactuar we needed with us. As soon as a group neared me, I swung my sword, but five of them would catch its blade together.

    What?” I gasped.

    Suddenly, they burst with an incredible aura and glared daggers of hate into me. I pulled my weapon away and smelled the aura coming from them. It was then, I knew what had happened.

    Oversoul...” It would seem my many encounters with them in Bikanel had left traces of their essence with me, traces that were being recognized by these cactuar... and they were not pleased.

    They aimed another thousand needles attack at me with more building their oversouls. Frantic, I searched my quiver for a suitable arrow, but it was too late. As my smell identified, the attack was ready and they began firing the needles. With broadsword in hand, I attempted to block as many as I could, knowing I would be killed in an instant.

    HIYAA!!!” Gippal roared, slicing apart all the needles with his Grinder before launching missiles to defeat the closest of the oversouled creatures.

    You alright?” He asked, “You said to stay close so stay close. I've been down in the Farplane itself when a wacko turned it into a little plane of horrors. I think I can handle a few cactus things, don't you? C'mon, we should get to those twins and get going pronto.”

    Nodding, I sighed and followed him. “Does anyone know a water spell?”, "Ooh! We know", and "one thing that can help!" were the types of phrases I'd hear and we sliced and skewered our way through.

    One in particular seemed very full of himself. From his “Dual-Cast: Hosha. Suisha." to his "Now off you go, fiends." and then his "Dual-Cast: Hodan. Suidan." to the "Simple deeds." he finished off with, I sensed a lot of confidence. Unfortunately, his magical projectiles were doing well against what cactuar were left so I guess he had a right to be. Still, it irked me. Wengo Ronso was like that, too. I remember having to set him straight a few times, but I think I would leave this mage gunner to himself.

    “This isn’t good. Around half of our forces are injured critically and require treatment at the surface,” The archer said once the battle was finished.

    Looking around, I could see at least a dozen dead and at least five reasonably injured. Ahead, the twins traded glances and the girl would phase them both from sight and reappear near the archer and the others.

    "Hi! We're" She said.

    The boy would continue, "Yuki and Yuubou"

    Followed by the girl again, "and we'd like to join"

    Before the boy would finish, "your group."

    With Gippal, we would approach them, me sheathing my weapon to go help the less injured to their feet. Gippal would take to speaking with the rest of them.

    “We need to continue on. Those that aren’t that seriously injured can rest on this level till they‘ve regained their strength. Those that need to, take the portal back to the surface. The rest, let’s continue on,” The samurai said, suggesting that this level be a camp for them.

    We all knew that wasn't a good plan. The fiends on this floor had been dealt with, but that didn't mean they wouldn't be back. If we left the injured here, they'd be sitting ducks for the next wave.

    "Keep your guards up." The mage gunner said, adding a very arrogant "And don't be too naive." at the end of his speech.

    Gippal would stop them from moving on, though, “Are you looking around? This is the VIA INFINITO! PAY ATTENTION!”

    Immediately, everyone in the room became silent. Gippal would calm himself, putting a tense hand to his irritated temple before taking a breath to continue, “We have about five injured. You three, get them to safety! You can rejoin the party later. The fiends won't have come back so soon so you should be fine catching up. I want you to get these bodies to the temple. There's no justification for leaving them here like this. Have one of the priests upstairs perform a sending for them. I don't want to be responsible for birthing more fiends.”

    When no one moved out of shock at Gippal's frustrated words, he growled and commanded, “I said get these people out of here! NOW!”

    Without a word, the three he ordered took the five injured back to the surface. Meanwhile, Gippal would turn his attention to the twins that had abandoned us earlier.

    You two... Didn't Mishka tell you you were coming with us?” He sneered, eyes narrowing.

    "I-I-I..." The girl stuttered.

    The boy continued for her, "We are sorry, sir, we just"

    Followed by the girl again, "got excited and"

    The boy added, "went ahead to fight the cactuar."

    What are your names?” He said with a sigh.

    "Yuubou, sir, ,and"


    You don't follow orders, you're no good to me. You,” He said, looking over at the archer again, “They're your responsibility now. Mishka?”

    Uh, yes?” I stammered, rushing to him.

    What do you think?”

    Turning to the two, I said lowly, “Are you two sure you want to find Rikku with the others?”

    "Yes, locating Rikku is a"

    "top priority and we saw that the cactuar"

    "were getting the upper hand on them so"

    "we should be of more assistance here."

    I nodded, “Okay, take care of them. Um... archer? Uh, I guess they're with you now.”

    What the **** do you mean, archer?! I had everybody introduce themselves already! I'm ****ing Nikki!”She replied.

    Nikki then...” And with a grin, “I wasn't fucking at your fucking group counseling, okay?! There's no need to bitch at me! I was just trying to tell you your new party. I think Gippal and I could take them, though.” I pointed to two others nervously standing behind everyone.

    Uh... sure...” One of them said, walking over.

    Take care of yourselves, okay?” I added to the twins with a smile, “It's unfortunate you won't be with us anymore.”

    It's okay. I'll take care of you, hottie.” A voice echoed from behind.

    When I turned, I saw the sly grin of the same boy from before, his finger rubbing across the bottom of his nose while he looked at me with one eye.

    How did you get here?”

    Oh, I hung onto that thing when I got the chance.” He answered, pointing to the Grinder on Gippal's back.

    Nikki exploded at that moment, “You little bastard! I'll ****ing kill you! The fiends won't get their chance! Come here, you little ****head!”

    I stopped her with a hand on her shoulder and went back to the boy, “This place is dangerous. You shouldn't have come. Do you see those guys over there lifting the dead bodies out? This is no place for a kid.”

    Feh! You're one to talk! You can't be much older than me. What are you? Seventeen?” He exclaimed.

    I was taken aback. He had a keen eye.

    Hehe, got it in one, eh? Nikki hates that about me.”

    You're damn right I do!”

    And you can really sneak around. Well, if she consents, I guess you could tag along.”

    You're not ****ing serious! No way! I'm not letting this dumbass stay down here! His mother would kill me!”

    Like that would stop him.” I mused with a shrug, “So, how about it? You ready to kick some ass and fuck up some fiends?”

    Yea!” He shouted, running to Gippal and the others, “Oh, and I'm an excellent thief, by the way.”

    Nikki smacked her hand to her forehead at that moment.

    The teams were set. Upon entering Cloister 2, we would find ourselves again surrounded, this time by coyotes and divebeaks. Our group would take them down in a straight line, jumping down into the next cloister after I shot a lightning tipped arrow into the Flan Azul barring our path. My arrows were all tipped with a certain time of magic, though far less potent than true magic, it did help in my missions as a sphere hunter. I knew they would be useless against stronger fiends, but they may still distract or slow them enough for my broadsword to do damage.

    On Cloister 3, our company would find many more flan, but also a couple of Iron Giants, some Ahriman, and a Nashorn. The boy thief, Kai, would use his tagged kunai to disable most of the Ahriman swarm, but the Iron Giants and Nashorn guarding the pit the next area were too strong for him.

    Hey, you know your way around a good swear.”I recalled the archer whispering to me when we first arrived in Cloister 2.

    I've been around a rowdy gang of adolescent ronso men. I think I know a few things.” I said with a smile.

    About Kai... take care of him, okay? I know I freaked before, but he can help you. Uh... that's all I want to say.”She told me, running off to fight the nearest coyote.

    Nodding to myself, I rushed in with my broadsword in my left, sidespinning to slice apart the first Iron Giant while Gippal's missiles destroyed the second and moved the Nashorn from our path. Together, we dropped into the next cloister.

    At Cloister 4, we were faced with geckos and Death Daubers at the front, purpurea and two Ochu at the back. There was a Sahagin near the pit with one Red and Yellow Elemental at its sides. The two others began casting tier two magics to clear the weaker Death Daubers and purpurea from the scene while Kai worked on weakening the Ochu. Gippal's missiles decimated the geckos and that left me room to go straight for the Sahagin, flipping the combined Thunder and Fire attacks of the elements and slicing the fiend apart. With a quick pump into my quiver, I loaded a water tipped arrow and fired it at the Red Elemental. Before the next Thunder spell, Kai would throw one of his fire tagged kunai to destroy the Yellow Elemental.

    Good work.” I commented, winking at him with a thumbs up.

    Anything for you, gorgeous.” He said, returning the wink.

    Then, things changed. Suddenly, I heard the distinct chuckle of a stronger fiend and my senses filled with danger and a sense of dread. In the distance, a small light showed us the arriving group of tonberries, butcher knives in hand. Gippal waved for us to jump to the next cloister, but a tonberry had climbed up from there, as well.

    Attack that one! If we get rid of it, we can jump!” I screamed.

    Gippal nodded and began firing at it as it simply walked closer. I noticed that the other tonberries were nearing us as well and signaled for Gippal to fire at them instead and leave the four of us to tend to the one that needed to be beaten.

    Quickly, Kai pulled his four prong shuriken and flung it at the creature, knocking the lamp from its hand. I jumped in close to try and deflect its knife the same way, but it parried and readied for a stab to my middle when one of the mages cast Demi to distract it. It was successful and I quickly rolled out of the way as I saw it moving towards the mage instead. Standing behind it now, I sliced at it only to get its attention back on me. The other mage cast Fira on it, but it was still following me. With my arrows, I fired a lightning tipped one to see if I could paralyze it, but it failed. As it got even closer, Kai rushed in and looked to tap it before running off. It took its attention off of me and went to look for him.

    Finally, I took hold of my broadsword and concentrated on it. Gliding it across the floor, I created enough friction for sparks to ignite it and swung it around horizontally, sending the heat gathered into the fiend to create a scar in its hide, pulsing with energy. Within moment, the energy rippled through it and it collapsed into a billow of pyreflies.

    Immediately, the other tonberries disappeared and we were bathed in pyreflies. A few moments later, I swore I heard a shrill laughter. Soon after that, I could hear a tapping sound echo across the cloister and another wave of dread flooded my senses.

    While the pyreflies began to clear, I made out a little girl in the distance, idly bouncing a ball with both her hands. Looking up from it, she tilted her head and smiled at me, catching the ball and offering it to me. Suddenly, she was right in front of me, ball still held out for me.

    Who are you?” I asked her.

    Come play with me!”

    You shouldn't be down here. It isn't safe!”

    They didn't play with me. They were mean to me.” She said, pulling the ball back down toward her and looking at it.

    What's your name, sweetie?”

    I like you. Come play with me!”

    Before I could say any more, she disappeared again as did every single pyrefly. Gippal would yell about my zoning out in the middle of the battle, which had apparently continued with one additional tonberry while I had been speaking with the girl.

    Quickly, I sliced through it, targeting the scars on its head left by the others' attacks. Gippal and the others moved on, but I stayed for a while to think and that's where we are.

    Taking a deep breath, I jumped down to Cloister 5.


    Nikki cursed to herself as the arrow just seeming did no damage to the Jumbo Cactuar and just clattered to the floor, Nikki quickly looked around as she predicted earlier most of them had little experience of working in a big team, “This is a ****ing mess” she thought to herself. “How the **** am I meant to organise this many people into one big fighting group?” She questioned this to herself. Noting that she would be no good in this battle with just her arrows she noticed three mages at the back of the Cactuar all scared stiff of the size of the thing, all having poor aim. “Focus!” Shouted Nikki to them, she rolled out the way as the Jumbo Cactuar slammed its fist to the ground. Nikki felt a rumble from the aftershock. She looked back up at the three mages, they needed hope and encouragement. “Hey all of you, stand together damn it!” Okay so she needed to work on her people skills a bit more. But she didn’t ask to be the unspoken leader, Gippal sort of looked at her to say that she was to lead them. Nikki tried again in a more softer tone, and in a more enlightening way. “You have back attack advantage! Don’t waste it!” she called to them. The three mages then seemed to nod to each other and were finally working together and they aimed water spells that hit their mark.

    “Fire should be its standard weakness! Exploit it!” said a female voice, Nikki didn’t know who it was but that was wrong. Sure by rights it should be fire but it was actually water.

    “IT’S NOT A ****ING PLANT!” yelled Nikki alerting everyone that perhaps fire isn’t the best option. “Okay maybe yelling at them isn’t best way” thought Nikki but it made her feel better. Nikki pulled up another arrow, trying desperately to learn Water arrow, she concentrated on the way the water flows and dances, and then she focused on her arrow, her arrow glowed a blue, but it wasn’t strong enough so it faded. “**** still not enough AP” thought Nikki. AP was a magical source of power gained through defeating fiends, it was used to learn new abilities.

    “Cyan look” said a male voice, a voice Nikki recognised belonging to Val, Nikki looked up as well, she could see that the fiend was weakening but also that there was something weird about its eyes, at that moment the fiend looked right down at Nikki and brought it’s foot right down on top of her. Fortunately Nikki at that moment was surrounded by a red aura with a clock underneath her spinning very fast. Nikki felt much faster and lighter on her feet, and she back flipped out of the way and landed with her legs apart and one hand down on the ground, someone had casted Haste on her.

    “Shooters Aim for its eyes!” yelled Cyan Nikki being much too busy was flipping and dodging out of the way of its attack; it seemed to be fond of squishing Nikki into a pulp. Nikki breathed heavily; she couldn’t keep this up for long. Nikki tried being polite for once.

    “Uhhh... Sure Just wait until...” Nikki looked up to see the Cactuar suddenly shaking very wildly about. “Ahh ****! What’s it doing now!?” Shouted Nikki as the Jumbo Cactuar suddenly stopped thrashing about, it stood very still only making very gross and weird noises. The Pryeflies hummed very loudly as the bumps appeared on the Cactuar. “****” was all Nikki thought. “Gazzilion Spikes! Everyone watch out!” called Nikki her being the one with little armour dived for the floor and lay down flat hoping they would harmlessly pass over. She heard Cyan call out to some members around her but didn’t hear what she said. Nikki didn’t need to dive to the floor though, as that moment the three mages from earlier rushed to her aid.



    “Reflect!” The mages were releasing spells randomly and Nikki stood up, perfectly safe behind the spells. Although she did sigh inwardly at the stupidity of using reflect.

    “Reflect why would anybody...” Nikki was distracted by this as Cyan yelled.

    “Take Cover!” Spikes hit Nikki right leg she mentally cursed herself for getting distracted. It was extremely painful but she could also hear her comrades shout out in pain and the many spikes bouncing off armour.

    “Nikki!” yelled one of the mages she was in a black cloak, her hood covering many of her features but she had light skin and she rushed to Nikki’s aid as Nikki crouched down in pain. Nikki reached quickly into her bag for the high potion that she was given earlier; she felt the mage supporting her back as she did this. There was no time to pull out the needles but she could numb the pain. She pulled the cork and drank the liquid she then let the bottle clang on the ground, as she felt the pain ease away she stood up.

    “Thank you Sakura” whispered Nikki to her. Nikki had taken shelter behind Cyan but the noise was so deafening from the amount of spikes that Val and Cyan hadn’t noticed that Nikki was in pain nor had they heard the Mage cry out in worry. Nikki made sure they hadn’t noticed anything by immediately loading another arrow as the spikes stopped. Her leg wouldn’t be noticed unless they looked down at her.

    “You’re still no fun” huffed the little girl’s voice. Nikki wondered who she was still, the unsent had chosen to appear in the form of a child but why? And Nikki being Nikki getting sick of this pulled back her arrow to her cheek and launched it right into the Cactuar’s eye. This time it hit its mark and brought a stop to it.

    “What’s happening?” Someone asked out loud. Nikki hoped that was the end of it. The Jumbo Cactuar burst into Pryeflies which hummed loudly and echoed through the Via Infinito, and they formed loads of Mini Cactuars. Nikki at this point was severely pissed off and asked herself what she had done to deserve this bad day. She then loaded her arrow keeping her distance her bow glowed a light red aura casting the spell boost on her arrow, it would now be much stronger. She then fired the arrow at a nearby Cactuar. She fired arrow after arrow, but being severely pissed off she was much too close to them. She suddenly heard the cry of a Cactuar behind her. She instantly turned around and saw a swordsman in a navy cloak who had cut down the Cactuar.

    “Thanks who...”

    “Name’s Joseph” He replied as he cut down a Cactuar . Nikki fired three arrows in one go having some respect for him,

    “Good,” She thought “everyone is starting to work together.”

    “Cyan this isn’t looking good” said Val and he was right Nikki knew they wouldn’t win unless they got together and formed some kind of strategy to take them down.

    “That’s an understatement” She replied. Nikki narrowed her eyes at the fiends, it was her fault that they weren’t organised, She silently took a step back away from the others and tried again. Once again she closed her eyes and thought about how the water flowed her arrow glowed a blue aura, and suddenly the element water surrounded the arrow as she let go of it and it slammed into the Cactuar killing it instantly.

    “**** yeah” triumphed Nikki, she had learnt water arrow. But then Nikki saw that the Cactuars were wriggling weirdly.

    “Watch out! 1000 needles!” cried out Joseph.
    “Everyone get down!” Exclaimed Cyan Nikki rushed behind her, and she planted her oversized sword in the ground.

    “Yevon that thing is big!” thought Nikki. Many others were struck by the needles and many more feel to the ground. Nikki cursed herself once again, she was responsible for these people and she had failed them again. What was worse that the hi potion was starting to wear off and her leg was beginning to feel the spikes in her leg. Trying to block it out of her mind she stood up once the attack had ended, just focusing on her own attacks she blocked all outside distraction from her mind. Adrenaline now pumping through her Nikki just released attack after attack of Water Arrows, letting the water flow gracefully over her arrows as she attacked, aware of only the fiends and herself.

    Finally the Cactuars began to thin and disperse into Pryeflies, and Nikki took her time to look at the damage. Many had fallen, it was the worse place to die in, if their bodies still lay on the ground then they will turn into fiends quickly, they didn’t have much time as many more were injured. She noticed that Cyan was already rushing to each of the injured and trying to heal them. Those that had minor injuries could be healed here quickly and move on, but the rest they needed to get to the teleport. Nikki limped over to Val and Joseph on what they needed to do. “This isn’t good. Around half of our forces are injured critically and require treatment at the surface” Two Albehd twins seemingly full of energy bounded up to them, jumping up and down on the spot, Nikki raised an eyebrow at them.

    “Hi we’re” began the girl.

    “Yuki and Yuubou” continued the boy.

    Followed by the girl again, “and we’d like to join”

    Which the boy finished with “your group”. They both smiled at them.

    “They have the energy of Kai, but are more annoying... My worst nightmare.” Thought Nikki. “Fine” Nikki answered them.

    “We need to continue on. Those that aren’t that seriously injured can rest on this level till they’ve regained their strength. Those that need to, take the portal back to the surface. The rest lets continue on,” said Joseph as he was about to walk off.

    “****ing no way!” thought Nikki. The Via Infinito wasn’t a place to rest She pulled out some of the needles from her leg and hissed through her teeth in pain. She noticed this caught Cyan’s attention and she looked almost worried for her.

    Nikki stood up after she took some out to hear that Val was about to move on too. Nikki mentally sighed inside of her, she wished she was with some of her comrades she worked with at the Youth League, they had a much better understanding of teamwork at least. Nikki was about to raise her voice at them but she didn’t need to. Because Gippal bellowed at them at that moment. Which she was grateful for, she was starting to lose control of the team.

    “Are you looking around? This is the VIA INFINITO! PAY ATTENTION!” he bellowed at them. Nikki took this opportunity to sit down and take out the rest of the needles from her leg. She bit her lip in pain has she did one swoop and grabbed all of them.

    “****” she whispered the pain was excruciating but the relief afterwards was a blessing to her. She dug into her bag finding another Hi potion she popped the cork and chugged it down. Her leg immediately began to heal itself and it was as good as new. Nikki stood up just in time to hear Gippal shout at the rest of the group.

    “I said get these people out of here! NOW!” The three mages rushed off one of them was Sakura who had helped her earlier. Nikki helped up a nearby boy to their feet. He was only 15 and seem to be shaking from the carnage he had seen. Nikki shook her head he was much too young to be here. Nikki then went over to the group. The Guado looked over to her who she now learnt was Mishka.

    “Okay, take care of them um... archer?! I guess they are with you now.” Nikki narrowed her eyes at her, this is exactly wanted what she wanted to avoid earlier, that was why she made everyone introduce themselves.

    “What the **** do you mean, archer?! I had everyone introduce themselves already! I’m ****ing Nikki!” She nodded to herself “That told her” she thought.

    “Nikki then...” Mishka then grinned. “I wasn’t ****ing at your ****ing group counselling, okay?!There’s no need to ***** at me! I was trying to tell you of your new party. I think Gippal and I could take them, though” she pointed at two others. Nikki smiled and then nodded.

    “ Uh... sure...” One of them said, walking over.

    “ Take care of yourselves, okay?” said Mishka to the twins with a smile, “It's unfortunate you won't be with us anymore.” Nikki just thought that it was going to be a long day and that nothing, nothing could get any worse, that was until she heard a voice.

    “ It's okay. I'll take care of you, hottie.” A voice echoed from behind. Anger and rage at that voice entered Nikki

    “He was meant to ****ing stay outside” She thought as she turned around to face him. Kai was in the Bevelle guards uniform for some protection and as an extra disguise. “You little bastard! I’ll ****ing kill you! The fiends wont get their chance! Come here you little bastard!” But Kai just cheekily grinned at her. But before she could do anything she felt a hand being placed on her, it was Mishka.

    “This place is dangerous. You shouldn't have come. Do you see those guys over there lifting the dead bodies out? This is no place for a kid.”

    “ Feh! You're one to talk! You can't be much older than me. What are you? Seventeen?” He exclaimed.

    “Okay now someone in Farplane definitely hates me” thought Nikki. Nikki watched Mishka’s raction she was taken aback.

    “ Hehe, got it in one, eh? Nikki hates that about me.”

    “You're damn right I do!” Nikki responded, she was always very good and seeing the true person, he was an observant person but also very annoyingly always nosy about your life.

    “And you can really sneak around. Well, if she consents, I guess you could tag along.” Replied Mishka

    “You're not ****ing serious! No way! I'm not letting this dumbass stay down here! His mother would kill me!” Nikki liked Kyley and she was very good to her Kyley would only get very worried she was his only son. Something told Nikki that this was a very bad idea. Nikki sighed into herself

    “Like that would stop him.” Mishka mused with a shrug, “So, how about it? You ready to kick some ass and **** up some fiends?”

    “ Yea!” He shouted, running to Gippal and the others, “Oh, and I'm an excellent thief, by the way.”

    Nikki smacked her hand to her forehead at that moment. “I can’t believe this is happening!” She thought, “Why couldn’t he have Blitzball today”

    Nikki jumped down to Cloister 2 following everyone else along with Kai. “You better do everything they tell them for you do, no pissing about!” She said sternly to Kai.

    “Awww Nikkster, I didn’t know you cared can I get a date after this?” he asked cheekily. Nikki smacked him round the head.

    “I’m ****ing serious” she angrily told him Kai rubbed his head, he could be a pain at times but she’d rather deliver him to his mother alive.

    “Jeez okay...” Nikki went up to Mishka for a private word with her. One Kai was way too young in her opinion to be here, two, Kyley is going to be worried sick. It was imperative that Nikki knew he was going to be perfectly safe.

    “Otherwise I’m going to drag him up by the ear to his mum” she thought. “Hey, you know your way around a good swear.” She whispered to Mishka

    “ I've been around a rowdy gang of adolescent ronso men. I think I know a few things.” Mishka said with a smile.

    “About Kai... take care of him, okay? I know I freaked before, but he can help you. Uh... that's all I want to say.” Nikki said, “****” she thought "I really need to work on my people skills” That really didn’t convey the urgency to protect Kai for Nikki, she took out her anger by firing her arrow at the nearest Coyote. It was instantly slayed, as Nikki walked on she noticed Gippal had lagged behind from his group. Nikki raised an eyebrow at him.

    “He’ll be okay” said Gippal to her, “I’ve seen you looking worriedly at what Mishka decided, but I trust her judgement. If he turns out to be a pain I’ll send him to the teleport no problem.” Nikki sighed at that.

    “Thank you, his mum has only got him left”

    “No worries” said Gippal and took off to catch up with his group. Nikki began shooting arrows at the divebeaks, they were easily taken down by her arrows.

    “Anyone with magic and long ranged weapons, aim for the Divebeaks, the rest of you go for the Coyoto’s” commanded Nikki, now getting more used to her role. Nikki looked around, they looked less of a mob now and more of a team. The fiends were soon dispatched with. “We should check any corner Rikku could be laying unconscience or even dead” There was no point in pretending, she had to prepare them for the worst possible outcome. She continued “We have to be quick” With that she ran through the level with the others following her, it was important that they kept together. She look down one corridor which had a dead end but many levels, they had to go down there and check every nook and cranny, good thing was that it was short corridor it was easy to yell for help, At the rate they were going they would all die for being down here too long and since the corridor as short Nikki made a desision to split the group, she noticed Cyan and Val and the tins love to stick to their own partners to work with. This wouldn’t do as in a big battle they all needed to trust each other as much as they trusted their closest friends. “Right Cyan me and Yuki and this half” She motioned to the right side of the group “Will go down and climb up there and check it out Joseph, Yuubou and Val, and the rest of you will check out the left hand corridor, they are both small so it should take long to check out then we’ll meet here and carry on as a team, Yuubou you will lead your group” She looked at a twin, both Joseph and Val showed that they were willing to leave team members behind, beside this might quieten the twin down.

    “But” Said Yuri.

    “We’re so much better” carried on Yuubou.

    “Together” finished Yuri.

    “Why split us up?” asked Val.

    “Because if you noticed the corridors are small it would be much quicker to split up and look, get into trouble send a member of your group to us for backup, it’s most likely we wont bump into that girl yet again” With that Nikki led her separate group down the right hand corridor.



    “Why split us up?” Val asked Nikki. I just rolled my eyes and refrained from saying the obvious.

    “Because if you noticed the corridors are small, it would be much quicker to split up and look. Get into trouble, send a member from your group for backup. It’s most likely we won’t bump that girl yet again,” Nikki explained before leading her group down one corridor.

    “Worried about Cyan?” I asked Val. He shook his head.

    “Nah. She can take care of herself,” he replied, turning and going down the corridor we’re meant to search.

    “You seem to know her quite well,” I said, jogging a bit to catch up.

    “We met in the Youth League,” he replied. I expected an explanation, but he gave none so I didn’t ask about it.

    “Hurry up you two!” Yuubou yelled. He was already half way down so we jogged to catch up.

    This corridor was deserted, no fiends or even pyreflies. A thorough search turned up nothing. With that, we began to climb back up to the main floor. I hoped that the other group’s search was more fruitful.

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