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Thread: Fall of Spira Comments Thread

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    Fall of Spira Comments Thread

    Hello one and all,

    I was looking through this part of the forum and I realised most if not all media posted here usually also feature a separate comments thread for the readers to discuss what they've read. As one of my main purposes for having this old RP uploaded here is to allow current RPers for the Brave New World RP to see where the Exigo storyline had originated, it was probably even more important for me to have this comments thread. ^_^;;; Sorry for not doing that until now.

    Right, so for the inaugural post of this thread I should explain a few things about the minor details some of you might have noticed about the Fall of Spira RP.

    When we started out, the structure of posts usually followed a bold and centered character name and proceeded into the post. We'd done away with OOC and BIC tags by this point, separating those parts into a discussion thread in a different sub-forum. However, one of the RPers, River, who played the role of Cyan, created a tag for himself. After creating one for haboo's character of Nikki, a few of the other RPers, myself included, decided to follow suit. However, it wasn't all of us. That's why some of the posts have graphical tags while others still use their character names.

    Speaking of those character name headers, each of them was coloured to match the designated colour for their speaking voice. We'd added that system in order to make it easier to distinguish between characters during dialogue. As you might have noticed, though, my character of Mishka did not have a colour. That's is on account of my relegating the character to a voiced NPC role at the start of this RP. At this point in time, the RPers were only allowed a single character to portray and my actual character was Iezak. However, as time went on, Mishka became more important and you'll see in future posts that I would give her a colour.

    I think this should suffice for now. Of course, should you have anything to discuss, this thread is now here for you to do so. ^_^

    Until then, please enjoy reading our old RP!

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    So today's update features the first appearance of Kyra, Yoko's character. She had joined the RP later on and if memory serves, this was her first RP.

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    It was indeed. My writing has improved since then. Seeing my old posts make me cringe a little, but the story is one I've missed for a few years.

    Thanks for taking the time to post all of this Zera. It's nice you've kept copies of them and can post them again as able. Very much appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yoko View Post
    It was indeed. My writing has improved since then. Seeing my old posts make me cringe a little, but the story is one I've missed for a few years.

    Thanks for taking the time to post all of this Zera. It's nice you've kept copies of them and can post them again as able. Very much appreciated.
    I feel writing is constantly moving with you and not in any true improvement apart from improved grammatical structure as you accumulate experience. Even the most experienced writers might find something they've written years before to be cringeworthy as times might have changed and therefore colloqial vernacular would have, as well. For example, in following along with Marvel's films I'd looked back at the comics these stories draw inspiration. The language used is heavily dated. The way in which the heroes speak, as well. One of the more easy to spot changes is the use of super hero names. Considering how each of them still exist in the films, most aren't used to the serious nature they had been in the comics. For example, none of the other heroes call Tony Stark his super hero name of Ironman even when he is in costume. They refer to one another by their actual names and using the super hero names are typically for sarcastic or comedic effect such as when Stark calls Spiderman by name.

    As for my keeping the RP in my archives, well, you aren't the only one who likes looking back at them. ^.~ I've actually kept records of nearly every RP I've been a part of. If you wanted to see something truly cringeworthy, the early RPs of our old forum would make any of this RP's early posts seem like literature. xD

    This round of posts I chose to end with one of my favourite early posts for the RP. This marked a turning point for the RP as it established the character of the little girl and illustrated her power level in physical combat, though her character would serve a much greater purpose than boss fight.

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    In this update, we introduce another new character. After a while, haboo decided to create a second character for the excavations side of the story who would help flesh out the details on that side as my character continued to be the antagonist. As a guado, she would also become a bridge between the two halves of the story as you'll see in later posts.

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    So you might have noticed that the text colour of my character, Mishka, has been changed. It was during the battle against the little girl that I'd started to evolve Mishka from an NPC I was only controlling to help advance the plot on the Via Infinito side of the story into a full-fledged character. Unfortunately, as you might have also seen in this round of posts, only haboo's Nikki and the character Joseph were posting. I happened to be busy at the time, though during our OOC discussion thread I mentioned that I was planning to change Mishka and add a text colour for her. Joseph's RPer Mechwarrior21 decided to take the intiative and portray my character with the colour. *You'd think I was reading that from the discussion thread or that I'd had some notes saved, but oddly I actually remembered it even after all these years.* ^.^

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    I actually remember that moment as well ^_^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yoko View Post
    I actually remember that moment as well ^_^

    We've arrived at another moment in this RP which is the introduction of the character Kane, who is going to go through a few changes during the RP.

    As for Mishka, in keeping with my decision to upgrade her to my RP character, I've given her more backstory by fleshing out her background with the spherehunter group, the Fangtastic! *yes, the exclamation point is part of the name. x) Leader Teraan along with members Norin and Giruun are introduced in my post, though it doesn't really go into detail about them. They'll make appearances every now and then to further define Mishka's background.

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    So with this next update we see the first use of Kane's character avatar. Currently, if memory serves, Kane has the role of Dark Knight or some variation therein and so his armour *though obviously an Ironman inspired design* is meant to be his DK armour. This plays a role in the character's history and future.

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    So in this update we've got two new developments to a few characters. The more obvious one is that my character, Mishka, and haboo's character, Keema, are acquainted. They are both guado after all and Guadosalam isn't exactly a large expanse. However, their acquaintence will develop a bit more in the future, which will elabourate upon the culture and social atmosphere of the city. The other development is Joseph's traumatic background and finding a kindred spirit in Yoko's Kyra. When I first read this post, I had believed the two RPers were planning to develop a relationship between their characters. Readers and players of the current RP will know that Kyra is very much in love with haboo's Nikki so what's to become of this budding Joseph and Kyra relationship?

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    Only three posts this time around. I’m not sure if any of you noticed yet but the last updates were a bit lacking in my participation. That was due to writing this post which I’ve ended today’s update with. The post marks a turning point in my character. In recent posts, haboo’s Keema introduced herself and was acquainted with Mishka. As such, it laid the foundation for Mishka’s skill background in that she’s more attuned to the happenings of the Via Infinito than would most of the other characters. Of course, it was established early on that she’s also a sort of black sheep to the guado and this post further illustrates this by her rejection of some of her lessons.

    However, it is this knowledge as a guado that drives her in this post, which sets up two additional aspects to her character moving forward. The little girl has sent some of her pyreflies into Mishka and as of the conclusion of the post, she’s discovered by Iezak who is also unsent. This will be noticed shortly, at least with respect to the little girl’s actions. Furthermore, this post eliminates Mishka’s inital armaments. Her sword and crossbow are destroyed here and she’s left incapacitated. I felt that I wasn’t making good use of the crossbow anyway and that it had only been there as my character’s image came with a crossbow. What might her next weapon be I wonder? Well, actually, I wonder what you think it might be. I forget how long it is before I reveal her new weapon, though, but that post will be coming eventually. I hope you enjoyed the new development for my character and I’ll see you for the next update!

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    I do believe at this point we were months if not a year into this RP already, but why not have a character development segment now? In this first pause from the Via Infinito arc, the group are settled into their lodgings at Nikki's and detailing their character's histories and expanding on their relationships.

    Of course, they are doing this when my character is away. >.> Though, I suppose I'd already gotten a bit of development in anyway, which also seems to be a point of discussion for every single character here. xD "Where are Cyan and Mishka?" could be on a t-shirt at this point.

    So last time Kyra and Joseph had a moment, which at the time I had believed might develop. However, if memory serves, haboo and Yoko (Nikki and Kyra's RPers) had decided on their characters being in a relationship in our discussion chat. Therefore, we have another moment between Nikki and Joseph, which then gets chucked in the bin by the twins blurting out the shippings. *They even outted Mishka and Cyan <_<*

    Gideon and Val both elabourated on their pasts with Val being acquainted to Cid and Gideon revealing his true name. This in addition to saying that his mother apparently knew my character and Keema. o_O That was actually news to me posting it up again now. Well, as per my previous post, Mishka was not familiar with her so I'm not quite sure where Yvette would have met them.

    I think the next post will have the whereabouts of Cyan and Mishka so we can put that to bed. xD

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    In this series of posts the topic at hand still seems to be about the whereabouts of Cyan and my character of Mishka. Enter my Iezak post. Here I've started to show the unsent's abilities as well as set the stage for the future of Mishka's character.

    Meanwhile, the others have gone on ahead and returned to the Via Infinito. So with thanks to the little girl, they now know where their friends are. Mishka and Cyan won't be joining them yet, however, so they are on their own for the time being.

    Additionally, I'm not sure if you've caught on, but in this RP we'd staged each of the tenth cloisters as a sort of boss battle much like the original game had had it. In our RP, rather than face a former acquaintance turned fiend, our bosses feature one member of the group possessed by the girl. As each character has some tragedy in their past, the girl's haphazard perusal of their memories causes the old wounds to resurface and they lash out. This time it is Kyra's turn. Find out next time what her story entails.

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    So the others are still trying to rescue Kyra and are continuing the love triangle story between Joseph, Nikki, Kyra. Haboo also took the opportunity to separate the twins, who had almost congealed into a singular character. But enough about them. ^o^

    My post sets up a few developments that will continue to progress from this point forward. First is Mishka's guado senses. As all the enemies were going to be unsent the ability would prevent surprises, which is no fun. I did explain it away originally as the Via Infinito having too many pyreflies present for Mishka to sense them all, but I thought this would both sound more reasonable while also adding to her character.

    Second, at this point in the RP's run River who portrayed Cyan had left the forum so I'd taken to progressing the Cyan and Mishka relationship on my own since it started in the post when the little girl absolutely destroys Mishka in battle. x) Cyan has basically become a supporting character to Mishka.

    Third, while my goal was to show the danger of the Via Infinito, it did bring me a modicum of joy to kill Leblanc. ^_^;;; I didn't like her character in the game. I will say she had some redeeming value by the end, but not much so she dies! >=)

    And a final note about the post, while Mishka's senses are muffled, there really is something off about Auron, though that detail is not so important in this RP specifically nor will it be particularly important for the current RP. It was actually there as a origin point for an enemy class I'd had in the original Final Fantasy Exigo RP that none of you here have seen. At all. ^_^;;;

    Oh, final final note! *Last one, I promise* Mishka has possession of the sword Auron originall had. If you search for it, it is a real blade in Final Fantasy X and details about this particular Auron weapon will be important towards developing Mishka's character. Meanwhile, Auron needed a new weapon, which I provided him his Celestial Weapon. As players of X-2 will know, Rikku inherited most of Auron's swords in her dresspheres and the Celestial Weapon, Masamune, was Rikku's Dark Knight sword.

    So that was a tl;dr for you. My fellow RPers from that RP will attest to the fact that I tended to have notes this long to accompany most of my posts. xD

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    The only thing I wanted to convey this time is how much fun I had coming up with a new skill for Valvaris in my post. Val *the RPer's username was also Valvaris* and Kellen who RPed the twins both have a unique layout for their posts and I really wanted to end one of mine with Val's New Skills section. xD

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    The RP's moved into a more complicated phase now. At this point, we'd been trying to expand the little girl's backstory and motivations and more players are slowly coming to light, though within the story, they still want to remain hidden.

    Meanwhile, on my end, I've started to build on Mishka's history and Cyan's underlying purpose. Who is the Slayer and what ghost from their pasts have the girls seen? As the RP progresses this foreshadowing will begin to play out.

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    What's this? Two posts from me! Yes, for once, I was actually a bit more active. And for good reason, as well. We've now entered what we had dubbed the "Open Arc" and what that meant was that our characters took an extended leave from the cloisters and the mission to save Rikku. The next run of posts will feature more detailed looks into the characters without relating them to the central objective of the RP.

    My arc actually began last time. In my Open Arc I'll be looking into Mishka's past and, if memory serves, I've taken up the task of delving into Cyan's past, as well. In my first post here I continue to develop the notion that Mishka's backstory of being a sphere hunter was more like an escape from her true past, which will eventually play a major role in the RP. The post mentions that there's something amiss about the Blurry Moon, which will slowly play out in the coming posts. I'm not sure how many of you are versed in what the Blurry Moon is, but it is one of Auron's weapon templates from Final Fantasy X and, as you upgrade it, it gains certain attributes that will illustrate Mishka's character development. So see if you can guess what that is. ^.^

    As for the others, again if memory serves, Val's story is mostly explained here and he'll progress it from here on. The others will have arcs starting with the Open Arc which will then lead back into the main story.

    Finally, I'm not sure if anyone has noticed, but when it comes to Val, I tend to use the lines "Keep your guard up!" and "Don't be naive." This was an in-joke between me and Val's RPer. If I remember right he made a very early post with the line and then sent me a voice message of him saying that line. After that I turned it into his catchphrase and used it relentlessly on him both in and out of the RP. xD However, in my first post's example this time, I continued it into the catchphrase of Kamina from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Must have been when the anime became popular. xD

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    This is the first round of posts in the "Open Arc". For this period of time in the RP, each character will explore a personal story rather than develop their character through the main story of the Via Infinito.

    Nikki's story will deal with her life as an orphan adopted by Yevon and her relationships with other orphans and their guardians.

    Gideon and Joseph are rediscovering themselves and progressing as warriors. Gideon has even moved on from his Dark Knight form in a similar way that Cecil had in Final Fantasy IV.

    Kyra will be finding herself and developing her relationship with Nikki.

    Much like Cyan and Mishka are developing their relationship as they deal with their individual and painful pasts.


    Quote Originally Posted by Mishka
    “You're absolutely right! This mission may be important, but nothing gets solved by forcing your way. Those who fight harder do make a difference, but that's not everybody, isn't that right?”

    *giggle* I wonder how many of you noticed this line. ^.^

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    Yes this is a string of posts almost entirely by me. If memory serves, these posts came around summer and many of our forum's members went on holiday during this time. While I, too, was away, I'd planned accordingly. It was the Open Arc, after all, which meant our characters could develop their own stories separately. Of course, haboo and Yoko didn't have this luxury and neither were most of the other RPers who tagged along on their story. However, as Cyan's RPer had left the RP and I'd assumed his role, it meant my characters could. Taking note of that, I'd actually written several of my posts ahead of time and posted them when I could. While it may seem that these posts were back to back, the original dates of these posts were at least a week apart. I believe my two Mishka posts were actually a month in between. This wouldn't be the only time I'd post back to back, though each time it was only because I was allowed to given the circumstances.

    It is one of the things I've noticed as a cause for an RP's death on this forum. At times when an RP's updates slow, any RPer may take it upon himself to post again to progress the story. One of the major factors slowing an RP's progress is a lack of ideas on how to move its story forward. But so long as you have an idea, post it. The additional information may in fact be what inspires other RPers to continue.

    As a result of the Open Arc, my character of Iezak is making some progress on his side of the RP. As an unsent, he has unique abilities, at least, in my interpretation of an unsent. Seeing how Seymour and Yunalesca were very different as unsent and Shuyin was even considered a shadow because his unsent abilities were vastly different from them both, my interpretation of an unsent is that their emotions manifest differently through pyreflies based on who they were and what their goal was at the time of death. For Seymour, his goal had been to become Sin and then take its wrath to the Spira that cost him his mother. As an unsent, he fused with others and gained power and new abilities from the fusion. Yunalesca became a monster hidden underneath her human guise. She'd been one of the orchestrators of the false Yevon religion, hiding the horrible reality from everyone under the guise of the pilgrimage and hope for an Eternal Calm. Shuyin died embittered, having struggled against Bevelle's Machina War. Throughout the game, he's shown to be cynical and without hope. As an unsent, he possesses his victims and forces them to do things against their will while his actions created a new struggle, which both he and the game relate to the war. At the end of the game, Nooj, his first vessel, is left believing the only way to defeat Shuyin is for him to die and take Baralai with him.

    Keeping that in mind, my character Iezak was a devout Yevonite who was completely convinced that his religion was right even as the truth was revealed. As an unsent, he becomes the manipulator and his pyreflies can seep into his victims much like lies can spread from a single source and expand until it can no longer be contained. His manipulation caused the failure of the Calm Lands site and he does have some influence on those carrying his pyreflies, like Hunter.

    My two Mishka posts developed Cyan's story. In her character biography, her original RPer, River, created a detailed backstory about her motivations as a warrior. As he never got around to revealing this past through the RP, I felt the Open Arc was the best time to do so and I'd be expanding on it even more later.

    Haboo's Nikki post introduces a new character for her backstory. Sanika is a psychic who was also a sort of older sister to Nikki during her time in the gang. Her role will help explore the psychological trauma Nikki suffers.

    Yoko's Kyra post works in lieu of Nikki's Open Arc story, but Yoko also elabourated a bit on Kyra's origin, which will play a role later on, not to mention being a rather key reason we even have an Final Fantasy VIII chapter of this RP to begin with!

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    The biggest development I left off on last time was that Nikki and Kyra's relationship was fully revealed. This round, apart from my characters who are still away, the rest of the characters react to the news.

    Joseph would naturally have the strongest reaction to it. As I'd stated previously, he and Kyra had been developing a relationship, as well, before it was decided that Kyra and Nikki would become a couple. While his RPer didn't go too deep into this lost love story arc, he did use it to define his character and illustrate his isolation and personal desire that led to his joining the team. The RPer also revealed that he was a sensei teaching Japanese style martial arts, which was well portrayed as the RPer has an interest in the arts in real life.

    This then expanded development with the character Gideon who'd been following a path similar to Cecil from Final Fantasy IV. In his post, another relationship would develop, one of sensei and apprentice. Joseph, having already stated that he wanted to have a connection to others, takes Gideon under his wing while Gideon can further progress his character growth through interactions with the seasoned warrior.

    Following Cyan's story arc, Mishka decided to be honest with her past. The posts here explore that. Reading through my first post should show how much she still wanted to hide from it. Of course, while Cyan continued to elabourate on her story, it also isn't the end. She just happens to be in a better place for the moment than Mishka and feels the need to protect her by pushing her to reveal her story. She will not always be so composed.

    As for Mishka, I hope the following post justified the amount of time she delayed the reveal. It was horrific what she'd done and, at her young age, she only blamed herself. Not only that, but in terms of story reveals, it does drastically change how Final Fantasy X plays out, doesn't it? Although by X-2, I realised Tromell was innocent of wrongdoing, as far as the game revealed, when I was playing X, I felt there was no chance Tromell wasn't a part of Seymour's plan. Therefore, given that this RP takes place in my Exigo Timeline, I decided to go develop it in this way, with Tromell being a mastermind of sorts. This will continue to develop later on and I feel it follows the themes of Final Fantasy X where nothing is as it appears and hidden agendas can be found in every corner of its world. However, for now the major story is still about Mishka's past with the Slayer and its origin story. Speaking of which, it is only the origin story. There's a bit more that will be revealed later on.

    Finally, we have Nikki. This is another very long post by haboo and it covers many different plot points to her Open Arc. First, there's the budding relationship. Nikki, as previously seen, has a complicated past and a deeply troubled character stemming from something of a post traumatic stress disorder left by that past. Though, unfortunately, it actually delves deeper than simple PTSD. Sanika is still an active player in the gang Nikki escaped so her past hasn't completely left her.

    This brings us to the second plot, which is one that will continue to develop. The gang is still active and has resurfaced in her life. This time, they have caught wind of the other characters of the RP, which will end up becoming a subplot to the RP parallel to the Via Infinito.

    Finally, there's a few minor plot developments with haboo's large assortment of supporting characters, each of whom share a bit of Nikki's past, but will also be developing their own stories, as well.

    But that should come later on. As the latter posts have shown, the Open Arc has concluded and the team is headed back for the Via Infinito!

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    Haboo's other character, Fyra, is introduced in this post and will feature again in the future. Another part of her Keema post that is important, but only in terms of the overarching plot of my Exigo Timeline, is the concept of something terrible coming should the balance of the planet be further disturbed. Keema mentions the Ultimate Guardians and notes that Sin could potentially have been one of them. What could she be referring to? ^.~

    Yoko's post mostly catches her up with the events of the posts I got up last time. We're establishing the character of Sanika and Nikki had developed a bit of doubt in her character, which was cleared up by Paine.

    Speaking of Paine, I'd forgotten this part of it until I saw the post. By this time, as we RPed, haboo had come up with an idea to get us more active on the forum in general. You see, by this time, the only thing active on our old forum had been this RP. Haboo invented a sort of rewards system for posting elsewhere on the forum. Posting earned Gil, which could be used towards the purchase of certain effects that would expand into the RP. In this event, I believe it was haboo who'd gotten enough Gil to request a custom post from any RPer of her choosing. She selected me and I was to portray Paine for a post.

    For my Paine post, I wanted to catch everyone up with her frame of mind. After all, the game had portrayed her as having suffered severe trauma and her choice of using denial and a stoic outward shell to manage it. This came to a head late into the game as it was revealed Paine was quite compassionate and her starting personality in the game was a facade. In my Exigo Timeline, I'd created a fanfiction, which developed this progression of her character further, where she was finally forced to confront the trauma. Therefore, by the time of this RP, she'd grown. However, due to Rikku's disappearance and into the Via Infinito at that, and with added devastation through the current mission, the old wounds had crept back up for her and this post starts by discussing with them.

    After that, though, I thought to have Paine sort of confront her lingering feeling for her captain. I don't suppose it is a secret to anyone who has played the game that Paine was fond of Nooj. I thought it might be a cute scene to have, Paine asking relationship advice from Yuna. I also wonder how well I portrayed someone like Paine making her move. What did you all make of it?

    There's also a bit of meshing between Paine from the game and my take on how Nikki had developed at this point in the RP and the scene between the two, though originally haboo's, allowed me to offer it from Paine's perspective given her development in this post.

    Meanwhile, Val's post is mostly catching up and progressing more his character's abilities rather than really delving into a story arc for himself.

    Finally, we end off this round with the shortest post here. Joseph is simply getting us back on track and down into the Via Infinito. Unfortunately, I don't think we quite make it down just yet. xD

    To everyone, I hope you all have yourselves a wonderful New Year on this Tuesday! Happy year 2019 to one and to all!

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    We start off with Nikki this time. Wrapping up her Open Arc, she speaks on Sanika and her budding relationship with Kyra. Later on, as they return to the Via Infinito, we see more of her past and what transpired between her and a new character, Raine, who will be playing a larger part in the future.

    Meanwhile, while I'd put off my characters' development for the moment, haboo had wanted one data leak as it was, with her Asuka character sneaking a peek at Mishka's Slayer past. By naming her the Slayer, while most the others won't have actually taken notice of it, Mishka will be affected and this plays into the two posts I've got here. Additionally, I hinted at a future event related to Tromell Guado who I'd painted as the underlying conspirator. What might happen with this? On the same line, Mishka has now been made aware of Iezak's pyreflies within her.

    My second post also features a couple of things I decided on because I was a fan of their series. The obvious one is Bongo Bongo. I thought it would fit well to have a shadow monster act as an enemy in the Via Infinito. Additionally, the imagery of its glowing red eye worked out well for what I needed of it in the post. The other inclusion was from the first Yu-Gi-OH! series. During the last story arc, the group needed to travel down an old Egyptian tomb in order to recover the pharaoh's name. Part of that labyrinth featured a broken floor that gave way to a balance trap and the way the group survive it is how I portrayed Gideon's group doing it.

    So for Bongo Bongo, the purpose it served was to show that something about the Via Infinito,or perhaps the girl, or perhaps some amalgamation of the two is speaking to Mishka. For what purpose it will serve isn't made clear as yet, but one detail has: The unsent of the Via Infinito are not capable of joining the Farplane. They are being kept even when they haven't turned into crazed beings like Auron and Sakura.

    On the other side of things, Iezak is only just starting to get into deeper characterisation of his motives. We decided that especially Keema would not be fooled by any unsent. Early on, haboo had misspelled my character's name and I thought it was a perfect way to further develop the plot on this side of the RP. As mentioned in this post, to deter suspicions, Iezak infected everyone with his pyreflies. He hoped that with his illusory powers as an unsent he would be able to fool the guado from sensing him. However, all it did was affect their minds such that his name was altered and his appearance was made into a guado, which allowed him to blend in with the guado as his original goal had been to disarm them. While it clearly wouldn't fool their senses, being a guado that happened to be unsent was still more disarming than appearing before them as the human unsent he truly was.

    You may have also noticed that, during my first Mishka post, I have Kyra use a complex attack on an Elder Drake. Yoko had spoken to me about an Overdrive - or Limit Break if you will - for her character, but she preferred the way I wrote battle actions. As such, I detailed her attack and made sure to include the use of her Final Fantasy VIII type Gunblade. Hope you appreciated the move, as well!

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    Not going to say too much this time. I wasn't actually planning on making these Auther Notes for an RP, but I suppose it was the fanfiction writer in me that was expressing itself.

    I make another reference in my post to one of my favorite animes, but before we get to that Val created two semi-intelligent fiends with a winged one named in his post. I'm not sure if these are pre-existing enemies somewhere and what he is referencing. Is there some programme with a large stone character and a winged character named Levi?

    Now onto my post. I'm not sure if any of you will identify the anime that inspired my cloister. It was a fairly obscure episode of the series, but since it was also in the manga, I suppose it wouldn't be considered a filler episode. I also made sure to sparce it with actual cloister-related content such as the battle that preceded it. In the anime, the scenario played out just a bit differently. Mishka's role would have been shorter because Cyan's role would have punished Paine before it ever got to the floor as it did in my post. After that, Mishka should have acted vulnerable and hurt until someone went to console her. Then, she'd attack and the scenario ends after that. In my case, several characters just happened to be unaffected or affected in a way that allowed them to retain their faculties. =p

    Haboo's going to be upset with me for this, but there's a cut portion of my post at the end. ^_^;;; There was a user named Odin whose account had been hacked. During this time, the hacker made a very silly spam post in our RP under the character name of "Joost-in Bee-bah". In response to the post, I decided it fit perfectly with the events of my post and included his nonsense post into it much to haboo's chagrin. xD

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    This next series of cloisters are very different from any cloisters you would have played through in the game or even read from this RP. I'd spoken to the other RPs around this time to ensure of two things before I posted as Mishka again: First, create any cloisters they wanted, but ones that could be separated between cloister traps and obstacles placed in the cloister such as enemies. Second, do not arrive on Cloister 50.

    You'll see why next time. ^.~

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    chocolateer Fall of Spira Comments Thread 01habbo's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zerathos986 View Post

    Haboo's going to be upset with me for this, but there's a cut portion of my post at the end. ^_^;;; There was a user named Odin whose account had been hacked. During this time, the hacker made a very silly spam post in our RP under the character name of "Joost-in Bee-bah". In response to the post, I decided it fit perfectly with the events of my post and included his nonsense post into it much to haboo's chagrin. xD
    Not one person liked him posting I seem to remember everyone sending me messages telling me what happened as soon as I signed in and me deleting his post.

    I'm just going to pretend you didn't put that in ;_;

    It's great reading these though Nikki was so different to what she is now.

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    So was anyone surprised? I suppose you may have been more surprised by how long it took to post. xD With my RP post now done and put up, I should be getting back on track with these updates. Sorry about that. >.<

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