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Thread: Fall of Spira Comments Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yoko View Post
    This next string of posts are my absolute favourite part of this RP. Looking forward to the next batch.
    Mine as well. This was my favourite arc for Mishka and Cyan and it, if memory serves, first established what roles I'd eventually place for the two characters.

    EDIT following the post: We need to do something about the auto-merge function on the forum. As our RP posts get longer, I'm starting to have difficulties getting them up five at a time. This round, for example, because of the merging of all five posts, I was nearly twice over the character limit. As such, unfortunately I had to put off your post for next time, Yoko.

    As for the ones I could get up, my second Mishka post has one of the lines I had the most fun with coming up. A little flirting goes on, too, which I was happy with. Iezak also underwent a turning point in his story, too. I believe that this arc was also when Kyra and Nikki grow much closer, as well, and much of Nikki's traumatic past is revealed. All in all, I believe this part of the RP was where we had a much more clear grasp of our characters and the direction we wanted to take them.

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    That's okay Zera. I'll live. Our posts were crazy long back then. We were having a competition for longest post it seems.

    I would like to point out, there is an error with the colour for one of the lines in the post for Nikki. To be specific, it isn't Kyra who said "I love you." It was Nikki. I do believe habs corrected this error in her original post.

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    This character limit is a real pain. I couldn't even fit three posts this time as two of them were yours and haboo's and I was over about 2000 characters. >.>

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