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Thread: Fall of Spira Comments Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yoko View Post
    This next string of posts are my absolute favourite part of this RP. Looking forward to the next batch.
    Mine as well. This was my favourite arc for Mishka and Cyan and it, if memory serves, first established what roles I'd eventually place for the two characters.

    EDIT following the post: We need to do something about the auto-merge function on the forum. As our RP posts get longer, I'm starting to have difficulties getting them up five at a time. This round, for example, because of the merging of all five posts, I was nearly twice over the character limit. As such, unfortunately I had to put off your post for next time, Yoko.

    As for the ones I could get up, my second Mishka post has one of the lines I had the most fun with coming up. A little flirting goes on, too, which I was happy with. Iezak also underwent a turning point in his story, too. I believe that this arc was also when Kyra and Nikki grow much closer, as well, and much of Nikki's traumatic past is revealed. All in all, I believe this part of the RP was where we had a much more clear grasp of our characters and the direction we wanted to take them.

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    That's okay Zera. I'll live. Our posts were crazy long back then. We were having a competition for longest post it seems.

    I would like to point out, there is an error with the colour for one of the lines in the post for Nikki. To be specific, it isn't Kyra who said "I love you." It was Nikki. I do believe habs corrected this error in her original post.

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    This character limit is a real pain. I couldn't even fit three posts this time as two of them were yours and haboo's and I was over about 2000 characters. >.>

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    And the posts for this time conclude my Open Arc plot for Mishka and Cyan. I remember I had wanted to have this run parallel to Nikki and Kyra's side of the story, but you lot with your long posts, you'd taken so long that the RP was basically dead so I ended up posting back to back consecutively until my arc was done. xD

    Many events happened during this series and it was my favourite by far. Cyan now has her Celestial Weapon, though whether or not it's a blessing is questionable. Her weapon does foreshadow things to come as does the consequences of their actions here. If memory serves, this arc hints at how the remainder of the RP would play out for these two characters with all the incidents representative of what's to come.

    Finally, one of the reasons I'd wanted to play out my arc in lieu of Nikki's arc was that both sides included the other characters of the RP. While my arc started off with the inclusion of Gippal, I'd follow it with an Iezak post also featuring Gippal. At first it would seem that the posts just weren't occurring at once, but succeeding posts would reveal otherwise and it would become clear the ones appearing in Mishka and Cyan's posts weren't real. I do recall, though, that it was a bit confusing during this RP's original run, which meant that its purpose was indeed served!

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    Hah! This time I've got the long post! So this post of mine was following the arc I had for our Open Arc segment. I'd had to read through everyone's extraordinarily long posts so, seeing as how I'd fell behind due to having paced my arc out across several post, I thought I might try a very long post of my own to catch up.

    I loved writing the part with Xiang. I'd already established the backstory of Mishka by this point, but it was still more or less vague. So I used this post with its interaction between Mishka and Xiang to illustrate a big more the past Mishka's had. This will come out again in the future as it does feature heavily with her story in the RP.

    On a small note, I decided to try a little something with the gang that haboo came up with. I think I'd been playing Kingdom Hearts recently so I thought it would be a fun idea if I inserted a naming scheme for each of the NPC members of that gang much in the same vein as how Organisation XIII has members with an X in their names. In my case, I decided to give them Japanese or Japanese styled named each with a letter from the "k" row of Japanese consonants. So for example, the character Dinka has a "ka" in it. Just a bit of fun. x)

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    I am very sorry for being away so long. Time sort of got away from me. >.>

    We're getting into the deeper parts of the RP's story now and it was fairly exciting during the RP's original run.

    In this post of mine, I decided to play with my officially adopted character of Cyan. Even though I'd commandered her already, this was the first time I'd resumed use of River's original character icon and written part of the post in her perspective.

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    This part of the RP was one of my favourites. I had been building up to it since I first started Mishka and Cyan down their romantic path and I'd been foreshadowing this break up since I set them down those unique cloisters in Cyan's sidequest for her Celestial Weapon, which the Velkomme Schwert technically should be, though there is a caveat that will be explored in my next post and I'll explain it then. I'd actually had a more simple outcome for Cyan's boss cloister, but as it happened, haboo and the others posted differences to what I had originally envisioned and allowed the events to play out much more interestingly so much so that my second post here was never originally planned and thus my next post would have been quite a bit different, as well. Aren't RPs wonderful for that purpose?

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    I fully took over for River, the RPer for Cyan, with this post. It was an experiment and I forget whether or not I'd done this in lieu of my fanfiction, Spira: The Eternal Discord, or if I'd tried it as a result of it. In my fanfiction, I'd had each chapter in the perspective of a single character, but I'd changed that character to have multiple views on any given arc of the story. In this post, I wanted to show both sides of the argument between Mishka and Cyan and even present as a tellback where Mishka was reviewing the events to herself while Cyan recounted it to an NPC River had introduced in his earliest posts.

    I'd end up doing it again very soon, though I had not originally intended it that way. Haboo and I had discussed her character of Fyra and that she'd wanted her to meet with Mishka but then be killed off. Naturally, Iezak came to mind and so that post fleshed out. I'd known I'd want Mishka inebriated following her fallout with Cyan so I reasoned that her weakened mental state would allow Iezak to regain influence over her. This also allowed me to move that side of the RP into its final arc. From this point on, Iezak has dropped all guises and is the active major antagonist, which will proceed into several events including at least one that carries on into my original Exigo RP which takes place long after Final Fantasies X and VII, the two games that are officially related.

    My second post here was also fun to write. When I'd created the character of Mishka, she was only a name I'd included as a sort of unsent creature called a Fathom, which were enemies of my original Exigo RP. As this RP came underway I'd initially made her an NPC, but I'd given her the backstory of being a sphere hunter with a team of ronso. In later posts, I mentioned in passing how she'd met these ronso and befriended them. So this post allowed me to elabourate on that and the state of mind she'd had following what'd befallen her under Tromell Guado.

    In other news, the relationship between Nikki and Kyra is reaching its final stage I think and it is a very sweet segment of it, which carries on into the current RP. *if that ever gets going again xD*

    EDIT: Also oddly enough, I got two posts out of this one. oO I'll bet it had to do with how many character header images I had for this one. xD I suppose a single post can only hold a set amount of images and auto-merge will be disabled once that limit has been reached.

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    I was looking over my past comments and realised I forgot to explain that bit about the weapons, didn't I? So as I'd stated some time ago, the fallout between Mishka and Cyan stemmed from the trial where Cyan claimed her Velkomme Schwert. While there's still a bit on that to be uncovered, the point of the breakup as seen from last time's post was that Mishka's own weapon was also her supposed Celestial Weapon, the Corrupter. The weapon was originally referred to as the Blurry Moon, which is the class of katana that the Corrupter upgraded from. While the game never places any sort of importance on the name, I thought it would be fun to use it as a sign that Mishka was being manipulated by the Via Infinito and literally being corrupted through the weapon they'd bestowed on her. However, as a fan of anime, there's a factor of ownership and that Mishka hadn't claimed the weapon meant it hadn't truly taken ahold of her so now that she has claimed it, it was Cyan's belief that she'd become corrupt and therefore corrupts by proxy. There is a problem with the Velkomme Schwert and it wasn't meant for Cyan originally. More on that later.

    So here we have the triumphant return to the Via Infinito. Or at least a return to the Via Infinito. This is potentially the weakest they've been as a group. None of them honestly want to return, though for the sake of the mission or their own personal ones, the group finds themselves back down the chasm. Don't let the posture fool you; Mishka has left herself more vulnerable than ever. There is a glimmer of hope, honest hope, to her character as Tomoya mentioned. However, she's gone about it the wrong way and it will cost the group at some point in the future. This is mirrored by other characters, but I'll leave it up to you lot to consider to whom I may be referring.

    Also, for those that thought I'd leave my Tromell story arc be after that heated argument between Mishka and Cyan, you thought wrong. Yes, I'd left the notion of bringing Tromell to justice at the hands of a confused and bitter Cyan unfinished thanks to Mishka's interference. However, as much of how my posts play out, I wanted to show that even if he was unaware of the bullet he dodged, Tromell's crimes wouldn't remain unresolved. However, by doing it this way, I've hidden the fact that there was ever a conspiracy - which is what also happened in the game with respect to the underlying truth about Seymour's motivations - and given Tromell another aspect to his character, which probably would not have resulted from being murdered by Cyan. If he'd been killed by Cyan, she'd undoubtedly explain her actions and he'd realise his past had caught up with him or blame Mishka, accusing her of sending an enforcer to enact vengeance on her behalf. However, by having him die arbitrarily at the hands of someone he's unaffiliated with, he'd feel cheated. After all he'd done, the goals he's accomplished for the guado people, how could he die as a simple hostage? This conclusion will have other consequences later on, too. Now isn't that something? ^.~

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    So how about today's update eh? Looks like the stakes have been raised. In favour of not spoiling anyone until they've read through it, I am opting for a shorter comments post this time. ^.~ Enjoy the read!

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