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    Chamber of Dimensions

    This is a reboot of my first story. A crossover story where many worlds interact. And it all starts, in the eyes of a young man named....Leon.

    Chamber of Dimensions
    Leon Landers (Original idea born in the early 2000s; story brought to life in 2006; reboot began in 2011)

    This story is a crossover fan fic, so you'll see characters from other worlds. I do not own any of these characters, and they all belong to their respective owners. Leon -- the main character -- as well as some others were originally made by me.


    The words of a young man are heard in the dark abyss that is set before us.

    My Leon. Leon Landers. Ever since I was a boy, I possessed powers that went beyond the human norm. I can bench press a cow....with one hand. I once stopped an armed criminal -- with only using my legs. I even stopped an entire criminal army by using nothing but a metal pipe I found during my confrontation with them.

    Now, I'm a hero. The people love me, and now I'm a star at a local wrestling gig. Fame can turn people into their inner evils, but I haven't let fame get to my head. Still, even though I brag about my own strength sometimes, even I wouldn't have ever guessed that I was -- of all things -- a Spirit Master, an ancient race that supposedly died out years ago. What's weird is....well, I'll let you find that out on your own.

    My story begins as a message to my lost love, who I never found ever since I was a child. The event I was going to was dedicated to her. I thought it was perfect, but then it happened...


    Author's Note: When I was younger, I was a little obsessed with wrestling. Nowadays I don't watch WWE anymore, but I always wondered what would happen if I ever became a wrestler. It's now time for this fantasy to begin, and while it starts off in reality, the story will span across several worlds. If you can make it through this chapter, perhaps you can make it through it all. Happy reading, and expect more notes.



    Chapter One: The Night.

    [Planet Earth] Springfield, Oregon -- Streets

    So the story begins as Leon rides the backseat of a cheap limousine. To arrive at the gig, he had to go through the city slums. He disliked going there, but for different reasons than most people. He had always hated to see people in their misery, having hit rock bottom. "Someday" he always said to himself. Things start off when the driver lowers the glass between them, and starts a conversation

    Driver: Not far now. ::chuckling:: Mr. Main Event.

    Leon: Cut it out. This is only the third time the people will see me in action.

    Driver: Yeah, but don't you see? People like it when you don't prance around the ring. You just do your thing and leave. People love mystery!

    Leon: I know, but I'm not so excited about it. I spend most of the time trying not to kill my opponent with my grapples.

    "But more importantly, I'm only doing this for her." Leon always repeated this on his mind. This gig happened to be in the same state as his long lost love lived. He remembered leaving her neighborhood as a boy, to go on adventures. He promised her he would return. It's been eight years since that day, and he had no memory of what she looked like. He couldn't even remember her name.

    Leon: Chas? Rid...Riddles? I know it starts with an R.

    The car drives off into the distance, as we take a look at our next scene....


    [Jump City] Titans Tower

    Author's Note: And so, readers, you are taken to the next world. The first -- and most obvious -- difference is the animation. If you recognize the location, you're in for a treat. I never liked the fact that the Teen Titans was canceled after a good run, as I myself am a fan since the first episode. Since long before their cancellation, I had already added them to this story.

    Their story starts off, as Beast Boy inconspicuously enters Robin's room.

    Beast Boy: Hey, Robin! Are we still on for the game? ::looks around:: He's not here. ::spots a game controller:: A-ha!

    Just like the times they have lost the remote, Beast Boy had taken it to the next level and started losing his game controller. But, as if someone was expecting him, he also found a note attached to it. He reads from it and, in Kingdom Hearts fashion perhaps, he runs off to tell the others.


    [Planet Earth] Springfield, Oregon -- Match Location

    The limousine arrives at a building roughly the size of a supermarket. This was the location for his gig tonight.

    Driver: Here we are. It's nice that the boss booked you up for this event. It's a sleepy town, but I'm sure your "Lionsaults" will keep them wide awake.

    Leon: It wasn't easy. But a great friend of mine grew up here, and I'm hoping she's here. Haven't seen her for a while.

    Driver: Wanna talk about it?

    Leon: ::getting off:: I'll pass. I have to meet the boss before my match starts.


    [Planet Earth] Springfield, Oregon -- Building Office

    Roughly just minutes later, Leon steps into the office of his boss. His agent, so to speak, as he was in charge of Leon's public appearances. Actual fights, cereal boxes, action figures, you name it, he's got it all planned out.

    Leon: Yo, Jay. What's the deal?

    Boss (Jay): :: On the phone:: Look, lady, it's no use threatening me. Tell you what, 60-40 is my final offer, take it or leave it. Okay, pleasure doing business with you. ;:hangs up::

    Leon: What was that all about?

    Jay: Oh, just a lady asking for you to pose for Playgirl magazine, nothing big.

    Leon: ::surprised:: Nude or non-nude?

    Jay: What do you think?

    Leon: ::sighs:: Just do the usual. Call her back, tell her no way, and you deduct any losses from my paycheck.

    Jay: You got it. ::clears throat:: Anyway, I wanted to talk to you about something.

    Leon: Shoot. No way this night is getting worse. My spirits are up and there's nothing you can say to bring me down.

    Jay: ....I want you to lose the match.

    Leon: What?!!!

    Jay: Listen, bro. Times are tough, so I pulled a crazy stunt of betting against you. You're the strongest guy I know who weighs right above 200lbs. But your opponent's a Super Heavyweight! He's got to be 300lbs, at least! He'll break you so much he'll force you into early retirement!

    Leon: That's why?

    Jay: Look, you're my best guy out there. But do what I say, I'll win big, you won't leave with anything broken, and everyone's happy.

    Leon: Except my fans! I can't let them down!

    Jay: Just lose, alright?

    Leon thought long and hard. He had invested so much time just for this one chance to meet his long lost love. He couldn't disclose this to his own agent, no matter how close they were.

    Leon: OR I go out there....and win! ::storms off::

    Jay: It'll take a miracle to pull that off, and even then you'll cost me money! You can't do this to me, Landers!

    Leon: ::smirks:: What are you going to do? Fire me? ::walks off::


    [Jump City] Titans Tower

    Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy had read the letter that was in Robin's room.

    Guys....sorry to leave you like this. But the people from this town asked me to help. They told me they came from other worlds, and some of their worlds were already gone. I took Cyborg with me, so I won't be alone.

    But I want you guys to do this while I'm gone. Find a guy with the title "Spirit Master", and stick with him no matter what comes your way. Before you look for him, find a girl named Beatrix. She'll tell you all about him.

    Time's running out. If worlds are disappearing, ours will be next if we don't do something soon. Cyborg and I are looking for the cause. You guys will be doing the same soon.

    Starfire: I have noticed people coming to the city, but I did not realize their problems could be so bad.

    Raven: This is too big even for Slade. I have a bad feeling their problems won't end here.

    Beast Boy: Then let's find this Beatrix girl and that Spirit Master dude.

    Raven: We don't even know what they look like. The best we can do is meditate on it.

    Beast Boy: YOU do that. Me and Star will look for them from the sky!

    Starfire: Good plan, Beast Boy! We must proceed at once!


    [Planet Earth] Springfield, Oregon -- Arena

    The arena was filled with a few hundred people, sitting in the stands that surrounded the quadrilateral ring. A burly man stood inside the ring, holding a microphone. People holding signs said awful things about some "Goliath", so it can be safely assumed, as it was a one-match night, that the man inside was Goliath.

    Goliath: I must be in Springfield, because this whole town sucks!

    Just that remark was enough to fire up the audience and boo at Goliath. Unfazed, the giant continues.

    Goliath: I'd rather be drinking at a bar in Vegas, hooking up with women, or just picking on someone who thinks he's a big shot. But no. Now they tell me I'm going to fight a guy named Leon Landers. He wants to play lovey-dovey with some girl he hasn't seen for years, or so I heard! You wanna use your fame to flirt, fine. But the road that comes with that choice is tough, pal! Leon Landers, I'm calling you out! Let's settle this now so I can watch my VH1 favorites! I only have 10 minutes, so that's nine to spare! Hahahaha!

    The audience waits in awe, as they gaze at the entrance ramp. And just then, BOOM! Fireworks let out a quick burst, as Motorhead's "Heroes" begins to play as the entrance theme.

    Ring Announcer: Making his way to the ring, from Austin, Texas, weighing at 225lbs, Leon Landers!!

    Leon makes his way to the ring with determination on his eyes. He wastes no time stepping inside the ring, facing his taller opponent valiantly.

    Goliath: Listen, Leon. I respect you, alright. And I don't give a flying rat's tail if you respect me or not. But yer using your fame so you can hit on some girl. You know what I think? You're pathetic!

    Leon just stood there, absorbing all of the insults as the crowd boos at Goliath again.

    Goliath: Just look at you! Even with that toned body, you can't even find a girl! No, you just want to play it safe and find this supposed "friend" of yours, if she even exists. And now-

    Leon had enough. Being called pathetic is one thing, but mentioning the girl he was thinking about was going too far.

    Leon: ::holding a microphone of his own:: Are you right about done?

    The audience cheers, finally seeing a response from Leon. Surprised, Goliath shuts his mouth as Leon speaks up.

    Leon: These people didn't come here and spent their money just so you can spread gossip! Yeah, I AM hoping that I meet my friend back in her hometown! I pity her having to go through having to hear YOU blabber. All of these people do! They came here to see us beat each other senseless, so why don't we give them what they want?!

    Goliath: If you say so.

    These last words catch Leon by surprise, as Goliath hits him on the head with the microphone he was holding. Once Leon was on the ground, the giant waste no time stomping on his opponent's back with his boot.

    Play-by-play Commentator: ::as the bell rings:: And the match begins as Goliath unleashes a good beating on Leon.

    Color Commentator: I don't wanna exaggerate here, but Goliath here will snap Leon like a twig.

    Play-by-play Commentator: I don't know about that. Leon's gotten out of a lot of tough situations. Facing a giant that's at least 50% bigger than he is is just another wall to climb.


    [???] ???

    In a dark lair, many silhouettes could be seen. As you can probably tell, they could be the villains.

    Strange-haired Man: He's the only threat to our plans. ::to someone next to him:: Don't fail me, now. His world must disappear completely if our plans are to succeed.

    Armored Warlock: Do not worry about that. Anything that has been swallowed by the Void has never been able to escape. ::disappears::


    [Planet Earth] Springfield, Oregon -- Arena

    The match was under way and Leon was finally able to get up. It's been only five minutes, but Goliath was already breaking a sweat. As for Leon, despite the size disadvantage, was barely amused. He grabs Goliath from behind, as if giving him a hug.

    Color Commentator: Don't tell me he's doing what I think he's doing!!!!

    Play-by-play Commentator: His tribute to the late Chris Benoit! I don't believe it!

    Despite the size difference, Leon was able to lift Goliath from the ground and BAM! He slams the giant's back on the ground. This was a German suplex, and Leon was going for not one, not two, but THREE consecutive suplexes!



    Goliath lays unconscious on the floor, an it was time for Leon to finish the match! He makes a leap for the ropes, bounces off of them, and-

    Play-by-play Commentator: The Lionsault! His signature move that's a tribute for Chris Jericho!

    Color Commentator: Here's the cover! One! Two! Three!

    Leon had gone for the pin. In just a few moves, he had beaten Goliath without an effort. But-

    Color Commentator: Hold on, what's this?! ::as the ground rumbles:: Earthquake!

    Play-by-play Commentator: Okay folks, just leave the nearest exit as quickly as you can! This is no ordinary earthquake!

    The audiences runs for their lives and heads for the exits in the building. Leon, dumbfounded, helps Goliath up before the latter runs for his life.

    Leon: Dangit! How am I supposed to find her with THIS going on?!


    [Planet Earth] Springfield, Oregon -- Parking Lot

    Leon headed for the nearest exit, which led to the parking lot. The earthquake had stopped, thankfully, but something in the sky grabbed his attention. It was a dark sphere, which was sucking everything and everyone up like a vacuum cleaner does to dust.

    :: Play "The Evil Lord Exdeath" from Final Fantasy V OST::

    Author's Note: back in my forum, I'd display the songs with a link attached to them, making it easier to play. But just to be on the safe side, I'm not going to do that here. Wouldn't want to spam my own story with lots of videos. They can definitely be found in Youtube, though, if you're interested.

    Leon: What is THAT?

    ???: ::from behind:: That's the power of the Void.

    Leon turns around, surprised to see what he found. It was her. The girl he had been looking for. Just looking at her brought memories of his childhood, so he was able to remember her appearance now. Her hair was blond with brown tips. She was wearing a brown sweater, a white t-shirt, regular jeans, and leg warmers that matched her boots. He was surprised she knew what was going on, but he was still pleased to see her.

    Leon: It's you. It''s been years!

    ???: Hm? Don't you remember the name?

    He was surprised, a sneak attack. Out of all of their memories he could remember, he couldn't remember her name. He was dumbfounded, like a deer on headlights.

    ???: It's okay. It's not really her. But for future reference, her name is Riddel.

    Leon: ! Who are you, then?

    ???: Her body was chosen as my vessel. I do not want to harm her, but future bouts of despair await the both of you.

    Leon: What are you talking about?

    ???: Do you remember being born?

    Leon: I-I don't think anyone does.

    ???: Your journey, then, will trace back to your very birth.

    Leon: Journey? Just wait a minute!

    ???: If you seek more answers, you must walk up to the Void.

    Leon: ::as the girl goes ahead:: Are YOU crazy?! That thing's eating people, whatever "it" is! We have to evacuate the city, the state even!

    ???: It will not absorb you, for the time being, anyway. Come. Don't be afraid. Her strength is waning, and this vessel is not powerful enough to contain my presence for long.

    The girl fades away from Leon's presence. His only clue now was this "Void", whatever the thing in the sky is.

    Leon: It was her. But that thing is swallowing people. She wouldn't deceive me, would she?

    Just then, Leon's limo was seen getting sucked up by the dark sphere in the sky. Last time he checked, it was closer to the arena -- and farther away from the Void -- than his current location.

    Leon: It's starting to suck up the arena. I don't know how she's protecting me from it, but I guess some questions can't be answered. Like my strength!

    He runs up ahead, as he witnesses the sphere's power. Even the soil below the concrete was getting sucked up, and it was only a matter of minutes before it moved on to the crust. Leon, perhaps to the girl's power, was not getting sucked up.

    Leon: Riddel. So that's her name. I waited too long to see her. Whatever she's doing, I have to make sure she's safe!

    Just then, several shadow-like creatures emerged from the ground. They surrounded Leon, with no way for him to escape.

    ???: ::as his voice echoes throughout the area:: Heartless! Subdue him before he gets any closer! I will deal with the wretched girl myself!

    Riddel: ::appearing behind Leon:: You must fight back.

    Leon: Riddel!

    Riddel: I told you that she's my vessel, so even though her presence is in the body, my will is the one that dominates it. :: Points to the creatures:: Some Heartless have only been sealed in the Rift.

    Leon: In the...Rift?

    Riddel: Yes. And now the forces of darkness have freed them. Just be sure to remember your attacker's name: Exdeath.

    Leon: Exdeath? But-

    Riddel: Yes, he comes from a world different than yours. You'll meet many people from different worlds, once your journey begins.

    The Heartless tried to be sneaky, but even they were no match for Leon's strength. Once he destroys them all, he faces Riddel with a surprised look on his eyes.

    Leon: Please tell me, what do you mean by journey?!

    Riddel: Do you not see? ::as she walks up ahead:: They have come here for a reason, and one reason alone.

    Leon: ::walks right next to her:: Which is?!

    Riddel: In order for their plan to go unhitched, the forces of evil have invaded your world to destroy you.

    Leon: Me?! Why?!

    Riddel: are a Spirit Master. You were born in a different world. Earth is not your home.

    Leon: W-what?

    Riddel: Not many people know. Nevertheless, the villains in this invasion have decided to make their move now while their time grows short. The Chamber of Dimensions will open soon, and when it does only you can be the one to close it.

    Leon: Riddel...what are you saying?

    Riddel: Now you're using her name too often. ::nods:: But she has longed to see you all these years as well. I can see it in her heart.

    The girl steps forward, giving Leon a tight hug as she sheds a tear.

    Leon: Riddel, what do you mean?

    Riddel: Her soul is in pain. She knows what happens next. I'm afraid even I can't foretell if you'll meet with her again. Even so, she knows this must be done.

    :: Play "This is Your Story" from Final Fantasy X OST::

    Leon: No. I have waited to see her after all this time, and now you're telling me I won't see her again?! Who are you?!

    Riddel: I am the one who protects the main gateway to dimensions. But I can no longer protect them by myself. ::looks down, before facing Leon again:: I am the Guardian of Dimensions.

    The street Leon was standing on began to be sucked up by the Void. It was taking him along with it, but he held on to Riddel's arms. Still, her strength was fading, and Leon was no longer immune to the vacuum of the Void. Riddel only had enough power to prevent herself from getting sucked up, and it was only a matter of time before Leon met the fate so many others have already. Destruction without death....

    Riddel: Your cooperation is needed. The Spirit Masters were once savages, but you have the power to save us all.

    Leon: Am I going to die from this?!

    Riddel: Your will is strong. Your world will die, but you won't die along with it.

    The Guardian's presence finally fades away. Riddel's body remained, and with a serene look in her face....

    Riddel: Leon....I'm counting on you!

    Leon: Wha-? Riddel! It really is you!

    Riddel had no chance to reply, as her body soon faded away with the Guardian's presence. With no body to hang on to, all Leon could do is scream in horror as he was finally engulfed by the Void.

    ::end song::


    [Jump City] Sky

    Beast Boy and Starfire were patrolling the sky. They look up, and...

    Starfire: Beast Boy, look! :: Points to the stars::

    Beast Boy lands on a nearby rooftop as he morphs back to his normal form. In the sky, a star shined brightly before it disappeared.

    Starfire: We have no time to lose! We must find Beatrix at once!

    Beast Boy: You got it, Star! ::morphs into a falcon and resumes flight::

    Leon's journey begins....or so it's been said. Has he died from Exdeath's invasion? What is the Titans' role in this? Join me next time, on Chamber of Dimensions: A New World. See ya then!
    Please read the poetry from two great friends of mine. May they find peace.

    "The truth is like a lion; you don't have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself."
    ~St. Augustine

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    Re: Chamber of Dimensions

    Hold on to your hats, folks, because the adventure is just beginning.

    Chapter Two: The Beginning of a Journey and the End of a Gig?
    The chapter starts off as Leon wakes up in a realm that he wasn't familiar with. The sky was blue, but the amount of footholds were very limited. The only clue for you readers is the background music.

    [???] ???

    :: Play "Prelude to the Void" from Final Fantasy V OST::

    Leon had no choice but to limp forward. But then what? The sky seemed endless. He looked to his side and realized he was walking in a high place. He looks at the edge of his current foothold and realized there was no end down below, wherever "down below" actually led. It was blue, just like the sky. It was like a bottomless pit, or at least what it would be like if someone were to fall down towards the sky, if the laws of physics suddenly stopped making sense.

    Leon: Where am I? Last thing I remembered was being swallowed up by that dark ball in the sky.

    He then realizes something, as it hits him right on the head just like how a door is slammed on somebody's face. His friends, his fans.....he even wondered what became of Goliath, the wrestler he fought with not too long ago. At the top of his lungs, he couldn't help but....

    Leon: Can someone please tell me what's going on?!!!! Aaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Like screaming ever solves any- Hold on a minute, it has! Leon screamed at the top of his lungs, and just then a rift opens right in front of him. That hole in front of him had an image of a city. Without hesitating, he jumps...


    [Jump City] Streets

    Starfire and Beast Boy, meanwhile, were walking on the sidewalk as they continue in their search.

    Beast Boy: I just want to find that "Spirit Master". Hm...

    Starfire: You know what Robin said. We must find Beatrix!

    Beast Boy: We don't even know how she looks like. ::thinks for a moment:: Maybe Raven was right.

    Starfire: We must go back home and think. Perhaps Raven has already found a solution.

    The Titans head back to their place, as they pass an alley. Moments later, a hobo runs off from an alley with a wallet on his hand. With the camera facing the alley, it closes in as it goes deeper inside. The audience could see Leon, unconscious. He wakes up, and the first thing he realizes is that his wallet was missing.

    Leon: Ugh. I guess that "Help yourself" note attached to it didn't help. :: Picks up a card:: At least the thief was decent enough to leave my identification card behind. Hm?

    He suddenly spots a piece of broken glass on the ground. He could see the reflection, and was surprised to look at it. He inspects himself, and sees that he's wearing different clothes. He was now wearing blue jeans and a white t-shirt, with a blue jacket to go along with it.

    Leon: I could do without the jacket. ? What's this? I can't take it off!

    He tried to take it off, but couldn't. It was like it was glued to his skin. Having not much of a choice, he moved on out of the alley.

    It was night, but the street lights were on. People moved on as they walked, minding their business. But what grabbed his attention the most were some armed police officers that he came across every now and then. Their bodies were completely covered with some sort of red armor, including their faces. Leon could also not help but notice a neon sign that read "All hail Brother Blood and Baron Praxis."

    Leon: Praxis? But wasn't he-?

    He tried to remember who Baron Praxis was, but no luck. He knew he heard that name before, definitely from a video game. It was a childish thought naming yourself after a video game character, or so Leon thought. His mind began to wander until it hits him.

    Leon: My home! My gig! Where am I? And.....why do I look animated?

    ???: That's because the Heartless got to your world.

    Leon: Huh?

    He looks several feet from him, and realizes a girl not too far ahead. She got close to him, and spoke.

    ???: I'm Rikku, at your service!

    Introducing -- Rikku
    Original world: Spira

    Leon: You look a little familiar, but never mind that. How do you know what happened?

    Rikku: Because a lot of people end up here. They all say they lost their worlds.

    Leon: And what is this place?

    Rikku: ....Jump City. You look a little lost.

    Leon: ::turns around:: Gee, what gave you that idea?

    And just then a couple of red guards approached them. The stare at Rikku, as if they know her.

    Rikku: ::as she goes into fighting stance:: Krimzon Guards!

    Leon: Huh?

    Krimzon Guard A: An Al Bhed girl.

    Krimzon Guard B: Probably one of those filthy rebels.

    Krimzon Guard A: You two, you're coming with us!

    Rikku: You can't even say please! What makes you think I'll go with you?

    Leon: Who are you guys, anyway?

    Rikku: Can't you tell? This city is overrun by them. If you help-

    Leon: Save it. ::steps up:: I'll deal with them myself.

    Krimzon Guard B: You there! Surrender and die!

    Leon: Uh, don't you mean "OR die?"

    Rikku: J-just take them out! If you protect the two of us I'll send you to someone that can help you!

    Leon: Good enough for me!

    The Krimzon Guards fire from their weapons, wasting no time in trying to subdue their adversary. Their weapons shot electricity, something Leon was able to avoid, if only barely.

    Leon: Try dodging this!

    Leon knocks the guards away silly, as one gets kicked on the head as the other gets a hard blow on the gut. This was enough to send them running away.

    Rikku: You didn't look that lost to me. You know how to fight.

    Leon: Yeah. I wrestled back in my world, but that didn't stop me from practicing martial arts. ::shakes his head:: So anyway, about that rebel thing...

    Rikku: Yeah, some guy named Brother Blood took over the city. Some of the heroes have a hard time, though, since the people love him.

    Rikku goes on to explain the situation. It took a few minutes, but Leon learned a lot. He was in Jump City, home to many heroes as well as a refuge for those who have lost their worlds. Brother Blood, an enemy of the Teen Titans, has taken over the city. To make matters worse, he had a right-hand man, Baron Praxis. The latter was in charge of the Krimzon Guards, who were patrolling the city. Just then, one approaches them in a vehicle that hovered above the ground.

    Krimzon Guard C: You two! Gathering this late at night is against the law. Move along now!

    Leon: ::as the Guard leaves:: Looks like they aren't too bright.

    Rikku: Yep. They usually just mind their own business and even if you caused trouble before they won't arrest you right away unless they recognize you.

    Leon: I see.

    Rikku: But anyway, take this. ::hands over a piece of paper:: I'm part of a group of rebels that fights Brother Blood daily. This is the address of someone who can help you. It has directions in case you get lost again.

    Leon: Thanks for your help, Rikku.

    Rikku: I got places I gotta be, but we'll meet up later, okay?

    The girl runs off, as Leon just stood there. He opens the piece of paper, which pointed to the rebels' hideout. He was surprised to read that the location was in front of him across the street.

    Leon: A joker. But maybe she needed to do that. ::as he walks to the building:: Maybe now I can get some answers.


    [Jump City] Store

    Leon steps inside the small building, which looked like a shop. Like one of those convenience stores you see everywhere. A girl with long hair, apparently the shopkeeper, greets Leon.

    ???: What do we have here? I haven't had a customer in a while!

    Leon: Um.....

    ???: What's wrong?

    Leon: It's not often a shopkeeper greets me like this. ::looks down:: I'm....lost.

    ???: Oh, I see....Did you lose your world, too?

    Leon: !!! How-

    ???: Oh, don't play dumb. I saw you with Rikku with surveillance cameras.

    Leon: Ah...

    ???: Don't worry. You're not the only one. Since you're a newbie to these parts, I'll take care of ya.

    Leon: I'm not a child. Try not to talk to me like one...

    ???: But you're my child now! The name's Chloe, by the way.

    Introducing -- Chloe
    Original world: ???

    Author's Note: Haha, I'm actually basing this character on a certain forum member. Try to guess her identity. ^^

    Leon: Nice to meet you, Chloe. But you're too young to be having children. You look younger than me, in fact.

    Chloe: So? You're more like a stray little kitty. There's always adoption, you know.

    Leon: ::narrow eyes:: You're going to adopt me whether I like it or not, aren't you?

    Chloe: Yup!

    Leon: ::sighs:: Anyway, Rikku said someone here can help me.

    Chloe: And you're looking at her!

    Leon: Cool. How can you help me?

    Chloe: I saw you fight those Krimzon Guards, so you can definitely join our cause.

    Leon: Well, I don't think I'll be able to go back to my world. But how do I know you guys mean well?

    This takes the shopkeeper by surprise. She didn't have straight answer for that, and actually thought for a moment.

    Chloe: Our methods are definitely not the best. But maybe you can talk to our leader. She's pretty convincing. She goes by the codename of the first letter of the alphabet.

    Leon: The letter A?

    Chloe: Yup. There's also a B, I'm a C, and some guy in red is D. We're the Big Four, and I'm her second-in-command.

    Leon: Ah. And she can help me?

    Chloe: Maybe. She can be a little quiet and can even say things you probably won't like. There's a reason she's our leader.

    Leon: Maybe she knows what's going on.

    Chloe: Try asking her. She knows a lot about this stuff. You can find her at the Titans Tower.

    Leon: Titans Tower?

    Chloe: A giant T on a small island. There's a bridge connecting it. It didn't used to be there, but since Praxis and his goons are controlling the city he keeps the real heroes under constant watch.

    Leon: Thanks, Chloe. Will I see you again?

    Chloe: Whenever you want, my little child! This place is my home, and all the strays are always welcome here.

    Leon: ::sweat drop:: I see. Thanks.

    He leaves the store, as they both wave goodbye for now. Chloe was a little eccentric, but knowing he had a place to crash made him feel better after all he went through. Even though he was a celebrity, that didn't matter anymore as his world was destroyed by a dark sphere in the sky. His status was nothing bigger than that of an average civilian; a commoner.


    [Jump City] Titans Tower -- Big Bridge

    After searching for a long, long time, Leon was finally able to find the giant tower. He tries to cross the bridge, but halfway there a woman wearing a trench coat meets him. She also wore a hat, which concealed most of her face.

    ???: It doesn't matter what you do. They'll be looking for you.

    Leon: Who-

    ???: And they'll continue to find you. As long as you're one of them.

    Leon: One of them?

    ???: Yes. Those clothes you have. With them on you, you'll be easy to spot. You've become an easy target for the enemy.

    Leon: Who are you? What do you want with me?

    ???: It doesn't matter. You'll be dead soon, anyway.

    Leon: Try me! But why do you want to kill me?!

    ???: You are a dangerous weapon. If the enemy gets a hold of you, my rebel forces won't stand a chance.

    Leon: Rebels? Then you must be-

    ???: Enough. I won't even confirm or deny my identity. Baron Praxis has eyes everywhere.

    Leon: And why should I give you that luxury? You're gonna try to kill me anyway.

    The woman barely had time to respond as a man wearing a red spandex suit all over his body suddenly appears next to her. It's as if he used a teleporting device.

    ???: Deadpool.

    Introducing -- Deadpool
    Original world: Marvel Universe (Earth 616)

    Deadpool: Hey there, leader! Agent A! The mother of all rebels!

    ???: Are you through exposing my identity? What are you doing here?

    Introducing -- Agent A
    Original world: ???

    Author's Note: And this is another character based on a forum member, though this one will be easier to guess....

    Deadpool: Well, the script says I have to look mysterious next to you, but that ain't my thing. Good thing I didn't reveal your real name!

    She didn't have a choice, or so she thought, and shoots Deadpool with her concealed weapon, which was a gun that she pulled out with swiftness. Leon was shocked that the leader of the rebels would do such a thing, until he saw the red man get up with hardly a wound.

    Deadpool: Shoot me all you want, I'll just heal anyway!

    Agent A: ::after shooting Deadpool again:: I'll take what I can get. You've irritated me one too many times, Wilson.

    Deadpool: ::getting up:: 513 times, to be exact!

    Agent A: ::to Leon:: Forget him. ::as she aims her gun at Leon:: I don't know if you have that ability, but you'll be dead soon.

    And BANG! The leader of the rebels shoots at Leon, with him having no chance to dodge. However, she lowers her weapon, unsurprised, once she sees Leon standing. He only had a hole on his arm, but it didn't seem to be hurting him much.

    Agent A: As I thought. You don't heal, but your body has a durable exterior. Just like the legends say.

    Leon: Please, answer me! Why are you doing this?!

    Two more characters then show up. A woman in white appears from behind, while an armored man shows up from a portal in front of Leon.

    Agent A: Beatrix. Gilgamesh. The Spirit Master is tougher than I thought. Get rid of him.

    Leon: What?! You know that name, too?!

    Introducing -- General Beatrix
    Original world: Gaia (Final Fantasy IX)

    Introducing -- Gilgamesh
    Original world: Second World (Final Fantasy V)

    :: Play "Clash on the Big Bridge" from Final Fantasy V (Dissidia version) ::

    Beatrix: He holds many answers.

    Agent A: Are you questioning my judgment?

    Beatrix: ::shakes her head:: Not at all. ::readies her sword::

    Gilgamesh: Okay, little Spirit Master! You'll be playing with us, now!

    Leon: ::smirks:: That doesn't sound half bad!

    Deadpool: Can I play, too?

    Agent A: ::after shooting Deadpool again:: You're the strange one. You're always helping the Krimzon Guards whenever we fight.

    Deadpool: Hey, you're the guys who outnumber them.

    Agent A: We almost lost a good number of people because of your antics! ::soft facepalm:: And yet I keep you around.

    The battle begins, as Gilgamesh fires his own arms as rockets.

    Leon: Uh, oh! H-hold on!

    With no way to dodge, Leon simply ducks. Fortunately for him, the rockets not only missed him but also score a hit on Beatrix, the woman in white.

    Gilgamesh: Beatrix, stay out of the way!

    Leon: ::thinking:: That guy's a freak! Wait, he reminds me of....

    Leon makes a bold move, one that didn't faze him even as Gilgamesh pulled out a long weapon: the Naginata.

    Gilgamesh: Time to turn you into lamb chops, little man!

    Leon: Little man? Now hold on a minute there!

    The large man swung the Naginata at Leon, but not only did he manage to miss, he also got the bladed tip stuck on the ground. Leon took his chance!

    Leon: You'll see that I'm not a lamb! Now I want you to taste the force of my mighty Lion Throw! ::makes a grab for Gilgamesh's head::

    Gilgamesh: Whaaaat?!

    Having grabbed his foe's head, Leon wastes no time to spin him around many times. Grabbing the head symbolized how most predators kill their prey: one quick bite to the neck. Leon finally lets go, tossing Gilgamesh all the way to Titans Tower.

    Meanwhile, Deadpool had mysteriously spawned a table fit for commentators -- as seen in pro wrestling -- as he takes his seat. Agent A, unaware of his motives, takes her seat as well.

    Agent A: :: puzzled:: Where did you get this?

    Deadpool: ::as Gilgamesh is tossed away:: Oh, that just has to hurt! All that spinning will probably make him spit out those chimichangas I gave him during lunch time. Or was it soup?

    Agent A: ::shoots Deadpool yet again, this time with two bullets:: That was MY soup.

    ::end song::

    But things finally get serious again. Gilgamesh was out of the picture, and Agent A had spent all six of her bullets on Deadpool. She had no time to reload as Leon's eyes, this time in the form of a leer, paralyzed her on the spot.

    Leon: You're gonna tell me now who you are. Enough of all this shady stuff! ::makes a dash for his target:: Attack!!

    Despite having the nerve to hit a woman, Leon is quickly brought down as a burst of light quickly implodes inside him. He goes down, unable to reach his main attacker.

    Agent A: saved me.

    Beatrix: ::as she limps to her leader:: I'm sorry I couldn't get him earlier. Gilgamesh's misfire-

    Agent A: Forget it. At least he's down for now. But...I'm amazed. I already had a hunch when I saw him, but he's not the one we were looking for. He's a different one.

    Beatrix: A different one? Then he is not the one who-

    Agent A: No. He did have the courage to attack me, but his reasons seemed different. He was confused on what he was. His "Lion Throw" as he called it was a dead giveaway.

    Beatrix: What is your order?

    Agent A: Go to Titans Tower. No doubt the heroes inside are wondering why Gilgamesh busted in one of their windows.

    Beatrix: At once! ::runs off::

    Agent A: ::to Deadpool, as he gets up:: Wilson. Help me tie him up, and I won't allow for any of your nonsense for tonight.

    [Aw, I can't even make a joke on why you're tying him up?]

    Agent A: What's that yellow box doing right above you?

    [Oh, that? Those would be my yellow boxes. It's my inner monologue!]

    Agent A: ::sighs:: At least the chapter is about to end.

    [You're breaking the fourth wall! Only I am allowed to do that!]

    Agent A: ::takes the time to reload before shooting Deadpool yet again:: I don't recall you being the leader of this rebellion.

    In all seriousness, this chapter just ended. Leon has met the rebellion's mastermind, and now that he's at her mercy what will happen to him? All this and more will be answered in the next chapter!
    Last edited by Leon; 03-16-2011 at 04:00 AM.
    Please read the poetry from two great friends of mine. May they find peace.

    "The truth is like a lion; you don't have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself."
    ~St. Augustine

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