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Thread: Final Fantasy X: The Lost Records

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    Final Fantasy X: The Lost Records

    Final Fantasy X: The Lost Records-treasurechest-jpg

    Final Fantasy X: The Lost Records

    You have uncovered a chest worn by time. Upon opening the wooden box, eighteen dusty vinyl records reveal themselves. You place the first record closest to you on your player, and set the needle near the center. You turn on your record player and begin to listen to the story of Tidus, Yuna, and her other guardians unfold. This story, lost to time, is now reborn. What would it have been like, to have joined them on this journey? You wonder, dreamily as you listen to the Lost Records.

    -If you are having trouble with the playlist link, here is a link to the channel - you should be able to find the playlist in 'Created Playlists' section

    Youtube Channel

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    eighteen dusty vinyl records ? literally my dream, thanks a lot for sharing, I'll check the playlist right away.

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