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Thread: Final Fantasy (1) Soundtrack remake

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    Cool Final Fantasy (1) Soundtrack remake

    Hey all!

    Since 2013 I've been working, on and off, on some music projects. One of them is remaking all the scores from the first Final Fantasy game. It's a very relaxing hobby and very fun to work with these tunes.

    I'm now slowly starting to dare to put them on Youtube.

    Have a listen!

    Game Over (Final Fantasy Soundtrack Remake) - Writing on Silence - YouTube (Game Over)
    Town (Final Fantasy Soundtrack Remake) - Writing on Silence - YouTube (Town)
    Cornelia Castle (Final Fantasy Soundtrack Remake) - Writing on Silence - YouTube (Cornelia Castle)

    It's just these three at the moment, but I'm planning on uploading the rest
    Have a wonderful day

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    I really like the remake, you really did a good job. Thank you for taking the time to share this with us and good luck for the future.

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