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    Rogue One

    Good part of me was expecting this to be a far better film than Force Awakens, which I personally enjoyed by the way, sad to say it's not, however it's not worse, so there's that. Even though we all know what this film leads into, and pretty much can guess what happens story wise, Rouge One still managed to sneak in a few surprises, most of those surprises are pure fan service, but nevertheless. Those hoping Vader will have a major role in this film will end up being disappointed, he was teased in trailers and that's all you get, a tease, that being said those 2 minutes he does show up are alone worth the price of admission. Vader has never been this smooth and savage at the same time, I want to see more of this Vader.

    The main cast is for the most part likeable, the thing is
    you wont care what happens to them seeing as there's no build up or depth to most of these characters, their deaths came as no surprise for obvious reasons, and at times it felt forced, as if someone is crossing one by one on some kind of a list.

    After phenomenal 3D in Dr Strange this pales in comparison on so many levels, not just that, it's actually bad, not Prometheus levels of bad, but bad nevertheless. The CGI however is simply fantastic, various worlds as seen in Rogue One look gorgeous, space battles in particular, and while I do appreciate the appearance of

    Tarkin and young Princess Leia, their CGI should have been more polished. Would love to see similar approach more often, but better executed and of course in small doses.

    Overall Rogue One is an enjoyable film, one of the better spin-offs for sure, it's arguably the darkest film in the franchise which came as a bit of surprise seeing as Disney own Star Wars now. Anyways, for those who have seen Rogue One, what are your thoughts on it?

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    I was very pleased with it. I think it's right up there with the Empire Strikes Back, and for me, it was the most emotional I've gotten seeing a Star Wars movie. I knew what was going to happen to these characters, but I was invested in Jyn, her father, Cassium and K-2SO. I felt like those characters were well developed, and although the others were not so much, they enjoyable to see anyway. With the whole Rogue One "unit," you get a sense that they are sacrificing themselves for a much greater cause, which is particularly touching, given their shady backgrounds. I came close to tears about three times, and when the final credits began to roll, I thought to myself, "I need to sit here a little longer and collect myself, so I'm not crying in front of everyone." I'll admit I cry easily at some movies, heh, but still.

    I think it's the second best Star Wars film. I'll see what I think of it on subsequent viewings (though with TFA, I still thought it was awesome when I watched it at home).

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    Not bad of a movie.
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    It wasn't bad but the first 30 minutes were so slow and later on the uplink thing was very boring as well. They should've kept the extra Vader scenes on Jedha they cut out and switched it with some drama scenes in the beginning.

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