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Thread: Gau's Theme - Final Fantasy VI

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    Gau's Theme - Final Fantasy VI

    Hey guys, here's a link to my recent cover recording of Gau's Theme from Final Fantasy VI, transcribed for Tuba, Harp, Flute and Synths, that I posted on YouTube.


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    This is giving me goosebumps, man. I'm serious, this is like, serious emotional reaction territory you're in, here.

    Very nice. My ears are happy. I'll sub your channel.
    "I find this all to be highly inappropriate."

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    Thank you, glad you enjoyed it! Of course, Final Fantasy has so much great content to use and play music from.

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    I really loved it, very good job!

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    You're welcome! The Final Fantasy series has a lot of great music in their soundtracks to cover.

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