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    News Post Patch 2.5 Trailer Released

    Square Enix has finally released the patch 2.5 trailer to tease the upcoming content. The biggest take away from the trailer is the patch 2.5 release date, Jan 20th with the 2.51 release in late Feb and 2.55 release in late March. So there should be a lot to look forward to coming into the expansion later this year.

    The trailer mostly focuses on the large content drops. So the new storyline for Before the Fall Part 1 and 2. The new dungeons are teased along with their monsters and bosses with it looking like Midgardsormr is going to be final boss of Keeper of the Lake. The World of Darkness was teased along with the bosses including the final fight with the Cloud of Darkness. And the Odin Primal fight along with the Hildibrand conclusion for 2.x.

    The 2.51 big piece is the Gold Saucer, which they showed off the arrival and walking around it. Fans of FFVII should recognize the music in the trailer from the Golden Saucer. It keeps the same music. They show off a bunch of the mini-games, a basketball, punching and strong-arm hammer game. Then they show off Chocobo Racing which looks to have multiple courses around Eorzea and even include speed boosts. As reported before, specially breed chocobos will be used for this. You'll be able to raise and breed chocobos for racing that are completely different from your companion chocobo. So it'll be a lot like FFVII. Triple Triad was also shown off with the interface and challenging different NPCs both in the Gold Saucer and in the world of Eorzea.

    Teases to part 2 were also seen with the Battle of Ishgard lightly shown depending on what was in the video.

    There is still a lot for 2.5 that hasn't even been seen that is known about. So there will still be more surprises as well get to the patch notes.

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