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Thread: Final Fantasy XI Offline: An RM2K3 Project

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    Final Fantasy XI Offline: An RM2K3 Project

    Let's skip the buildup and get to the gravy:

    PSYCH!!! Every project needs an intro! Silly buns.....

    Final Fantasy XI is Square Enix's first tackle at the MMORPG genre. First released in 2002, FFXI has drastically evolved over the years, with 5 expansion packs, 3 add-ons, and an....arena? That's what Abyssea is, right? The MMO has reached millions of players worldwide, and is available for PS2, PC, and Xbox 360, which means I CAN'T F###ING PLAY IT!!!!!!!!! All I have is a PS2 slim, and from what I know, the only to play FFXI on such a console requires an external HDD released ONLY IN JAPAN!!!!!!! I am well aware about the whole PS3 compatability mumbo-jumbo, BUT HOW AM I GONNA AFFORD A PS3??! What? Computer? The computer I'm using was thrown out by a school to make room for newer models, AND I CAN'T INSTALL ANYTHING WITHOUT ADMIN PERMISSION!!!!!!!!! Alright, let's say I managed to get some sort of access to this game. Here comes ANOTHER problem: SUBSCRIPTION FEES. I actually don't have a problem with the price, or method of payment, BUT I'M BROKE ALL THE F###ING TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In conclusion, FFXI is just simply not accessible to me, or a bunch of other people who are in my position. And so, I present my project.

    RM2K3 (RPG (Role-playing game) Maker 2003) is a very reliable game engine for, you guessed it, RPGs, albeit kinda dated. Enterbrain, the creators of RM2K3, has indeed released newer models, but just like with FFXI, they're not accessible to me. Now, let's take in how much an offline version could compare/contrast to an online version of this game.

    I fully understand that the main hook for FFXI was community as a whole, the ability to make new friends, or chum up with old ones. That is why so many people continue to play it. I've played MMOs before (mostly browser-based and free-to-play), and I know how it feels to cooperate and make huge achievements with someone you just met. However, that's never been what I liked the most about MMOs. Rather, it was the story that I would find so appealing. MMORPGs in particular are known for having very complex storylines, and that's all I really look for in a game. Needless to say, this project will focus around the central plotline.

    I will treat expansion packs as "sequels," of sorts. Players will be able to carry their completed game files over to future expansions, and be able to continue on with their journeys. It's only the bare essentials for these expansions, after all. However, this feature will not be supported during the alpha and beta stages, for somewhat obvious reasons.

    You're probably wondering, "Why not just watch YouTube videos or something?" I'll tell you why: THERE'S NO CONSISTENT LET'S PLAY FOR FFXI AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!! Just a few mission walkthroughs here and there, and don't even bring up Mrhappy1227's vids.

    I'll also need a bit of info regarding missions, both story-based and not, as I intend to include as many of the sidequests as possible. Due to YouTube's unreliability, that's where forum members here apply. That, and I'll also need various info of Vana'diel to use as reference. Also, any comment expressing extreme prejudice at this project just for existing to begin with will likely be reported immediately. If you don't like the concept of a NON-PROFIT offline alternative to FFXI, at least explain your reasoning.

    Hope to hear some feedback soon.

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    I've actually thought about this very same thing. There's a lot of people that enjoy FF, but a MMO is just not for them and so they haven't played it. Yet, the story in FFXI and the expansions are some of the deepest and best you can find the series at times. I hope that whenever Square finally closes the servers on FFXI that they'll release a slightly modified offline version making use of the NPC follower system available in game for people to just solo play with NPCs as the rest of your party so you can still clear content normally. It would be the least amount of work and maybe even allow for an LAN/Ad-hoc multiplayer thing where you can still play with friends.

    Anyway, I'll correct some assumptions, though they won't really change anything for you. The PS2 HDD was released in the US, but only bundled with FFXI and it only works on the original Fat PS2. It's something that is possible, just not cheap to do these days probably, which as you said money is a problem.

    Abyssea is another expansion like the others, so it has a full story and everything else to go along with it.

    Additionally, even the main game of FFXI has three almost completely separate storylines. The Rank 1 missions are unique and the Rank 6-10 missions are unique. The Rank 2-1 and 2-2 missions are unique, but the 2-3 Mission is shared along with the Rank 3, 4 and 5 missions, the (Shadow Lord storyline). Then Rank 6-10 are separate story lines that go into the lore and history of their respective nations. Which will make things a little different since you would need to do create Bastok, San d'Oria and Windurst just for story reasons and include Jeuno as well since it is there. The most interesting things on scale with like an epic end and everything is up to Mission 5-2 against the Shadow Lord. The rest are smaller scale and sort more personal stories to get to know your nation better.

    A single major story line did not get introduced until the Rise of the Zilart expansion.

    However, if you want to do this or just get an idea of what you're looking at go to ZAM Final Fantasy XI :: An FFXI (FF11) Community, Wiki, and Database Site. If you look for the database tab at the top you find pretty much everything the game as to offer. So you can see all the quests and missions that are in the game, which there are probably thousands now. All the NPCs, all the equipment all the jobs, all the abilities, spells, anything you want should be available there.

    Just remember, this is an MMO, the scale of the game itself is massive. They are thousands or tens of thousands of items/gear in the game. There are 22 jobs all with skills, abilities and traits up to 99. And then there is the map, which is massive as well. Vana'diel proper, where the game starts takes like an hour on foot to cross. So it is no small undertaking.

    Also, this is Square so they will likely act the same way they did to the people that tried to remake Chrono Trigger. Non-profit or not, Square is very tight about the usage of their properties.
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    I'd be down to play an offline version of that. Damn, hope they kill the servers fast. Yes, I'm a selfish prick.

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    FFXI is in my top five favorite games of all time. I know that I dropped it in favor of FFXIV (finally even canceling my subscription a few months back... that was hard to do), but as much better as FFXIV 2.0 is mechanically and regardless of how riveting the story is... I don't think it can yet come anywhere close to being the experience that was FFXI.

    I know that Dawezy would agree with that, because he still refuses to leave FFXI.

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    Bad news, the project's gonna die. Good news, it's not because of how big the project would've been. At least, I don't think so. What happened is, a lot of personal matters have rose up, and previous projects that I had left to rot are now sparking people's attentions, and I don't want to let them down. However, FFXI is still pretty much unavailable to people like me.........But I think I can still remedy this. I'll need to make a new thread for it, though.

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    Well, if you ask me, I certainly would like to try out FFXI as well. However, the fact that it has sub fees and no more trial codes basically makes it a deal breaker for me. But if there's someone who would be willing to lend me their FFXI credentials for a day or two, I certainly would be happy...

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    Well, I'm seriously considering reviving this project, but my issue now is the fact that I'm a terrible spriter. Humes, Elvaans, and Mithras are one thing, but Galkas, Tarutarus, and specific characters are another. If someone is willing to help with spriting, let me know.

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