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Thread: Convince me to play ff14 please

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    Convince me to play ff14 please

    So, Iíve been wanting to play an MMO for a while and the only one I have ever played was runescape. A few days ago I picked up the free trial of ff14 on the ps4 and it has been fun but I havenít done much else besides play the main quests to level up my character. So, what Iím really looking for is reasons to take the plunge and get the full game and the subscription. I just donít know what you can do in the game and Iíd like to know if itís worth it.
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    It depends on what you enjoy, because the game has a lot of offer. The story for A Realm Reborn is solid, but significantly picks up and improves in the later part of the patches and into Heavensward and Stormblood making excellent FF stories in their own right. All jobs and classes can be played on a single character so you can experiment freely and enjoy whatever you want at your own pace. If you're a huge into FF the game is basically FF fan service the game for you and will be alone the right to play. They do a lot of give long time fans things to enjoy, Crystal Tower, Ivalice, Bahamut, Alexander, lots of things to enjoy. There's plenty of challenging content if you want something to work on. There is housing, glamour, crafting. etc for those that want more relaxing personal interests. And given that the game is 5 years old now you have months of content before you run out. And they reliably update with major patches that add new story, content, etc every 3-4 months.
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    I hear if you love to RP, then FFXIV is right up your alley.
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