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Thread: A question about autofighting?

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    A question about autofighting?

    Hey guy I really like the autofight feature in FFT but I just noticed something weird. Sometimes I make ninjas and forget about them, sometimes I notice on autofight the ninjas sometimes throw Yagua stars, well I'm just wondering will your autofight ninjas ever throw key rare items like Excalibur or something? That would suck pretty bad if I lost a rare item because of autofighting.... Should I just stop using ninjas for autofight or does anyone know for sure if this is even a problem?

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    Re: A question about autofighting?

    Honestly I don't like Autofighting. I prefer to do it all myself so that way stuff like that doesn't happen. And yes, there is a chance they'll throw rare stuff like that out.

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    Re: A question about autofighting?

    Ok I don't like autofighting either, but I don't like being forced into random battles at the same time. I prefer to level and stuff when I'm not trying to beat preps and story scenes. Autofighting is fine with all chicks and chantage, you don't have to worry about dieing really. But I haven't lost any of my weapons yet and all the ninjas do is throw out stars. They might of made it that way so people wouldn't lose anything but I'm not sure, perhaps I'll experiment more with them to see if they throw anything important.

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    Re: A question about autofighting?

    I can understand the curiosity you have. However, I would either recomend simply playing yourself, or mabey saving everytime before fights. The auto system has done nothing 'cept screw me over when I tried to use it.

    I accidentally put one person on "Run like a Rabbit" and he was the last one left, he wouldn't attack and my enemies couldn't catch him so I had to restart. It sucked...

    Try to not use auto battle. It's better on games like tactics ogre.
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