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Thread: Final Fantasy XIII-2 monster companion discussion

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    Lightbulb Final Fantasy XIII-2 monster companion discussion

    As il be a player in the UK and everyone from Europe has to wait until the 3rd Feb for the games release, I keep trying to find information online about available monsters for the 3rd party slot... to no avail.

    As you might be able to tell its part of the demo that i really did like, despite some earlier reservations.

    So my post here centers mainly around that aspect of the game: which monsters you are hoping for and why (what you think their benefits to paradigms would be), discussion about the monsters we know are involved (from the demo or trailers we've seen), and anything else really thats relevant to the monster companion/ hunting side of the game especially the development of them.

    - Theres variations of chocobos, a classic FF creature which im looking forward to trying out their various colour coded roles roles. Also the variations of bombs from XIII, how they will work if they self detonate is an interesting thought!

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    Re: Final Fantasy XIII-2 monster companion discussion

    Having played the Japanese version I only really used about 5 different ones in my party throughout the game (probably because I didn't fully understand the menu screens )

    I imagine I'll go after the same ones because I know what I'm doing with those

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