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Thread: Zodiac Age Remaster: ARE YOU READY YET

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    Zodiac Age Remaster: ARE YOU READY YET

    In less than a month, the PS4 HDR of the FFXII International Edition will be hitting shelves, and those of us Stateside will finally get to play the game with that glorious improved license board.

    Am I the only one excited to run around with Balthier and look at Fran's butt in HD?
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    I was more into the skirt on Ashe.

    I need a Ps4, even though my roommate just purchased one, but one for myself is going to be needed.
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    I'm so excited! I rushed through Tekken 7 so I wouldn't have to compromise with either game. Been years since I played XII can't wait to have a mostly completed file without the console crapping out mid way.
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    i loved xii, but i will probably end up double dipping anyways. i remembered when i went hunting for t-rex's lmao

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    I sure want to play this game sooo bad!! I never played the regular FFXII either so the whole experience will be very fresh to me. I heard that in the original FFXII magic was underpowered as heck though(which is always annoying to me) but supposedly in this remastered rebalanced version offensive magic was given a huge power boost and makes mage builds actually going to be really powerful. I hope it's true cause if so I'm really going to want this.

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