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Thread: Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Features Trailer

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    News Post Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Features Trailer

    It's been well covered in announcements, articles and interviews about what will be in the Remastered version of X and X-2. But not a focused trailer on the subject. Square Enix solved that today with the release of a trailer that shows off all of the new things that people will be able to experience for the first time in the NA and EU regions. It also even showed off what appears to be new dubbing for the additional dungeon added to X-2 in the Last Mission version of the game with a preview of how different it is from the rest of the game.

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    Will be good to play X again!

    X-2, not so much.

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    A Playstation game trailer that uses Gameplay footage more then FMV footage? That is certainly new.

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