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Thread: Melodies of Life (Piano Cover)

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    Melodies of Life (Piano Cover)

    hey guys.. i did piano cover of FF IX theme song called melodies of life.. this is my favorite song ..
    hope you guys enjoy it

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    The song when it plays in the credits at the end, with the camera rolling through all the cutscenes is the most nostalgic moment in all final fantasy for me.
    Nice cover.

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    It's my favorite Final Fantasy theme.

    Okay, this is gonna sound really corny, but...

    Basically, this song reminds me of a close friend of mine from way back. I haven't seen or heard from him in years, but every single time I hear this song, I think of him.

    The ending of Final Fantasy 9 is probably the best out of the series. I don't want to spoil it for anyone.

    My username is a reference to the game, even. Co-FF9. That was the Final Fantasy I was playing when I originally joined this site, all those years ago.

    I want to be your canary, indeed, FF9.

    Great cover, btw!
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    Thank you! It's the cover from our book we don't have any other artwork at the moment.

    No I don't think that sounds corny at all. I find a lot of things in life take me back to the past and FF9 is undoubtedly one of them for me. Those kind of things are the most important in our lives.

    My best friend and co-author and I were actually playing it, drinking tea and chatting about how to write our own book back in 2004 when we first came up with the idea.

    Since then I must have completed it ten times, and learned a few of the pieces on piano as well. I didn't learn Melodies of Life, but I learned Hunter's Chance and Jesters of the Moon and made an attempt at Eternal Harvest.
    It's something i'd love to take back up again.
    Do you practice much?

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    Very nice +1

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