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Thread: Melodies of Life (music video)

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    Melodies of Life (music video)

    I had so much fun playing Final Fantasy IX again on steam that I decided to edit a video for the theme song. I used various moments from the cut scenes. I hope you like it!

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    I thought i'm the only one appreciated this sound track. one of the best from Nobuo Uematsu

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    Actually, you are not the only one. In fact, we here at TFF have our very own Nobuo Uematsu Appreciation Society in the Social Groups tab. From there, you can do whatever it is they do there (I am not a member of this particular group, so I don't know).

    On topic, though, I love the song, and it is my favorite theme song of the series. As for AMV quality, I honestly didn't watch it. I hit play, and then scrolled down to type this message. I like the song, but AMVs have never been something I enjoy watching. Sorry.
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