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Thread: HELP. FF IX friendly monster disc 4

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    HELP. FF IX friendly monster disc 4

    this is my 5th walkthrough n im tryin to complete the friendly monster sidequest this time.. i'm on disc 4 before final boss battle (trance kuja and necron) ive been looking for friendly white ghost and ladybug for 3 days but i havent found it yetttt i found another friendly monsters (except those two) pretty easy.. but why white ghost and ladybug are extremely hardd to be found? for white ghost i've checked the following place
    1. outside treno (forest and plain)
    2. around south gate
    3. around quan's dwelling (forest and plain)
    and for ladybug :
    1. all the forest on donna plains
    2. outside black mage village
    3. outside lindblum dragon' gate (all) including eunora plains.
    and i keep finding the enemy ghost and enemy bug but not the friendly :"( helpp

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    Ladybug is generally found outside Black Mage village so continue to look there.

    The Ghost is usually around Treno or South Gate. (check an area where it's Sunset)

    You seem to be checking in the areas I remember to be checking.

    Don't forget you should be running around the forests!
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