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Thread: Final Fantasy IX, FF: Evil Mist Rebirth

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    Final Fantasy IX, FF: Evil Mist Rebirth

    Is it okay to post something like this here?
    There was a request on steam I post it 'here' too; I'm like: 'okay then.'

    If you haven't noticed; in the PC Steam version of FFIX Silicon Studios completely trashed and botched all the sounds effects there internally. And there was a patcher to the Sdlib.dll to fix the sampling rate, but even with this, the internal audio files are botched itself; so, thankfully having ripped all the sfxs from PS1 FFIX I have dedicated all my time to putting what is needed back in FFIX PC because, to me, Audio is everything.

    Here's some of the work; ability replace all:

    This mod below, was something I was doing beforehand (and some custom sfx) was used in celebration I finally was able to successfully import sfxs into the PC version of FFIX; mind that.
    But without I doubt there is a vanilla version full sounds fix.

    Evil Mist Rebirth is similar to Alternate Fantasy~aiming to increase difficulty and provide a new experience to FFIX players.
    All Alternate Fantasy features are still here with a boost.

    Some brief mod features:
    Alternate Fantasy +
    >Challenging difficulty:
    Like any game with an "Extreme X" feature. This mod will put your skills to the test. Every challenging aspect in Alternate Fantasy is kept here too, with a boost.
    All cheats (with the exception of Speed Boost) are disabled)

    >Semi-Edited-Semi-New Story:
    Majority of story altered to fit a debut.

    >Recruitment of Beatrix:
    Beatrix still remains an available, obtainable character here, and keeps the ability to learn both her innate and supporting abilities.

    >Recruitment of Marcus:
    Marcus is now an obtainable character here, and keeps the ability to learn both his innate and supporting abilities.

    >Smaller UI's
    (See "Scaled UI" thread???)

    >Extra scenes:
    Those extra scenes from Alternate Fantasy are kept with some added scenes
    and bosses catered to the extra story.

    New Enemies:
    Tons of new enemies etc.

    10 new models.
    Made by me to fit those evolved new characters.
    Sorry to disappoint if any case thought it was FFIX models.

    >Mini Games:
    Mini games' timers have been increased to cater to the Speed boost and the sped-up timer. Allowing this to still be usable in Mini Games.

    >HD Backgrounds

    >Removal of Zidane from the Party -- Disc 4 World Map:
    Zidane is no longer a require party member at Disc 4 world map; and as early as Disc 3.

    Original saves don't work well.

    Achievements may be easier to achieve, though.

    Fixed numerous texts shrouded from the original.

    >Frequent random battles encounters

    >Extra battles:
    Few fields have random battles now that didn't have it before.

    >Original PlayStation control icons

    >Full sound mod which fixes:
    *All the sound bugs in the game currently. (Missing sounds (Enemy Death sounds), hissing sounds etc.)
    *Most of, much of common sounds (spells, environmental etc.).

    >>>For sounds fix (also see that "Sounds fix" thread), replace files p0data61.bin + p0data62.bin + p0data63.bin.

    Cloud Data: No/Yes

    This is, originally, a standalone mod, Run EMR_Launcher.exe.

    Cloud Data is located under Load Game.

    Just some background:
    The mod follows FF9's story traditionally, but spoofs Evil Mist Rebirth multiple times.The plot of Evil Mist Rebirth is explained vaguely through FF9's story now, and while it may be here, it isn't the same separately. To uncover most of what's going on, investigate and explore quest areas. The switching between dialog happens due to the fact they are somehow evolving into...what was before. And only one of them can see that, and tries, very vaguely, to change that.

    I have taken over the original now; previous version was 1.1.

    This should be solid place to put both threads; for sounds fix in this section, I think.

    Sounds fix vanilla version linked~~

    FFIX Sound Effects? - Page 2 - The Lifestream Forums

    If you never heard of 'Alternate Fantasy' take a looky here below.
    See Alternate Fantasy:

    Final Fantasy IX: Alternate Fantasy :: FINAL FANTASY IX General Discussions

    Thanks to Tirlititi helping me with all the extra scenes!
    And his program: Hades Workshop
    And Albeoris for his program: Memoria
    And Tri3fecta for some BGM too.

    *The vanilla version of FFIX's sound fix will be posted here too.*

    In some video I used custom ones for testing purposes.
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    *I replaced some textures for tests and it looks like when importing textures, if they're kept at their original resolutions (128x128~512x512) You have no problems. No field texture glitches; nothing. Not a major problem; just needs precaution when replacing texture; follow that rule. It'll be okay when replacing texture for new weapons like FFXII's as the weapon textures here only are 1, and so are FFXII. Just wanted to point out it is possible to replace textures and still have everything work out. It shouldn't be too hard to replace models with new ones, following this texture order. Could just texture rename new models' texture following the order of original textures names. 0_1.png 0_2.png etc. **Still can't replace any world map textures; it still glitches, dunno why.**

    I have a comparison video now:

    It shows the sfxs current in FFIX PC, and after this, you'll differently hear the major difference.
    Botched sounds

    And a an update to such sounds fix:

    I update versions beginning and after 1.1

    I'm now at... v. 1.2
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    Cinna is now an obtainable, permanent character as well as Marcus.

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    *Some more info about "Cinna"*
    Character now has both innate and supporting abilities to learn, wider, more diverse equipment set.
    Same with "Marcus"~innate support abilities to learn/diverse equipment set etc.

    Adding Marcus and Cinna to the group; it's a bit different than Beatrix (who's still an obtainable permanent character here as well; including Alternate Fantasy's features and scenes).

    Beatrix is her own character, she has her own profile/abilities etc. she gets added to the party.
    With Cinna and Marcus, they were temporary characters to later be replaced by their counterparts:
    "Quina" & "Eiko".
    And because of this game engine limitation, I had to figure out a way to maximize player freedom control; having both Cinna & Marcus obtainable as well as keeping Quina and Eiko; and I did it.
    Here's the scenario:
    You find "Marcus", you get an extra scene for finding him, and at the end, you have the option at any point to switch between having him in the party permanently, or Eiko. You can switch between the two at will whenever.
    Same with Cinna; there is an extra scene, you find it, and you can switch between having Cinna as a permanent character or Quina.
    This way, you are able to legitimately keep all 11 characters in the party permanently, without having to sacrifice losing one character for the sake of another.
    I call this: the "Player's Freedom" method.

    At first, I was going to have an extra scene where a hunt was to be completed in order to get Cinna into the party, and be a extra to extra scene scenario, but I wanted the player to keep more freedom, so I said no to that.

    Now there's just another extra scene for another extra scene that begins a "Hunt" exactly like in Final Fantasy XII, seen in the video titled:

    "FF: EMR, Extra scenes "Abstract, Zidane & Dagger""

    ^^^That extra scene is the epitome of what's to come, Hunts.

    There are so many extra scenes now, I lost count; and every day I seem to have a new idea for an extra scene; all related to the story line, of course. All the extra scenes are either related to FF9's story & or related to the debut or my personal game: Evil Mist Rebirth. So now, there's so much more to do now, I have added at least an extra 4 to 5 hours of game play to Final Fantasy IX.
    All on top of that; doing the sound mod for the vanilla version of FFIX; which, of course, fixes all the sounds, and places back the original PSX sound effects into the FFIX PC port.

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    Final Fantasy IX modding!!!!

    Dang dude. You should check out - Home and see about posting it there. It's kind of the center of the game modding community.

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    Really? Good to know!

    Sound Mod + Base Mod is done
    Awaiting model importer for HW.

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    The newest extra scene-

    The epitome of puzzle-like extra scenes now.
    This extra scene, however, is cut into two parts; part 2 which is not shown in the video.

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    The characters in mod Evil Mist Rebirth are not the vanilla characters: Zidane, Dagger, Steiner, Vivi, Eiko, Amarant, Beatrix, Marcus and Cinna; this is to be clear now.
    All this was done for myself first and furthermost; I didn't start this to gain no social gratification; posting these videos, no I did all because I enjoyed it; I'm deciding to share it along with the Sound Mod fix for the vanilla version.
    It doesn't phase me if no one likes my models or character profiles.
    Just know the Sound Mods fix for the vanilla version will come.
    Now that's all cleared up~little me, back to work!

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    In that version, the majority of gameplay has heavily altered, and 7 extra scenes are not available.
    All extra scene videos are not present in this version.
    Difficulty is also reduced in this version.
    This version is played with the vanilla sound mod with all vanilla psx sounds, no custom ones, not shown in this video~not completed.

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    Blank is now a obtainable, permanent character.
    The Tantalus crew are now all obtainable, permanent characters + switchable with their counterparts respectively.
    This is for both versions.

    Some Update (Sound Mod):
    Some infos about having two sounds file (p0data62+63.bin & p0data64+65.bin) to allow the player to switch between having the original sfxs and the custom sfxs simultaneously in game in the settings menu.

    Some other Update info:
    First model importer/second custom backgrounds~importing custom walk meshes.
    Reserving space for importing custom backgrounds, and a possible Disc 5 setting.

    Final Fantasy IX®: Evil Mist Rebirth Disc 5
    is continuation to the story of Final Fantasy IX®, and a debut to Facing Fate, Evil Mist Rebirth.
    Disc 5 has new game play, locations, story, settings and elite marks, and at point does not revisits any locations from the previous discs, or FFIX common fields. Differently from the four previous discs, Disc 5 has two stories:
    The events after the end of Final Fantasy IX®~leading to the complete debut of Evil Mist Rebirth.
    wanted bestiary work slideshow, sound player etc.....
    erase old data (D-4), restore anew?

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    About some sound; two things everyone has encountered now:
    Chocobo's "crunchy" beak sfx & the (how could imitate this sound?) the "Vrrrrrrrrrrrrm" it makes when reflected magick versus playing the spell sfx.

    These two sfxs are in game now, and I've gotten the reflected sfxs fixed, it plays properly when magick is reflected like on psx.
    Chocobo's crunchy beak, I got it working in the Forest, but not in the air garden???
    Dunno what difference is, but I'm working on it.

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    EMR Vanilla Sound Mod Version 1.1:

    EMR Van. Sound Mod Vr. 1.1

    Replace "X" with a period "."

    Is still linked with:
    Final Fantasy IX, FF: Evil Mist Rebirth :: FINAL FANTASY IX General Discussions

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    Now includes workable, non-buggy, HD battle backgrounds and NPCs with lossless detail, no "oil-paint" feature.

    11 new models, including a new Beatrix model boasting a CGI style model.

    Whole new set of weapons.
    From FFXII to fit new mod settings.
    Includes bow and arrows now.

    22 new FMVs rendered in 1080p to fit the new setting.

    3 new Menu designs~2 for EMR, 1 for EMR Vanilla version II.

    Extra features including:
    Evil Mist Rebirth: Vanilla Version II - with Vanilla PSX sound Mod and PSX vanilla character sprites. (Useable with the vanilla version of FFIX)

    Other Evil Mist Rebirth features ranging from different teasers of my personal game, Evil Mist Rebirth.
    And extra side-game, "Mist Resurrection". The string of events after the initial events of Evil Mist Rebirth.

    CGI music videos for >teasers< approaching the release of EMR, I love to do on the side.
    3 of these feature Beatrix.
    2 of these feature revamped FFIX characters redesigned by me.
    Spoiler; one of these features both my characters and FFIX simultaneously.

    Current Progress?
    Vanilla Version Sound Mod nearly complete.

    9 of 11 models finished. Just finished up the new Beatrix model yesterday. No screenshots until all are finished.
    13 of 22 FMVs completed.
    Other movies not done.

    Extra Scenes/Hunts:

    2 out of 42 total hunts completed. Generally, I want all 42 hunts implemented but with some limits, it may not reach 42.
    So, extra scenes and hunts are split for reach-ability.

    Usually, a release would be held off until a Memoria-HW compatibility comes as Memoria has features that are must-haves, as well as the scaled UIs.
    But if it cannot come soon enough, there'll be an update after the initial release with said features/fixes etc.

    Okay, my blueprint progress, laid out. Back to work.

    The "Disc 5" setting is a hope in the future, but not an easy go for.

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