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Thread: Is Final Fantasy IX any hard

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    Is Final Fantasy IX any hard

    To explain why am i asking I'm asking because I'm thinking of getting it on Amazon if i saved up enough money and if i choose to & add to my collection including adding this game to my Final Fantasy collection like i said if i choose to.

    And i admit it looks like it's any good & it looks like the game is any fun if you want to include your answer of is it ever too late to get even more into a game series feel free to only if you want to and yes Final Fantasy is just 1 of the money examples.

    & when i said is it ever too late to get even more into a game series it's not a really a question anyway if i choose to get it it i was wondering in generally speaking is this game any hard & is it locked at the final boss location like Final Fantasy VIII or can you leave & go anywhere you want & shop anywhere you want or need?

    If you like examples of what i mean by that feel free to let me know if you want & if you want examples & so you know yesterday I've bought myself Crysis 2 platinum hits for Xbox 360 to be a little off topic & before you ask me so far i love it.

    Anyway back to topic i was wondering if it's any hard or not of Final Fantasy IX & if you like to share your opinion if it's any good,if it's any fun and such feel free to share your in opinions only if you want to.

    Thanks for reading,thanks for your time and thanks for your answers and to end it here I'll gladly say it just in case you don't know,if you forget/forgot or if you can't tell i buy,i still buy,i love,i still love,i play & i still play both the classics & modern games equally thanks again for the welcome and your answers .
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    I hate to give such a vague answer, but it's really as hard as you make it for yourself. It'll be a lot easier if you take the time to grind and master as many weapon, armor and accessory skills as possible.

    Other than that, if you keep your level above the general enemies in the area, it won't be too hard. If you just try to breeze through the game without much preparation, it'll be tough

    The game uses a FF6 type of learning system, where you get AP after battles that goes towards learning skills or abilities based on the armor or items you have on. You can use the skills while you have the equipment on, and when you master the skill, you keep the skill for that character. It's essentially the Esper system.
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    Secret Boss is one of the hardest
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