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Thread: New Interview on Final Fantasy VII Remake

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    News Post New Interview on Final Fantasy VII Remake

    Nomura and Kitase were interviewed by Dengeki Playstation to talk about new details on the development of Final Fantasy VII Remake. They were able to say that the game will be fully voiced for the most part and there are some new voices that they got that were not present in the movie, Advent Children. The dating scene at the Golden Saucer he said would be fully voiced. He said that some scenes are being taken with extra care due to the change of social situations from when the game was originally released compared to the current days and gave the example of the Bath House scene from the Honey Bee inn. They said that they can't talk about the map at the moment, but doesn't want to focus in the terms open world or sandbox when doing it. They want an environment that can be affected by the players. All of the mini-games in the original will be back, but they're looking at how they want to update them with current technology. He spoke vaguely about the development progress saying that they are at the point where they can get started, but with what they've shown it is hard to understand the meaning. The trailer could be from a pre-production stage to prove out the game and with it proved, they are moving into production.

    The next time they will have more to say about the game will be after the release of World of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts II.8 HD next year.

    Source: Final Fantasy VII Remake Developers On Dating Event, Mini-Games, And Other Changes - Siliconera
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    I thought the bath scene was funny, but with how good graphics are I can see why they would want to avoid it--just to be safe. Obviously they can update these scenes, so similar things happen but in different context, and that's fair.

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