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Thread: Final Fantasy VII TGS Footage

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    Final Fantasy VII TGS Footage

    After seeing the TGS footage few weeks back I think I'm finally sold on the gameplay. From the looks of it they fixed most, if not all, the issues I had with Final Fantasy XV' battle system. I'm so glad they went with XII's approach to summons, where a summon joins the battle alongside you. Summons will also appear much earlier in the game. They also announce classic battle system, but the name is rather deceiving as it has little to nothing to do with the original as the game takes most of the control from you, which kinda sucks.

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    I've been sat on the fence for much of this, purely down to being one of those that struggles to replay games generally as i'm much more story focused.

    I haven't made a decision yet because I am concerned it will spoil some of the memories I have of the original game. Sat for hours engrossed in this fantastic world.

    Will this game live up to the memories, to the hype that is being generated? It's a big ask!

    The game itself looks lovely but I think I will avoid commiting to it until the inevitable single release rather than the episodic release plan. So it may be that I have to wait until it's out on the next gen consoles but I would rather play through all in one go rather than having to take a break midway through and play other games.

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