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Thread: Cloud loves.... Sephiroth ?!?!

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    Cloud loves.... Sephiroth ?!?!

    Yes, that's what many fangirls think. Forget all discussions about "Does Cloud love Aerith or Tifa?" - he's gay.

    Have you ever read those fangirl-fanfictions in which Cloud suddenly loves Sephiroth? Though he's fighting him? Though Sephiroth probably doesn't love ANYBODY in the whole wide world - especially as he wants to destroy the world.
    And even if Cloud doesn't love Sephiroth - he loves Reno, Zack (especially Zack!!) or Vincent. No girls allowed.

    This is something I can't really understand:
    I see that Cloud and Sephiroth are somehow bound to another. They share their fate. And they both have been SOLDIERs. (Okay, Cloud wasn't, really, but... you know what I mean ^^") There are many many fanfictions about the time when Sephiroth still was a SOLDIER and then he eventually got to know Cloud and then... they fell in love. o_o"
    I also see that Zack and Cloud are best friends. (At least I suppose they are - I haven't played CC so far, I've just heard MUCH about the game... and Zack.)

    Don't get me wrong: I've no problem with reading such stories. However, if I know that the characters aren't gay, it seems so... wrong. That's like writing a story about my boyfriend kissing another man. That's just wrong.

    So, basically:
    What do you think about such stories?
    Have you read one of those before?
    Do you think it's wrong to make Cloud fall in love with a MAN? Or am I just too ignorant?
    And if you're in favor of those pairs: Which one do you like best? And please EXPLAIN why they can possibly fall in love with each other. :/
    Oh and for the guys: Tifa could also fall in love with Aerith or such. But there aren't many stories about girls... ^^"

    I KNOW that fanfictions are just FICTION. And that Cloud and Sephiroth do not exist in real life. (Though I've already read stories about (male) band members of Japanese rock bands who fall in love with each other... and have sex. Lots and lots of sex. x_x") I know that people can write about what they want to. And I know that I don't have to read the stories. (Actually, though, I have to read some of them, as I'm in a kind of jury on a website that chooses good stories every month... and if you want to find a good story, you have to read the bad ones as well...)
    So this shouldn't be a discussion about how ignorant I am ( ) but a discussion about such pairs.... and fanfictions.

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    Re: Cloud loves.... Sephiroth ?!?!

    What do you think about such stories?
    Yaoi. <3

    Have you read one of those before?
    Nope, I'm not really a fan of fanfiction. Unless a friend wrote it, I won't read it. And even then, I still won't like it (try reading an MCR fan fiction with lots of sex which may or may not have included a drum stick >>; ). But yeah. Not big on fan fiction. ^^;

    Do you think it's wrong to make Cloud fall in love with a MAN? Or am I just too ignorant?
    Nah. Or maybe. Cloud got confused a lot throughout FFVII, so who's to say there's not sexual confusion there as well? But really? I doubt it very much.

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    Re: Cloud loves.... Sephiroth ?!?!

    I think it's just mindless fantasy. Some girls, gay guys or maybe even FFVII haters see that Sephiroth has some minor feminine qualities and jump into a fantasy world (double fantasy considering FFVII is fictional to begin with) where abstract things happen.

    I see it in the same way some guys fantasize about lesbians, they like to imagine the action (or possibly the odd connection) but in practicality it wouldn't really happen the way they hope (if they were lesbians what makes you think that a guy could have any part in it?)

    I don't think its ignorant at all to not understand why people make these fan fictions. They really only appeal to people who want or like to believe these things could happen but it never would (for so many reasons).

    Unknown Entity mentions the whole confusion of Clouds personality which makes sense in a long stretch but really none of it has to do with sexuality its all PTS and genetic experimentation which would mean that even if it did happen, it would only be because Cloud was warped, not because its his natural inclination. All this even happened after Sephiroth went all "Love my mother, kill my father" so even Sephiroth has his own issues.

    Again it really only makes sense to people who like that stuff so I don't know for sure. It's easy enough not to see much of this if your not looking for it.
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    Re: Cloud loves.... Sephiroth ?!?!

    Sorry but this is a RIDICULOUS thread!!! I am only answering it because it is stupid. Firstly I do not see Cloud as Gay (strange yes) but Gay no. Also does it really matter what his sexual orientation is? The game is awesome and so is Cloud so who gives a toss if he takes it up the shitter?

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    Re: Cloud loves.... Sephiroth ?!?!

    Quote Originally Posted by markandrewkinzett View Post
    Sorry but this is a RIDICULOUS thread!!! I am only answering it because it is stupid. Firstly I do not see Cloud as Gay (strange yes) but Gay no. Also does it really matter what his sexual orientation is? The game is awesome and so is Cloud so who gives a toss if he takes it up the shitter?
    Sorry, but did you read what I've written in my first post?
    It's more about FANFICTIONS than about Cloud's sexual orientation.
    Meaning: People who write about Cloud being gay and loving Sephiroth. Just to make it clear: Cloud loves either Tifa or Aeris, whoever the gamer likes more. But there ARE fans who say that Cloud only loves Sephiroth. Or Vincent. Or another MALE character.
    Of course it doesn't matter to the game. This isn't a dating SIM game in which you have to choose whom Cloud shall love at the end of the game.
    BUT still, some people care about it. Just search for fanfictions.

    And, sorry I have to say that, if you don't like to read those fanfictions, you won't be able to discuss in this thread. It is, I'll say it once again, about fanfictions about this topic.
    (And sorry if I sounded offensive. But I think I was at least a BIT offended by your post.)

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    Re: Cloud loves.... Sephiroth ?!?!

    I just see it as an excuse to make rude jokes, like they do on Videogame Recaps.

    Also, there is a bit of gay innuendo in the game itself, if you have ever gone into the Group Room (or was it the #%&* room?) in the Honeybee Inn, with Mukki and all his friends. Ooo-err! :/
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    Re: Cloud loves.... Sephiroth ?!?!

    I doubt that Cloud was gay.

    I don't read fanfiction, i prefer to just get involved in a game unless the story has some decent material to it, then i would read.

    If they did make Cloud gay though, that'd be awesome, and i'd see him pair up with Reno ... that would just = HOT!!

    And no i don't think you're wrong or being ignorant, everyone loves their own characters, or would just like to see them the way the games have portrayed them, so you are allowed your opinion just like everyone else

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    Re: Cloud loves.... Sephiroth ?!?!

    Silly yaoi fangirls. If there are at least two guys, that are somewhat attractive, it doesn't matter whether or not they're brothers, friends, enemies, or even complete strangers, they're gonna be shipped together.

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    Re: Cloud loves.... Sephiroth ?!?!

    I dunno... Cloud was kinda close with Zack, after all. Who knows what went on at night, the parts of the story that the game(s) WASN'T/WEREN'T showing us? Yes, he did seem to have a thing for Aerif and Tifa-kind of, occasionally-but maybe that just means he was bi.

    They've always been awfully obsessed with each other, after all. Even in games where they aren't the main characters like the Kingdom Hearts series, they can't leave each other alone. And Sephiroth is always talking about giving Cloud "gifts," and he's even given him a little pet name: "Puppet."

    Really, I think there might be a little Fo Yay going on here.

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    I don't know am i too late to share my thoughts i as a straight guy am open to any good fanfictions of any of my favorite characters in gaming,anime,manga & Final Fantasy & yes even yuri & yaoi like i said I'm pretty much open to any good fanfictions of any of my favorite characters in gaming,anime,manga & Final Fantasy of any genres of any good fanfictions of any of my favorite characters in gaming,anime,manga & Final Fantasy even though I'm a straight guy if that makes sense.

    Sorry for repeats anyway it doesn't matter what pairing it is to me no i don't know should i hide this about me or not anyway that's just how i feel about fanfictions &/or my thoughts of yaoi pairings & of course if i choose to read any fanfictions of any of my favorite characters in gaming,anime,manga & Final Fantasy .
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    Cloudiroth? Yeah, I ship that, haha.

    There's really not too much in the game to support it, unless, I suppose, you try to evade any romance with anyone through the game.

    I still think the "Night under the Highwind" with Tifa happens anyway, but still.

    Honestly, while you could make a case that Cloud is a lover scorned, I think his anger came from many reasons, like seeing his childhood hero fall from grace. Of course, there's some vengeance in there, but sure, I'd ship it, haha.
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