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Thread: who is your favorite FF4 character? Why?

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    Kain's love slave ;) who is your favorite FF4 character? Why? Holly Highwind's Avatar
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    who is your favorite FF4 character? Why?

    I didnt see one of these recent and I saw that we should try not to post in really old topics so I thought Id do a new one!

    Who is your favorite FF4 character and why is that person your favorite?

    Mine is probably obvious, I love Kain the most. Hes so dark and brooding and theres something attractive about that. I love how he continues to struggle against Cecil and how everything about him gets explained in the story. I dont want to ruin it if you havent played it
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    Yeah, Kain's mysterious and reserved nature is attractive. He's a badass.

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    I would have to say Rydia. I love how she starts out being a child, then grows to be a teenager in just a month of game time.

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    Rydia grows to be the most powerful character in the game really fast, which is really cool. An expert black mage and a summoner, plus having an awesome fashion taste is awesome.

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    Rydia because she's cute and strong and then she turns into Hot and Unstoppable.
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    Damn straight. Plus she uses a whip.

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    I always had a hard time choosing between Cecil and Kain. I liked them both originally because of their artwork and sprite work, but in every rpg or fantasy style game I've played my favourite class was a paladin. And the fact that Cecil goes from a bad ass Dark Knight to my favourite class I gotta pick Cecil.

    I do wish you had an option though to switch back and forth; I liked the look of the Dark Knight better.

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