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Thread: Thoughts on the job system...

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    Thoughts on the job system...

    First, I want to say that I think the job system was a great idea! It's neat to be able to swap and combine earned abilities to shape a character to the player's will. And it makes Final Fantasy V that much more of an interesting game. I love the graphics (playing off of Steam), the music, the game play, and the overall story. That said, I have only one negative thought to post here - the slow advancement of the job classes. I am having such a great time playing FFV, I am currently at the Library of the Ancients. And I first opted to raise my job levels as needed (i.e. if I can't use a certain level black magic spell, why advance my characters to the ability to use those spells. When it comes to earning AP to advance the jobs, I have been trying to explore the world to find the best - and most efficient - way to earn AP in a timely manner. I have done some grinding, but honestly it's taking a while to increase job levels. I am curious as to what the higher levels will offer!

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    Let me use your Black Magic class as an example.

    Sure, you can stop at the level your spells are at. In a way, you are using your points efficiently, since you can use different jobs while still casting Black Magic spells once that level has been mastered. But if you continue on with the Black Magic job, you can gain the passive skill MP+30%.

    All jobs grant you some perk for mastering them completely. Whether it is the use of passive skills, the ability to equip different weapons or armor on classes that do not normally have them, or spells to use while playing as a different job. I won't spoil you on what each one does, though. So, continue the story and earn the AP necessary to master those jobs.
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    Thank you so much for replying to my thread! And I appreciate your advice, including not saying what the eventual perks of each job will be! (haha) My one and only frustration with FFV is the fact that battles give only 1 or 2 AP per fight where I am at (Library of the Ancients), so trying to raise my job levels is a bit of a chore. It takes a long time to get enough to raise just one level. Again, this is my only problem with this game!

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    The job system was decent, but like all older FF games, you really had to grind to get the most out of it. It wasn't my favorite, because when I first played FFV, I was too young to really know how to best manage my characters. I had way too much of a happy puppy mentality, where I would just move to whatever was new, because it was new. I never really mastered anything.

    I should give it another try
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    I am currently at the Library of the Ancients, can someone please recommend a useful strategy to earn AP points? I would like to advance my characters, but with regular random battles, I am getting only 1 or 2 AP per battle.

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