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Thread: Final Fantasy V: Legend of The Crystals - I'm gonna play this some

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    Final Fantasy V: Legend of The Crystals - I'm gonna play this some

    I'm gonna stream this now.

    It was funny, the translator who worked on the original FF5 fan translation, harmony7, answered a thread one day on RHDN, and I met him and talked to him a while, just for giggles. A certain phrase he had made Bartz' catch phrase in FF5 had inspired me to do my first mod project, and he and I seemed to hit it off. I wanted to go through and correct some typos/remove some swearing/add a few GBA lines and such, and he provided me with the table files to do it, and got permission from Barubary as well, as I understood it.

    I'll put it on if you wanna check it out. Some say it is one of the better pieces I've come up with, and it is generally tamer in language, though I'm not sure if a 'damn' or 'hell' might've got through.

    Visit me now at Twitch, I'm playin' it.

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    I stream Bloodborne, FFXIV, and occasionally other games.

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    Fuck off.

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    Wasn't sure if this was supposed to be in General Chat or under Final Fantasy V. I have moved it, but if this was wrong send me a visitor message and I'll pop it back!

    Planning on any more streaming?

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    I'm doing it now, yeah. I do it every day, mostly just putting up a still image and playing rock records...I dunno. I don't want to do it the way everyone else does it...? I dunno.


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