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Thread: Warriors of Light, retold

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    Warriors of Light, retold

    Ok so because I'm mainly a masochist, and partially because I love story telling, world building, acting, and the sort, I have found four of my friends (three of whom never have never played tabletop in their lives, and all four whom have never even played through the first final fantasy) who will become the Warriors of Light, as I'm going to DM them through a (mostly on the rails) campaign of FF1. Some help from fellow veterans here would be marvelous.

    We are going to use the Pathfinder system, and I found a nice Homebrew of final fantasy stuff to add in (search FFD20 if interested). I think the plan is to take them from the town of Corneria and start from the top.

    I've been doing a play through of FF1 just to catch back up with storyline and such, but I've noticed there have been a lot of plot that seems thin or skipped entirely. For that I had questions on. Why did Garland kidnap princess Sarah in the first place? 2000 years ago, he made a deal to release the fiends into the future (to 200 years before FF1 starts), and upon that, the fiends give him the power to..go back through time or something? The whole time loop part of the game I didn't really understand, can someone clarify?

    Also, what other things should I throw in the game to keep the story fresh and interesting? Anything you guys wanna recommend that would fit in well with the ff1 setting?

    I won't be starting the campaign for a bit, but once it starts I'll update this thread regularly, for my own sake if nothing else but gimme your ideas and I'll do what I can to incorporate them in
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    Pretty sure you have to account for Dissidia on this Chaos/Garland topic.


    Chaos sends Fiends to Future to send Garland back in time to become Chaos.

    iirc, Dissidia shows Chaos being it's own person and Garland not being the same being.

    Time-loops man.

    As for why he kidnapped Sarah????????!

    Never explained, it can be speculated that he kidnapped her because she didn't love him but he loved her? Ransom because the King and him used to be friends and took Sarah for something?

    Maybe the Fiends got to him and had him steal her and her Lute.

    For your story you can put that part in simple terms and it'll prob be ignored later in the campaign just as people kinda ignore him kidnapping her by the end.


    Can we ping T.G. in here to just explain it?
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