Many of you know the many releases, re-releases, remake enhancements of both games that are out in existence. I've been thinking about getting the 2-in-1 pack on a famicom cart for a long while and would like to re-experience both games. What is your preference on owning Final Fantasy I & II, do you like having them together in a 2-in-1 pack (choosing to play either game within the cart)? or do you like owning them individually where both games are on individual carts, discs, or mobile app?

I like owning them as a 2-in-1 in any release where they are bundled together in a form of media for convenience of being able to choose between the two games without having to swap them out, and to save up space on whatever cases I use to hold my games and lug them around and I don't have to worry about losing either one of the games around as long as I keep it with me, although that does increase the risk of losing both altogether since they are packed into 1 game and if anything happens to the cartridge, you can end up losing both games, even with that, I still prefer having them packed into 1 cart or disc.