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Thread: I miss Princess Sara.

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    I miss Princess Sara.

    I'm not goin into the stupid Marsh Cave, it smells like crap down there, there's probably a million kinds of killer slime that swords can't damage, and we can't restore our MP in this FF, and we don't have a Silver Sword yet, and I don't care if it's called a Mythril Sword in this version, I liked the NES version

    I wanna go back to Castle Corneria and marry Princess Sara, damn Garland's timeloop bs. Let the dang world collapse, I wanna go home. I'm tired of this adventure.

    ...Said nobody in FF ever.

    Thoughts on the "Refusal of the Call" to adventure? It is a plot device that crops up in Fantasy from time to time, starting with Bilbo being roped into the journey to Rivertown and his subsequent get-together with Smaug the Fire Breathing Dragon. Dang it, Gandalf, the man just wants his nine meals a day.

    What say ye? TFF, do you know of any who were not quite ready to go gallivanting?

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    You need to drink some good cider, then hit on some dancers and all will be well.

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