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Thread: Catchall Final Fantasy III discussion

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    Catchall Final Fantasy III discussion

    Final Fantasy III is an overlooked masterpiece when it comes to the FF series. When people talk about the Final Fantasy series, it's usually about games like FF7, FF13, and even the upcoming FFXV that is coming out. Now a lot of you may have never played Final Fantasy III, let me fill you in on the history of this one in particular.

    Final Fantasy III (not to be confused with the US Final Fantasy III for the Super Nintendo which is really the 6th FF in the series) was originally released in 1990 for the Famicom. Final Fantasy III returns to it's original roots after a lot of people were disappointed with Final Fantasy IIj's system. It plays more like the original Final Fantasy title with the traditional leveling up system and it also introduced the changeable job classes where each class came with a unique skill to that job class, unlike Final Fantasy V, you couldn't equip the skills with other job classes.

    Years later, Final Fantasy III saw a remake for the DS, and make it's debut to western shores for the first time in 2006 (US) and a year later elsewhere. The remake features updated graphics, a remastered soundtrack, side-quests, and a mognet system where you receive messages from some of the game's characters, it also has a different beginning story, adding background stories for the 4 characters of the game, it also has a quicksave feature so you can come back to where you're at in the game when you need to turn it off at a point where you can't save your game. The remake of FFIII eventually was ported to mobile devices (smartphones/tablets) and then later the PSP, followed by a steam release.

    EDIT: Here's what the game's story is about:
    Four warriors of light venture into a cave, they happen upon the crystal of wind which tells them that darkness is threatening the world and they must visit the other crystals to gain their powers and stop the darkness.

    Now that I have covered the history of Final Fantasy III, those who have played this one in particular, what was your favorite part about the game? What was your least favorite? Last of all, what is your job class of choice?

    My favorite part about Final Fantasy III is messing with the job classes, figuring out which one suits me the best for getting through the storyline and being able to take down monsters and boss fights. I also liked the light-hearted atmosphere the game gives off with it’s exploration and soundtrack. Final Fantasy III is still a new experience for me as I’m still learning about the game and I never have beat it before. I did, however, make it all the way to the final dungeon this time around.

    My least favorite part of the game
    is having to battle monsters with characters in mini status. It puts me at a disadvantage and forces me to use magic which you don’t have too many of at the point of the game the scenario happens at. It happens again in a later portion of the storyline but you have more magic at your disposal by then so it's not as bad, but it isn't a fun experience for me.
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