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    Zone of the Enders

    I see this game on the store shelves from time to time. I understand it's developed by Konami who also made the acclaimed Metal Gear series and it originally debuted on PS2, then received a PS3 HD remake release, and then got remade to the PS4. I may have looked into it in the past but I don't know too much about the game. To those who have played this series, would you recommend Zone of the Enders? What is it that you like about the game? and what is the main draw to these games (meaning what makes these games good?)
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    ZOE is a very touching game. The story is very beautiful as well as for the music. The gameplay is original and very dynamic. The graphics of the game are great. One of the first games released on PS2 which I'm not ready to get tired of. It has a very strong and captivating nostalgia that forces me to play it again. A very good game. To have absolutely.

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