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Thread: Your Top Ten List (Descriptive!)

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    Your Top Ten List (Descriptive!)

    As with the other descriptive stickied threads, posts which do not contain ample descriptions will be deleted on sight. Thank you.

    To begin, I'd like to request that you put some details into your post as opposed to a simple list. Explain to us WHY that game is on your list and WHY you think we should play it.


    10. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - This was very difficult to decide. So many games deserving to be on this list, and in the end it boiled down to a debate between this or Final Fantasy Tactics. In the end I decided to go with my man Link and what is, unquestionably, the greatest game in the Zelda series. This game had so many new features, it amazes me how we went from Link to the Past to this. The game is great, the soundtrack is spectacular, and this deserves to be on everyone's list in my opinion!

    9. Super Smash Bros. Melee - The fun times I've had playing this game, both alone and with others. There is nothing more satisfying than having a four-person free-for-all where you pwn them all with Mr. Game and Watch. Sure, I've never done that myself, but I can imagine. I highly anticipate the next Smash Brothers game shaking up this list as much as this game did.

    8. Final Fantasy IV - And this begins the run of RPGs. Seven of my top ten fall into the RPG category, and this one is just as deserving as those that come before it. Growing up I beat this game so many times I could play it in my sleep. The characters captured my mind and heart, and Zeromus is still one of the hardest final bosses I've ever faced. I still get sad every time the twins petrify themselves to save the party... : (

    7. Chrono Trigger - Those of you who have played this game understand why this is here. You can play this game over and over and never have it be exactly the same each time through. The music is wonderful, the characters are great, and who doesn't like multiple endings? Plus you travel in time! <3!

    6. Goldeneye - Once upon a time this game was in my top five. Two games have knocked it out of there forever, but this game is still my favorite multiplayer game of all time! I almost always win the Marksmanship Award, because I'm just that good. I willingly accept all challenges put forth! I suck at most FPS games, but here I am God!

    5. Final Fantasy XI - Oh yes, this should come as no surprise. This game is...addictive. I've gone a year now without playing it, and that hurts. I want to have a computer capable of playing this game, but for now I have to settle with what I've got. You better believe that once I can get on, I'll be in the game leveling like a madman. Nobody beats the Red Mage! I'm a soloing king!

    4. Final Fantasy VI - I am sad to see this great game drop out of the top three. It has been there since 1994, which is a VERY long time. What isn't there to love about this game? Fourteen playable characters, not counting those you control very briefly like Banon, Biggs, and Wedge. A witty octopus, enraged espers, and KEFKA! Plus this has my favorite soundtrack of all time. This game may no longer be in my top three, but it will forever hold a place in my heart.

    3. Dragon Warrior IV - Again, this game has fallen from the spot where it had been since 1993. A very great RPG, the final great RPG released on the Nintendo. I love how the game begins with different "chapters", each one following different members of your party. Your hero isn't even introduced until Chapter Five begins. Add in a casino and a dragon and you've got a winning combination. Seriously, play this game! There is a reason it still sells for $50!

    2. Final Fantasy - I know, you are all SHOCKED to see this one here at #2. After all, it has DOMINATED this list of mine since 1990. Not anymore. While the graphics and sound and story are all subpar compared with anything today, the thing I love most about this game is the replay value. No two trips through the game will be the same because you can customize your group. And that, my friends, is the winning formula for a great game in my mind.

    1. Seiken Densetsu 3 - If you talk to me at all, you've likely heard about how amazingly great this game is. Seriously, this game took the greatness of Final Fantasy's customization and went pro with it! Three different storylines, six characters to choose from to make your group of three, seven classes for each character. What isn't there to like? This game is easily one of the most difficult games I've ever played. The bosses are challenging, even when you are slightly overleveled. The limitation on items and the system of leveling forces you to choose wisely, adding strategy to the game. The tech attacks are amazing. The graphics are wonderful. The soundtrack is pleasant, although nothing compared to FFVI. Did I mention difficulty? The final boss was a half hour battle. Death embraced me many times along the way, and I loved it every time. A challenge is exactly what was needed, and this game delivers on EVERYTHING. The only fault I can find that irritated me was the AI is still rather stupid at times, but that should be expected. After all, this is still an old game. : )
    OLD SKOOL - A positive appellation referring to when things weren't flashy but empty of substance, were done by hard work, didn't pander to the lowest common denominator, and required real skill. Labour-saving devices, shortcuts that reduce quality and quitting before the task is done are not characteristics of "old skool."

    In reference to computer games, refers to a game that had substantial playability without flashy graphics or eye candy. Old skool gamers appreciate difficult maneuvers, careful planning, and scorched earth policies.

    In reference to role-playing games, old skool refers to games that tested players' wits, could kill off careless characters, and required dedication and inner strength to play. Old skool games didn't pander to the ideas that everyone is created equal, that all options are open to all races, that the markets were somehow free, and that a quasi-medieval society could have near 100% literacy.

    See also classic.

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    I absolutely love the idea of this thread, and mainly because of the descriptive part of it and so...


    Anyway AT ALL, whom posts a description of their favourite game that is a short two liner, shall be warned. Let's respect psiko and his thread, shall we?

    My favourite series is Silent Hill as many of you know, and so each of the games make it onto my list.

    10. Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2
    Console: PS2.
    Graphics: 9/10
    Soundtrack: 8/10
    Gameplay: 8/10
    Replay value: 10/10
    Genre of game: Racing.
    This game is utterly fantastic, I enjoy each aspect of it. I remember I first got this when I got a PlayStation 2, years ago. At first, I didn't bother with it, but then after a while, I got into it. I instantly loved it, and played it to the very end. The wonderful thing about this game is how you can just race through different scenery. Another great thing is that all of the cars are sports cars. (I love sports cars).

    9. Project Zero II: The Crimson Butterfly
    Console: PS2.
    Graphics: 7/10
    Soundtrack: 6/10
    Gameplay: 8/10
    Replay value: 8/10
    Genre of game: Survival Horror.
    This is a fantastic game in which you, the main character, have a twin sister. Both the sisters go through half of the game together, and the chatacter that you play, (Mio), uses a camera as a weapon. Both being mediums, they can sense when ghosts are near, and as they get lost into an ancient village, they realise it holds a terrible curse in which they can't seemingly escape. The village is home to hundreds of ghosts to which will attempt to attack and kill you. You use the camera to take picture of these beings to defeat them. The games are based in Japan which furthers my liking for this game.

    8. Metal Gear Solid
    Console: PSX.
    Graphics: 5/10
    Soundtrack: 8/10
    Gameplay: 10/10
    Replay value: 10/10
    Genre of game: Tactical Espionage.
    Ah the original Metal Gear Solid. I loved this game ever since I played it when it first came out. I must have finished it about one hundred times over! I've finished it in about 5 hours and 45 minutes, if I remember correctly. You play as Solid Snake, a man on a mission to stop a nuclear weapon from being launched. The game stills amazes me to this day, and is much better than it's follow-ons.

    7. Resident Evil 2
    Console: PSX.
    Graphics: 5/10
    Soundtrack: 5/10
    Gameplay: 8/10
    Replay value: 6/10
    Genre of game: Survival horror.
    I prefer this game to the first and third, as it focuses a lot more on character developement, something in which I like a lot of. I've always enjoyed horror games and so I try to get my hands on as many good series' as possible. I like Resident Evil a lot, although I feel sometimes gameplay and replay value can be low after a while. This definately isn't the type of game that I could play again and again without fail. I find the game a little repetitive sometimes, and tedious as it usually contains a lot of doing the same thing. Great game all around, though.

    6. Project Zero
    Console: PS2
    Graphics: 7/10
    Soundtrack: 6/10
    Gameplay: 8/10
    Replay value: 8/10
    Genre of game: Survival horror.
    This is the prequal to Project Zero II: Crimson Butterfly. The game focuses a lot more of character developement, and it features Miku Hinasaki, who is looking for her brother after he disappears inside of an old Japanese mansion, looking for his idol, a journal, whom also disappeared inside of the mansion days before. The girl is a medium, as is her brother, and you must play as Miku Hinasaki, who discovers many terrible things about the mansion and it's history.
    They're are many many puzzles in this game, and like the other game, it is very important to snap shots of ghosts for extra points and so you can survive. There are many aspects of the story, and it's a very touching gaming experience. My favourite story in this game is the one between the Rope Shrine Maiden and a man she fell in love with. After having been isolated and trapped inside for most of her life, the Rope Shrine Maiden meets a male visitor to whom she falls deeply in love with. As they grow close, and their love grows ever stronger, monks whom disapprove of the relationship take away the man and kill him. The Rope Shrine Maiden is heartbroken after being told her left the mansion, but she soon discovered the truth of his disapearence. The Rope Shrine Maiden often haunts the mansion, crying for her lost love. The ironic thing is, Miku's brother looks exactly like her lost love, and so she wishes to keep him there confined inside of the mansion because she thinks that Miku's brother is her love. Some of the ghost appearences can be very upsetting, for example, a lady who often haunts the mansion, wailing for her eyes, that have been gouged from their sockets. As for the last game, the enviroment graphics are great, but the character graphics are not.

    5. Parasite Eve II
    Console: PSX.
    Graphics: 8/10
    Soundtrack: 7/10
    Gameplay: 10/10
    Replay value: 10/10
    Genre of game: Survival horror/RPG mix.
    This is one of my favourite games of all time. Parasite Eve is a horror based RPG adventure that focuses on Aya Brea, a lady with extremely high Neo-Mitchrondria. The storylines are tough to understand the first play round, but if you replay it a few times the whole story fits easily into place. There is not a single thing I would change about this fantastic gaming experience, although I do think it could've been made longer. I've finished this game many many times and seemingly never get bored with it. I recommend this to ANYONE who likes a little tinge of horror mixed with adventure.

    4: Silent Hill 4: The Room
    Console: PS2.
    Graphics: 10/10
    Soundtrack: 10/10
    Gameplay: 9/10
    Replay value: 8/10
    Genre of game: Psycological horror.
    This game is one of my favourite games ever. You play as Herny Townshend, a man whom is trapped inside of his apartment. After having started to have bad dreams, Henry discovers he is locked up inside his apartment. The windows are locked and he cannot open them, the door has been chained up frm the inside, the electrical appliances do not work and the water in his apartment is not running. Nobody can even hear him when he yells... After experiencing these horrific nightmares in which horrendous murders take place, Henry discovers a large hole set into the wall of his bathroom. In awe and confusion, he wonders if this is the way to escape, and so he crawls through it. Sometime later, he wakes up on a subway escalator. In confusion, he wanders along, knowing this is the wrong place to be. He meets a young woman named Cynthia, to whom he decided to go along with. He finds many strange holes in this game, and whenever he enters through them, he awakens in his bedroom to which he is again, shrouded in confusion...

    3: Silent Hill
    Console: PSX.
    Graphics: 4/10
    Soundtrack: 10/10
    Gameplay: 9/10
    Replay value: 8/10
    Genre of game: Pscological horror.
    Even though it's been years since I was able to play this game, it has always been a favourite. I played the first Silent Hill back in '99 with my sister. At the time, the new graphics of this game absolutely terrified us, but the game was so addictive and amazing... we just couldn't stop playing it! Silent Hill focuses on a man name Harry, who takes his adopted daughter Cheryl on vacation to the torrist town of Silent Hill. As they drive to Silent Hill, a girl seemingly appears in the middle of the road. Harry swerves the car to miss her, and crashes. When he awakens, Cheryl is missing. Harry sets off to find her, discovering these the town is home to an array of disgusting, frightening creature that seem obssessed with killing Harry. This game is very emotional. Harry's need to find his duaghter is fantastic, and scenes with nurse, Lisa are quite upsetting. This is the only Silent Hill game to be on the PSX.

    2: Silent Hill 3
    Console: PS2.
    Graphics: 8/10
    Soundtrack: 10/10
    Gameplay: 10/10
    Replay value: 10/10
    Genre of game: Psycological horror.
    This is the only Silent Hill to have ever featured a female main character, although there is talk of the re-release of Silent Hill 1, to which Harry will be a female. Silent Hill 3 is set on Heather, a spunky and witty seventeen year old girl with a strange past. If you have played Silent Hill 1, you will love this game, as it is somewhat of a sequel to it. Heather must find her way home, and when she gets home, she finds something horrible waiting for her. Telling you would just spoil it, though. Heather sets off to Silent Hill on a vow for revenge and when she gets there, she realises Silent Hill is even more of a devastating place than the mall and subway she escape was. This story is based loosely emotionally on Silent Hill 1, as Heather is Harry's adopted daughter. Confused? Play Silent Hill 1 and then 3. This game is simply fantastic.

    Last by not least!

    1. Silent Hill 2
    Console: PS2.
    Graphics: 8/10
    Soundtrack: 10/10
    Gameplay: 10/10
    Replay value: 9/10
    Genre of game: Psycological horror.
    Silent Hill 2 is by far the most touching game I have ever played. James Sunderlands' life is shattered after his young wife suffers a tragic death. The game focuses on James' wants and needs that go unfulfilled due to the death of his wife, which create all of his personal demons. James receives a letter one day, from his wife, telling him to go to Silent Hill to their "Special Place". James, although reluctant as to if the letter is a hoax, heads off to Silent Hill. There are many endings, but none of the endings say if James survived out of Silent Hill or not. In the endings of the games, James is unable to overcome his emotional meltdown, and chooses his next path of life. James cannot forgive himself in the game, because of things he did to his wife, and the way he treated her and took her for granted while she was alive. Some say James went to Silent Hill to attempt to apologise to his wife for all of the horrible things he put her through. Silent Hill 2 is very open ended sometimes, leaving many of the story to the players' imagination, which is something I love. Having my own personal belief on the game is fantastic. I feel that James is the most "real" game character I have ever had the pleasure to play as... You truly feel his emotional pain, as his movement and body language display his depression and lonliness. His sins in Silent Hill are somewhat repented, depending on which ending you receive... but my favourite ending for James is ...
    In Water; where, under agreat emotional stress, committs suicide to be with his wife once more.

    Many feel, including myself, that James may have gone to Silent Hill, subconsiously understanding his wrongs... And that he was just looking for a ...
    Place to die.

    That's my list... and it took ****ing ages!

    The person in my avatar is me.


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    10. FinalFantasy Tactics Advance- This game was pretty easy but enjoyable. I liked the new classes and all but the law system was annoying but it put more difficulty in the game. The secret characters were well worth getting and the missions were fun to do.

    9. Fire emblem path of radiance- Boyd is my favorite in this game casue he is very strong and has awesome hp. It was very fun to play with all the new character, awesome graphics, new classes such as the beasts and hawks. Even after you beat the game you can still fight and do extra maps. Lots of strategy is invlolved. And the weopen customization was very useful later on.

    8. Prince of persia sands of time- This was a awesome game. The fighting was very good and you could do some useful moves such as jump over your enemy and attack him or suck him up in your dagger. The puzzles were very fun to do and running on walls is too sweet. And if you make a mistake or die you can always rewind using the dagger.

    7. Fire Emblem Sacred Stones- Joshua is the best swordmaster and my favorite character in this game. Again you need to use a lot of startegy so your characters dont die. There are also arenas so you can level up and gain money but if you over abuse the arena you might lose a character and money. You can play 2 storys in this game and both have there challenges.There is also the tower of valani and the ruin which you can level up in if you dont like the arena.

    6. Fire emblem blazing sword- My favorite character is hector casue hes the best lord and the best period. I liked this game better than Sacred stones cause there was no cheap leveling in between like in sacred stones. Here you require much more strategy and its also harder to level up. Arena abuse is bad as ever. Here you have 3 main characters. There are also 3 storys to play from. Hectors story is the hardest and most rewarding casue there are more chapter to play from including gaiden chapters.

    5. Final fantasy X- The graphics were amazing and the gameplay even better. I loved the gameplay and the ability to see whos going after you this turn and such. The sphere grid was a change for the best. It was awesome. The story was ok but not bad. There are 7 characters to choose from who you want in battle. The ability to learn each others skills was really cool and for the best.

    4. Fire emblem sealed sword- This is my favorite fire emblem game and my favorite character is rutger becasue hes a swordmaster and gets hard mode bonus. After he promotes he has a 40 critical with a iron sword!!! with the Wou Dou he can have 80 critical and with some support bonus's it can be as high as 90. But the actual reason i like this game is that its the hardest of all the fire emblem game (out of the 4 mentioned). Each map is seize the throne and it pretty hard to keep everyone alive and still beat the map and on hard mode its like hell. You can have multiple endings and can get a few extra chapters and face the dark dragon if you got all the seven legendary wepeons. And after you beat the game you can do some extra maps and get new characters. If you beat the game 9 times then you can get all the characters such as eliwood and hector.

    3. Tales of symphonia- This has got to be one of the best games ive ever played. The gameplay is amazing and very fun. You can use a handful of techs and you learn new ones after you level up. The story is good with a twist. When you think you've reached the end its just the begining. There are 9 characters in the game that are playable. But you can only have 8 characters in your party. That means you need to choose between the path you choose. The boss battles are fairly hard that is if you dont over level. And mania modes is the hardest difficulty, all enemies have 2x more everything. The puzzles are pretty easy but can be confusing at times. There are lots of things to explore and see like getting all cooking recipies, getting all titles, getting all weopons and ect. Even if you havent heard of this game before i suggest you buy it casue it is a very fun game.

    2. tales of the abyss- I had a very hard time trying to choose whether it should be #1 or #2. I guess it kinda ties for #1 but wutever. This game is like tales of symphonia but 10x better. There are more likeable characters, a better main character, better story, the skits arent boring they are more funny, and the gameplay has improved. Now if your playing multiplayer the camera doesnt just focus on player1 but instead it zooms out so everyone can see where they are and what there are doing. There is also a AD skill called free run. This allows you to run freely around the battle area rather than just in one straight line. Cooking is also back and that never a bad thing. The story is also awesome. The last boss is also a shocker. I never expected that. And the animated scenes are buetiful. This game is very well worth it to look in to. I have it imported but the english version is coming around oct.

    1. Final Fantasy Tactics- The greatest final fantasy game ever. The story is the best ever. There are alot of characters to choose from and there are so many jobs to choose from. There is alot of strategy involved and make the wrong choice your party member may be gone forever. There are missions to choose from and weopen/item shops. There are also secret characters such as cloud in the game. There are alot of special classes in the game like Holy knight, Divine knight, soilder,ect. The strongest class is cids class, holy swordsman. After you get cid the game is much to easy and the strategy is, CID. But for people looking for a challenge they leave cid and fight with your normal party. People betray you and go against you. The boss battles of very hard and sometimes you would feel like quiting. This game is hard but very good and i highly recomend it.

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    #10 Super Smash Bros. Melee - The character selection is great. And the massive replay value make this game amazing. Just thinking of a 4 person Free-For-All makes me tingle.

    #9 Suikoden - From I to V and Tactics. Although I haven't played V yet. Or I and II. >.> I have III and IV and Tactics. Though, I love the stories and the characters. I also like the soundtracks and the massive amount of characters you can use. (The 108 stars.) It's fun recruiting all the characters.

    #8 Guilty Gear - The whole series. From the original game to XX Slash. The story of all the inter-twining characters is absorbing and the soundtrack is great. All the different one-hit kill moves are funny and cool to see. My favorite characters are Chipp Zanuff, Dizzy, and Baiken.

    #7 Baten Kaitos - The story is very good. There is a huge plot twist that you won't expect. The card battling system is very fun. Even the sidequests are very long and fun as well. All in all, my favorite character is Syvena.

    #6 Soul Calibur: Again, the whole series. Soul Blade, Soul Calibur 1, 2, and 3. The characters are well designed. The voice acting is pretty decent. One of the most likeable characters in my opinion is Cassandra. Her quick wit and sly tongue make the game that much more fun. Creating your own character in SC3 is a very nice touch as well, except I think they could have made it deeper.

    #5 Final Fantasy Tactics: Compelling, dramatic story. Deep, strategic battles. Moving soundtrack. What more could someone ask for? There's also the aspect of unlocking Cloud and all the other characters.

    #4 Tekken: The whole series. From 1 to 5/Dark Resurrection. The characters’ stories are original and some are downright funny. The fighting engine relies on combos. The way they allow you to customize the characters outfits is great. Favorite characters are King and Asuka.

    #3 Xenogears: Easily the deepest RPG I have ever played aside from Final Fantasy Tactics. Not only are there anime cutscenes, but the story is forever embedded into your mind. The characters and soundtrack are amazing.

    #2 SNK: The whole series. King of Fighters, Samurai Shodown, Last Blade, Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting. The stories are the most compelling that I’ve ever seen in any fighting games. The characters are easily likeable. Personally, my favorite characters are Mai, Kyo, Rock, Yuri, Shiki and Hibiki.

    #1 Seiken Densetsu 3: Knocked off the previous spot because of the sheer difficulty and customization depth they went into when making this game. As you can tell, my favorite character is Angela. The close second would have to be Duran. This game is so great, I’m going to make a webcomic out of it.

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    My this is definitely going to be hard for me to decide.

    10. Tales of Legendia

    One of my more recent purchases and my introduction to the Tales series, so it definitely has a special place for me. I have not played a game with such a moving casting of characters all with their own deep backstories that are emotionally charged. I literally cried several times playing through the second half of the story. It was also one of the most unique experiences of my gaming career where you could play after you saved the world. It definitely was a thrilling experience, however tortured I was at times.

    9. Shadow of the Colossus

    I'm heavily RPG biased, heck half of my collection of PSone/PS2 games are RPGs. So Shadow of the Colossus even being on the radar really says how much I love this game. If it was not for all of the other RPGs, it might have been closer. From the beautiful scenery to the simple but moving story of the man trying to revive the girl he loves and sacrificing everything to the purpose, to the boss fights with the colossus that make you think and really take in the scale and scope of the what you are. Truly a beautiful game to play.

    8. Dragon Quest VIII

    This was my introduction to the DQ series and definitely the best game to start off on I think. While I have not played the others in the series obviously, if they are anything like DQVIII I would love them. The thing that got me into it from the start was the characters and the personalities that the monsters had. It might seem simple, but the animations the monsters had really gave them character and personality that made the game all that more enjoy to play. While is it not nearly as compelling as the Final Fantasy series for story or some of the other RPG stories, it has liveliness and personality that make its endearing to all.

    7. Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time

    This was one of the hardest decisions so far, I love this game. And probably I would want to tie it with several other games but it narrowly comes in seventh. Not my first Zelda game, but definitely the best one in the series for me. There is no other Zelda yet, I say yet because Twilight Princess may take its place, will come close to the how the game was meant to be. The original SNES versions started with Ocarina made a reality. This game will always stand the test of time as a great all around game for anyone to enjoy.

    6. Kingdom Hearts 2

    I love Kingdom Hearts, but Kingdom Hearts 2 came along and just did everything ten times better. They improved everything and made battles even more fun than they were before. It also concluded the story that was begun by the original which also has a special place in my heart for that. While I not fond of the Disney side, it does bring something to the game that is truly a fun and enjoyable experience. I will always enjoy the battles in this game.

    5. Xenosaga Trilogy

    While I cannot really say Trilogy because it is three games, I personally prefer to think of them as one game that was split into three for poor reasons. This the pale comparision and successor to one of the great RPGs ever, Xenogears. Though I will say that Xenosaga III redemned itself in ways that I did not think was actually possible. Thanks to Xenosaga III alone it pushes it spot to fifth. Xenosaga III is truly the best of the trilogy and finishes with the first began. The story is the only reason you play this game because that is the reason of this game, a great epic story that spans the universe.

    4. Civilization II

    Yes, a PC game, and if it was not for RPGs it would be my number one favorite game no contest. The Civilization series has always been a great series of games that while they do not tell a story teach you about history and allow you be Emperor and ruler of the world, your world. You forge your own destiny and conquer the world. It has taken hours of my life away and it deserves such a place.

    3. Final Fantasy X

    For me it was one of my favorites games ever and there is really only one that is truly missing to make it great. It is missing what Final Fantasy IX has, the true fantasy feel that I always enjoy. FFX had a great story and character that you could feel and understand, they were moving and there were plenty of twists throughout that kept you going on. Most may hate Tidus, but I really liked him. It was his story and Yuna's, and I still play it today to listen to their story over and over again.

    2. Xenogears

    A truly epic game that sadly was left incomplete. It had been completed it would be the great RPG and game ever. With so many twists and turns in the story, heavy religious overtones, strong characters, a vast world and combat this game drained my time away until I finished it. I did not even mind watching the two hour cutscenes on the second disc. I was already taken in with the story that I no longer cared. It was what Xenosaga tried to be and came far closer to than I thought possible.

    1. Final Fantasy IX

    This is my first Final Fantasy, and my real introduction into the RPG world. It was where everything began. It was the perfect RPG for me because it gave me want I enjoyed the most, the grand fantasy feeling that reminded me of Tolkien. From the Iifa tree, to Cleyra, to Lindblum and Alexander, the game was the fantasy world that I always loved given life on screen. I will yearly go through and play this game even after having played it. It is one of the few games that I will always return back to visit the world and characters over again just to enjoy and relax. For me this is the perfect game and nothing comes close.
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    Wow, ok this is going to be a long post. Ok, fingers and hands warmed up...drink at the ready in case I feel parched.....ready. Ok here we go:

    10. Counter Strike - Once in awhile who doesn't feel like going online and blasting some guys to relieve some tension? Though I never really like Half-Life, the mods that came out of it were great. This by far being my, and many others, favorite. If not for CS, would people have started saying pwned?

    9. Descent Freespace - Man this game was great. A good storyline to follow and you get to blast aliens into oblivion. Who could ask for more? I tried like hell to get all the medals but could never manage it. >< When they released the expansion that allowed you to create your own battles man did I go nuts!

    8. Resident Evil - Ok, because I never actually played it when it first came out on Playstation I don't know if I am allowed to comment, but when they put this up on the Nintendo Gamecube it looked and played great. I definitely spent a lot of hours trying to avoid getting eaten by zombies.

    7. Call of Duty - Although Medal of Honor kinda pioneered the WWII fps genre, and I enjoyed it very computer screwed up uninstalling MOHAA so I can't play it anymore, which I am still mad about. Though that isn't the only reason I picked COD over MOHAA lol. The graphics are great and the aim-down-the-sight function was a huge help, especially in multiplayer. Beautifully done maps and a good storyline made this my #7.

    6. Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II - Well, if you don't like Star Wars you may want to skip this one. Damn I spent a lot of hours playing this one. I remember getting it in college and progressing through the missions one at a time, getting my butt kicked. Rediculously fun, looks awesome, and plays great. I gotta say, after playing the first SWRS on the N64, I only wanted more. This game really gave me exactly what I wanted..mostly the battle of endor, and blowing the snot out of the second death star. Fun fun!

    5. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Well judging from the popularity of this game on this thread I'm not sure I need to go into great detail on it. Suffice it to say that it is a great, beautiful game that really was the whole reason that I got a N64 in the first place (ok I lied, I really got it for StarFox 64 but that's not my point). Hours and hours of fun. Just wish Ganon was a little harder at the end lol.

    4. Operation Europe - Most of you I'm sure haven't heard of this game for the Super Nintendo, but for my brother and I growing up, this was the most fun game we could find. It was a WWII turn based strategy game that had 6 basic scenarios based on different major battle in the ETO in WWII. Graphics weren't great obviously, and the music was enough to make you suicidal after a while, but damn was it loads of fun annihlating your brother's army with a column of armored battalions supported by heavy artillery.

    3. Lord of the Rings: The Third Age - Being a huge fan of the LOTR trilogy I jumped at the first RPG made of it. It was cool how they made an alternate storyline to coincide with the already very well known LOTR main storyline. It was nice that they actually did their research on it too. Some of the character names used were actually mentioned in the books. Anyway, great looking RPG that is lots of fun to play.

    2. Final Fantasy IX - While I am not really a huge fan of the futuristic FF games, I am hugely addicted to the older style games which SE revisited for this game. Great gameplay and a bunch of sidequests in case you get bored with leveling. Not to mention awesome looking cutscenes! I'm replaying it right now actually, having lots of fun playing around with my chocobo and learning abilities. Good times.

    1. Final Fantasy XI - Ok there is probably something wrong with me, and I probably need to go to counseling or something, but I am addicted to this game. It's been almost three years of playing now and I still have so much to do! That is my main reason for making this my #1 game, you can not ever run out of things to do. You can complete all your nations missions up to rank 10, but then there's the zilart missions, promy runs, synthesis, besieged, ballista, assault, dynamis....yeah I better get started again, I'm not getting anything accomplished making this post! Good thing this is the last game on the list.

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    Heres mine
    sry i could not deside which of a series i like better so i put series name in lol.

    10. Arc Twlight Of The Spirits
    A great game and a good two point story also, the battle system was very strange but i got used to it.

    9. Resident Evil Code Veronica
    This is the first resident evil i played ive played the others after this but i love this one the best, love going into a room not knowing whats in there ZOMBIE AHHHHHHHHHHH.

    8. Metal Gear Solid series
    I cant deside which metal gear i like best i love the whole series even number 2 they rule, i love sneakin around a base killing people either stooting them or with a knife or sword.

    7. Conquer Online
    This game first got me into MMORPG ive beeen playing ever since the game totally rules, the graphics are better than most in this games class, but i love talking with people and fighting them (really i mean owning them lol).

    6. Command And Conquer Series
    I love stagety games a lot C&C is my favorite. I also loved the online shooter C&C Renegade, this was my first online shooter i was a big fan of C&C before playing it so i still play and love it.

    5. Star Ocean 3
    I love Star Ocean nearly as much as Final Fantasy, loved the storyline and the gameplay ruled, the game was very very long which is how i liked it, i liked a lot of the music in the game also they rule.

    4. Ace Combat Series
    Ive been playing ace combat since the playstation 1 i love them all fighter games rule, flying around on a guys tail and blowing his ass out of the sky.

    3. Kingdom hearts
    I think kingdom hearts was a bit on the younger side but i still love it just the same i liked seeing all the FF characters there and i loved fighting with sephiroth that battle ruled.

    2. .Hack Series
    In my personally opinion i though .Hack was just as good as FF the story the characters all the stuff you could do it was totally amazing after playing the series it got my eye on MMORPG which got me playing online.

    1. Final Fantasy Series
    No suprise here FF is the best games ive ever played in my life, i was not really into gaming before i played FF VII after that everything changed now I LOVE GAMING. I have played FF XI also i though the game was totally amazing the graphics the people and all the stuff you could do you should see bahamut in the game he kills everyone he sees. I also loved the movies even FF TSW i loved that film and advents children was just what i wanted.
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    Ok Game list:

    10) Grand Theft Auto: Vice City ~ I'll start with an old favourite of mine, this one of the few GTA games that is worthy of being in such a list. There was quite a lot to do in this game and it could be quite addictive at times. I never really got around to beating it as I was just using it as a time passer but there was quite a lot put into it. Plus it had Slayer on the radio with is like the best Thrash Metal band of all time no compromise.

    9) Mortal Kombat ~ Such a Classic, I haven't played this in years but back when I did it was something that me and my brothers use to play all the time. I remember always using Scorpion and I forgot the name but the guy with a metal eye, my brother kepts being a cheap ass and throwing them things at me making it impossible to dodge. Also my other favourite character was that Buraka(sp) dude with the huge knife arms. Also the movies kicked ass.

    8) Silent Hill ~ Like Silent Hill 2 is quite an epic game, the depth that it stirs up is quite amazing. This one was a bit more straight to the point with more focus on the world around them than the story that was going on. I found the Alternate world to be quite mezmerizing and it is a shame they didn't use it as much on the 2nd one.

    7) Final Fantasy V ~ Out of all the FF Games I think this game is highly underrated, it re-defined the job system adding so much possiblities and gave one of the earliest in-depth battle systems. Compared to todays standards it is pale in comparison but it never really got the attention it deserved. I have only gone through it once as I haven't had the chance to re-do it but it is one of the few old FF's that I will probably go through again. If you haven't played this then you should.

    6) Ratchet & Clank 2 ~ Great game to pull out when you are bored, there is quite a lot to do on it which and if you do challenge mode it can take up to 60 hours. This was quite a big improvement from the first with a new RPG element added to it along with heaps of new weapons and levels to play around with. Basically this is the type of game you should keep around for when you are stuck on your other games and don't have anything else to play.

    5) Silent Hill 2 ~ As some of you may know, I just finished this game last night and I can say it was quite a good game. The story is more in-depth and compelling than the first, the worlds artwork was very nice, the monsters were morbid looking and the music was something quite unique. Overall the game is real good BUT the reason this is not on the top of my list is because it was quite small and I like my games that a quite long. There is enough challenge to make me go back to it BUT I have other games I want to finish first.

    4) Soliel ~ Basically this is the RPG that really got me spending hours upon hours trying to complete them, the Ironic thing is I never actually completed this mostly due to the fact my save data got wiped. Basically how it works is you go across the world like most games, and you get these creatures which give you basic abilities, the story was kind of cliche with a kid who just turned 14 getting a sword and told to go on a quest but there was something about it which got me really addicted to it.

    3) Baldurs Gate: Dark Allience II ~ One of the few Hack N' Slash RPG's I played and enjoyed. The worlds on this are absolutely beautiful, the graphics are not state of the art 3D but it is still nice enough to watch. The Creatures that you fought on this were quite grotesque looking brining me more into it, their was quite a decent level of dificulty in which I had to spend time to get through it. The story was alright but could have been a bit better and it was a bit too short for my likings.

    2) Age of Empires II ~ I am not really a fan of RTS but this was just one of those games that I really enjoyed playing. Along with BG this was a real tight squeeze, as both games have had me captivated not really for the gameplay but for the world it is based in. I was awesome at building up a huge economy real quickly and taking my Viking army across the land to destroy the other races. Actually I suck in Death Match but I enjoyed it a lot.

    1) Final Fantasy VIII ~ Obviously a huge time waster of mine, I absolutely loved this game and I am so glad I took the chance to buy it. Personally I think it is better than VII, as I have stated before the only flaw I found was that I didn't like Rinoa but everything else was excellent. There is not much else I can really add as I've pretty much said it before but I really should pick it up and go through it again.

    Honourable Mentions:
    • Cannon Fodder
    • Desert/Jungle Strike
    • All the other FF games
    • Kingdom Hearts
    • Duke Nukem 3D
    • Baldurs Gate DA: 1
    • Shining Force
    • The Tekken Series
    • Ratchet & Clank 1
    • Doom
    • Wolfenstien 3D
    • Grand Turismo 2
    • Sonic 1, 2, 3 & Knuckles
    • Spyro
    • Tetris/Snake

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    10.GTA series. I think these are fun to play not the best game lots of glitches and thing but overall its a fun game to play.

    9.Mortal Kombat Series - I love the entire series the get better each time and I cant Wait for MK Armegedden.

    8.Acee Combat, Belkin War - When I played this I thought it was excellent with awsome graphics.

    7.Need for Speed, Underground - Most wanted - I Love all these ones the older ones I dident care for but the whole import themed ones I liked.

    6.Guitar Hero - I first played this in best buy and I immediantly wanted it I was there playing for at least 2 hours. Now Im excellent at it and im waiting for part 2.

    5.Diablo 2 - I love it once I use to always play it but right now my ocmputer sucks. But theres always people on and its fun as hell.

    4.Kingdom Hearts - I love it. Thats all I got to say. I think the music in it is really cool and the graphic too.

    3.Final Fantasy 9 - I liked the story and gameplay and I liked the battle system but I really dident care to much for the characters but I still think its a great game.

    2.Final Fantasy 7 - Great Game dident really like it when I first played it cause I was use to better graphics. But I got use to that and never really cared and just played the game and loved it.

    1.Final Fantasy 10 - Technically the first final fantasy Iv ever played. Amazing graphics and gameplay. Has a great story and great characters and I play this one the most. Definatly my favorite game.

    I just bought ff8 and should be getting in the mail real soon and it may topple one of the top 5
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    10.Arc the Lad Twilight of the Spirirts- This game has a good story, awesome battle system and a little girl that fights with a stuffed rabbit and that can take over the enemies minds. Sweet

    9.Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: This game has fun and addictive missions although a few of them will make you rip your hair out, like the RC missions, I don't even know why Rockstar puts them in there. This game is much improved over Vice City with much more customization, you can have girlfriends and there are a lot more side missions for the game, so there's plenty to do when you're finished and you casn always go on a killing spree to see how long you last with all the cheats.

    8. Kirby Superstar: An almost perfect SNES game, fun and addictive especially on two player they could've added more mini games though and better ones too.

    7. Pokemon Blue: You might make fun of me, i don't car, but Pokemon was one of those games that I've played over 16 times, the only thing that's wrong with it is that you can only have one save file at a time.

    6. Super Mario all stars and World: come on now, its Mario enough said

    5. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask & Ocarina of Time: great action RPGs, with simplistic puzzles and fun and easy combat system, oh and I just love their corky characters. The bosses are good too, but after 4 years of not playing it and coming back to it, i find the bosses to be a little bit too easy, especially Ganon.

    4.Tekken- all The best 3-d fighter in existence, with a great and original cast of characters and the storylines start to progress from 3 and on. it sure hell beats stupid anime Dead or Alive

    3.Street Fighter: The best fighter ever if you like Street Fighter then you know why I have it as number 3. chun Li rocks hell.

    2.Super Mario RPG:: Fantastic my first RPG that I will never forget. I never knew of squaresoft of the time, buit they did a great job making this game for nintendo, with a great battle system, story, and two new characters to add, also it first introduced secrets and sidequests; I still can't find the casino or Princess's frying Pan

    1. Final fantasy IX: My first Final fantasy and my first rpg besides Zelda since I played Super Mario RPG for those few weeks, years ago. IX touched me with its cast of characters, story, and turned based gameplay, Final fantasy IX I take my hat off to you.

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    1. FFIX- First RPG I ever played and It changed the games I liekd for a long time. Getting to Dali and thinking It was really far, lol. Princess Garnet Til Alexandros, my fav char.

    2. Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time- Amazing game, the first game I EVER played, my brothers were trying to get Epona and I said 'give it here I can do It' Took them like 2 hours to let me try but when I did, I had to have my own file traight away.

    3. Tales Of Symphonia- I just loved the twist in this, I'm so blonde, my best friend was telling me about Kratos, I never believed him. Finally getting and doing everything, It was so satisfying.

    4. Skies Of Arcadia: Legends- SO MUCH TO DO! And I loved making my own base and having my own crew and being free to fly around, finally killing the Angel of Death after a night of trying.

    5. Star Ocean: Till the end of time- Just amazing, futuristic fun. Fayt, rescuing people... excellent! I forgot to mention Nel, I loved her and was glad when she followe dme onto my ship, she made it more interesting with her arrogance.

    6. Baiten Kaitos: Eternal wings and the lost ocean- Plot twists to knock your socks off, fantastic all the way through, untill the cheapness at the end. Just collecting the animals was fun.

    7. FFVII- Having my own mansion, though you cant do anything with It. VINCENT VALENTINE! I love him!

    8. Phantasy Star Online Episode 1 & 2- The online friends I made and the fun I have, I love doing it endlessly, chopping away with my Tsumkiri J-sword. Reaching level 200.

    9. Resident Evil 1 (origional)- Scaring the crap outof me when I was oh so small, I was made to play It by my evil brothers and I had nightmares for a week, everybody feel for Aimee...

    10. Perfect Dark (N64)- SIMS... IN A GAME!? Hours and hours of laptop gun, kick ass family fun. Finally realising my brothers suck at all video games.
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    Wow i am happy to see there are some fellow SD3 hardcore fans like me

    Here's my tenative list, while i do play games from any genre, i am very biased towards RPGs though i tried to pick a better variety with this list.

    1. Chrono Trigger - In my opinion, the greatest rpg achievement. Beautiful 2d graphics, awesome characters, amazing batttle system, gripping storyline, the list goes on and on. What bad things can you say about this game?
    2. Final Fantasy VI - My favorite final fantasy, as if you've read any of my posts talking about my love of the game you can see why
    3. Ico - One of my all time most memorable gaming experiences. Simple in design, yet to me more fun and well done than close to anything on the PS2.
    4. Secret of Mana - I know to me it's hard to put this on the list without SD3. I mean basically SD3 upgraded everything there was in this game with more characters, classes, better graphics, etc. But to me this game started it all, and just because of it's nostaglic feeling to me, i put it on my list.
    5. Chrono Cross - I think this game doesn't get enough credit (especially to from the CT fans). I think too many of the CT fans are looking for the next Chrono Trigger, and this may seem like a big change to them. Don't let that fool you, i think this is one of the best RPGs on the PS. Amazing soundtrack, some of the best graphics on the PS, a big cast of characters, and a kickass battle system. Did i mention the story and how it ties in with CT?
    6. Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past - My favorite zelda game, and my first rpg to play. This game will never get old to me, classic zelda at it's best. And also, has some difficulty that the some of the newer zeldas are lacking.
    7. Super Mario All Stars/World - I guess this is hard to put as one game. I mean techincally its one game and a collection of games. There are really like 5 games here, but this stand as the best in 2d platforming
    8. Soulblazer series - One of my favorite old school series. Illusion of Gaia and Terranigma are two amazing titles, and if anyone is into action rpgs i suggest you give them a try. I talk more about them in my "quintet" thread right here in general gaming.
    9. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Boy did the zelda series make a good leap to 3D. This game rocked my world when i first played it, and i think it's safe to say that there is much reason why this game is so highly praised.
    10. Suikoden II - My favorite game yet in the Suikoden series. I love the epic feel of the games, and this game to me is a big step up from Suikoden I. I loved the story and the conflict between two friends.

    Honorable mentions
    * Final Fantasy IV
    * Virtua Tennis/Tennis 2k2
    * Shenmue
    * Xenogears
    * Phantasy Star II
    * Alundra
    * Final Fantasy IX
    * Star Ocean games
    * Shining Force 1, 2
    * Skies of Arcadia
    * Final Fantasy V
    * Super Mario RPG
    * ActRaiser
    * Perfect Dark
    * Xenosaga
    * Jet Grind Radio
    * Starfox 64
    * Onimusha series
    * Seiken Densetsu 3
    * Dragon Quest VI
    * Mario 64
    * Metal Gear Solid
    * Tales of Phantasia
    * FF Tactics
    * Bahamut Lagoon
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    I pulling my hair apart about which is better out of Star Ocean 2 & Final Fantasy IX, but I did it eventually. =]

    01. Star Ocean - The Second Story
    In my eyes, this quite litrally is the best game ever made. I want this game on original but I only have it on ISO but I've completed it many-a-times. The battle system to start was so well put together. I think, for the first time ever could you choose when you want to attack and where you go because I'm not sure if they did the Real Time battle system on the first Star Ocean.

    The characters, I love them all..whatsmore, the fact that you can't get everyone in onne single game makes it the while worth more to play over and over again. Dias Flac is my favourite character as he's like one of the coolest characters I've ever seen. The music was absolutely stunning in this game, above all else, the world map theme for Expel blew me away.

    The Ten Wise Men, Cyril & Indalecio are like the coolest villians I've ever seen in a game.

    This in my eyes, is the greatest RPG I've ever played.

    Storyline: 9/10
    Music: 10/10
    Graphics: 6/10
    Characters: 9/10
    Gameplay: 8/10

    02. Final Fantasy IX
    This comes at a close second because I think the single factor which made me love this game was the music. The main them "The Place I'll Return To Someday" I love that theme. Whats more, the places you visit I think are so well done. My favourite character from this game is Steiner, that guy kicks booty. I think Kuja, especially when went to Trance made a great bad guy.

    In my eyes, the best Final Fantasy I've ever played.

    Storyline: 8/10
    Music: 10/10
    Graphics: 8/10
    Characters: 9/10
    Gameplay: 7/10

    03. Suikoden 2
    I haven't played this game for that long, but I'm already in love with it. The 108 character recruitment system was awesome. The music wasn't that bad either but I think the graphics for it's time of release are really good, considering it is a Playstation 1 game. My favourite character from this game is Clive, he takes metal and puts it to another degree. I think the idea of in normal RPG's you buy your party or all your characters fully new equipment/weapons and stuff but I think the idea of only sharpening your characters weapons was a great idea.

    I think Lu Bu from Dynasty Warriors was taken from Luca Blight, because they act so similar and Luca actually looks a bit like Lu Bu.

    Storyline: 8/10
    Music: 6/10
    Graphics: 8/10
    Characters: 10/10
    Gameplay: 9/10

    04. Final Fantasy VII
    Everyone expects this game in a top RPG's game list, it's a legend among legends.

    Where to start?
    Storyline. The idea of this game being one of the first not be a "YEAH! LET'S GO OVER TO THAT TOWN AND KILL THAT BAD GUY SO THEN ANOTHER GUY CAN ALONG SO WE HAVE TO KILL HIM TOO!". This game is obviously based on life, it fixed on saving the planet's life, not the hero's life. That was a milestone why it is so well liked. The characters are so original because each of their background are so well put together. The music, well it's one of the best I've heard, never once is a song or melody repeated in another song (minus, Aeris' theme) like with Final Fantasy IX's "That Place I'll Return To Someday" is the same melody as "Ipsen's Heritage". The graphics weren't great so I'll leave that. For the first time (I think?), the battle screen was 3D and it looked okay. My favourite chacater in this is Vincent, enough said.

    Sephiroth is a great villian but gets 1,000,000 more credit than he deserves.

    This game is a masterpiece.

    Storyline: 9/10
    Music: 9/10
    Graphics: 5/10
    Characters: 8/10
    Gameplay: 7/10

    05. The Legend Of Zelda - The Ocarina Of Time
    I thank Luke (Surion) a thousand times back and forth for showing me the awesomness of this game. Despite I've never completed it, everything i've seen in the game has left me stunned. The graphics are physically beautiful, for it's time especially. I liked the idea that there was stuff you could you can do as side quests and stuff but not too much, like Star Ocean 3 has so much stuff to do in the game which has no relevance to the game so it's not worth doing. This was the first game I'd seen which had combined puzzles and stratagy with an RPG. It's works so well. I liked how Nintendo majorly 'grimmed' up Ganon on this game so much, it's funny. The ocarine system with you make your owns songs was very original and the music based in game was very good aswell.

    This is a game to go down in the books.

    Storyline: 8/10
    Music: 9/10
    Graphics: 7/10
    Characters: 7/10
    Gameplay: 8/10

    06. Final Fantasy VI
    What can I say? I used to hate this game, how so, so wrong I was.

    The storyline is brilliant, the characters more than anything are great. Cyan for the win!. The music was good for it's time. Kefka is one of the two greatest bad guys of all gaming history (Kefka & Indalecio). The fact that he actually managed to ruin the world was excellent, I doubt any gamer was expecting that. The graphics cannot be insulted as it is an old game but still awesome.

    All hail Kefka!

    Storyline: 7/10
    Music: 6/10
    Graphics: 6/10
    Characters: 8/10
    Gameplay: 6/10

    07. Bahamut Lagoon
    A supreme vintage RPG game.

    The idea of fighting aslong side dragons! What could be better? The idea of raising and evolving dragons!

    I'd play this on ROM for 12 hours straight just owning soldier guys with dragons. The music is so cheesy it'll make you wet yourself. The battle was well put together, as you fight both on the map and on the battle screen. Who was that guy you fought on the throne? That guy was so cool!

    But on that game, nothing but that Dragonmaster guy who tells you how to raise them. Anyway, great characters..some did have dumb names (

    A game which shoudln't be collecting dust. =]

    Storyline: 6/10
    Music: 7/10
    Graphics: 5/10
    Characters: 6/10
    Gameplay: 8/10

    08. Super Mario World
    Cruicky (Dante) is the only guy I know who can complete this game in 30 minutes. =]

    I don't think game has any major faults, all around great. Fair enough, I suck at Mario. I can't lay those games for shit but I still really like them. The storyline I found was pretty boring so yeah, whatever.

    The gameplay was pretty fast and well put together. The music was Mario to the max so that was way cool. The game is pretty easy (not for me =]) so they made it very long to complete. It would take like 5 maybe 6 hours to fully complete and if you think about it, that's pretty long for a SNES game.

    The only thing I didn't like was Bowser at the end, way too easy to beat but with a Mario what you see is what you get. =]

    Storyline: 5/10
    Music: 6/10
    Graphics: 5/10
    Characters: 6/10
    Gameplay: 7/10

    09. Starfox
    It's not an RPG but still a legend among legends.

    The graphics are real crappy but the gameplay and skill needed for it pay up for it. The music was real cheesy trance so I couldn't help but laugh. The characters? a fox, a frog, an eagle and I forget that guys name. Somebody care to remind me. Nothing very special about this game it's just a really good game.

    Storyline: 5/10
    Music: 5/10
    Graphics: 3/10
    Characters: 5/10
    Gameplay: 8/10

    Streets Of Rage
    Just one of those games you have to play before you die.

    All round "beat the piss out of that guy over there" games. The music was so metal for it's time. The characters was mega cool. The weapons you get in the game were amazing, especially the throwing knife. The moves in the game were great, and the sex grapple moves. =]

    All round great game.

    Storyline: 4/10
    Music: 8/10
    Graphics: 5/10
    Characters: 5/10
    Gameplay: 4/10

    Well, I did it. =]
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    10. Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition Remix- the thing i liked about this game was all the new upgrades, cars, races, and the all new Tokyo version. i wasn't able to get the first time around but manage to get it on this rerelase. the gameplay can sometimes get a little hard at some times like the tournaments are a little pain since you can't restart one race or you will have to start all over again but despite that it is a good game.

    9. Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War- what i liked is the squad. your wingmen take orders to cover, shoot down a target, to reform formation, or fire at will. i liked the way in order to unlock a certain kind of plane you have to level up that kind of plane in order to get move better and faster planes. still don't know what a freaking Razgriz means tough.

    8. Kingdom Hearts- i fell in love with the game when i saw a video of it. i liked that it had characters form the final fantasy series and disney characters too. loved the worlds, they each were different in their own and each way. the only worlds i found hard was Atlantica because it was under water and i couldn't find my way with all the paths of getting lost. i spent most of my time here and the boss battle was confusing to me and it is still hard for me to figure it out in what and when to attack her.

    7. Final Fantasy X- loved the story and the little romance between Tidus and Yuna. love the characters and the aeons. the aeons were the best in this final fantasy since you can controlle them with actions they would do. the tag battle sysetem was great at the beginning of the story but once you got the hang of you strong characters i just kept using my three strong ones. even tough they are not together they will always remember each other right.

    6. Star Wars Battlefront- loved that you can fight in most of the plants. bespin is one of my favorite battle grounds, it is a straight and foward shoot out. rhen var is another one that i liked the battlegrounds were great and there were some places for snipers to shoot at you which i hated but still liked.

    5. Mortal Kombat Series- loved its high levels of blood and gore, including, its graphic fatality killing moves. the figters having their own history with the tournament. i have only played trilorgy , deadly allinace and decption so far but willing to go on to more of the series.

    4. Grand Theft Auto Series- with me it started with Grand Theft Auto: III i found it to be one hell of a game with all the missions, gangs, and being a run boy for a mob in the first part of the game. Vice City was great too it take all of III and made it better, now dealing with the 80's drugs influences. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is sort of has some RPG elements that were alright. you will level up your skills on your weapons, and show you stats on certain things about the character. the story lines are great, missions and mostly everything about is great.

    3. Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!- love spyro, this is the only game i had played in the series because the later spyro games seemed hard and different from the secnod game. liked the new abilities the he can do like swimming, climbing, and doing some sort of headbut to the floor.

    2. Final Fantasy VII- this was the first RPG that i played. the storyline was great, it got me into the game more faster than any other game has. the characters have their own backgrounds and a reason to fight for the planet. they are sort of fighting for the same causes. the summons were great and the number of summons were high. Final Fantasy VII was the game to get me into RPG games that i now play which is great.

    1. Tekken Series- Tekken was the first game i got and had one the playstation. the story was great and the fighting game play was good. the characters were all different and had their own reason in entering the Iron Fist Tournament (TEKKEN). i have been through the series since it came out and will still go through is since i love TEKKEN and i has been there since the begining of my gaming experince. this game has also gotten me into other fighting games as well.

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    Okay, to diversify the games a little bit, I'm only going to name the favorite game of a series for each rank, because I think Squenix and the Fire Emblem Series would take up the whole freakin list, so, here I go

    10.) Diablo 2+Lord of Destruction-
    Okay, I consider this really one game, but it was freaking awesome, The game was simple, and repetitive, but it really stuck on me and I found myself up at 5:00 AM hunting for items. The tough bosses and rather simple gameplay was what made this game onto the list, what brought it down was the repetitiveness.

    9.) Warcraft 3+ Frozen Throne-
    Once again, one game, and the best active strategy game ever made with a monsterous map editor. This game was so great because of the way Hero's leveled, the intriguing story, and the awesome map editor, I mean you can almost do anything with it, from creating tiny skirmish maps, to creating full scale RPG's, this thing had it all.

    8.) Seiken Densetsu 3-
    A great RPG, and if you havent played it, shame on you. The way the story molded to what characters you chose, the way you chose to do different things, and the story in its fullest, it was just a great RPG that should have been brought to the states and was never brought here.

    7.) The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past-
    The best Zelda game ever created, and the pinnacle of 2d adventure games, I absoulutely loved this game, the dungeons and bosses were so ingeniously thought up, and the side quest items and everything, its a not-so-hidden gems that was even re-released on GBA not too long after launch.

    6.) Kingdom Hearts-
    This game broke my action RPG virginity per se. When I first saw this game, I was totally against the idea of putting Final Fantasy characters in with Disney characters, it just seemed like total blasphemy, but when i started playing it, the game just sucked me in. The wittyness of how the different Disney and Squenix characters are portrayed and the enjoyable gameplay, I would definately have to say this is just an overall great game that quite a few people probably turned down because of the Disney characters.

    5.) Final Fantasy VI-
    My personal favorite Final Fantasy of all time, this game was so in depth with the story, the characters, the monsters, the beautiful music score, the whole thing was ingenious. t was as deep and enjoyable as you wanted, you could beat the game with 4 characters, or go for all of them, it was all up to you.

    4.)Bahamut Lagoon-
    Dragons! Haha, that is probably my favorite part of this game, you get to control/direct dragons along with your party, make them better, get more, and many other things, and it's a Turn-based Strategy+RPG, which is my favorite mixed genre. I also have to say, this is one of the most visually pleasing games from the SNES that Square made, the enviroments are quite visually pleasing.

    3.)Fire Emblem 7: The Blazing Sword*-
    The first official Fire Emblem to hit U.S. shores, and a great game, it would have been #1 on my list if I wouldn't have played it into the ground. The GREAT story, the well thought out characters, the fun gameplay and Multi-player 2-4 way matches, it was a really fun and memorable game that I must have logged over 500 hours with just working my characters up the way I wanted, so I could battle my friends and reliving the story again and again.
    *note, dragons didn't influence this ranking, lol

    2.) Breath of Fire 3-
    A way under-rated game in my view, this game was a great RPG, and had enough difficulty to keep me entertained throughout the entire game, and once again, dragons influence my decision here, lol. The Gene system was well thought out and the mixture of genes is quite gigantic, and the visuals, I loved the anime-look and feel of it, the story also was extremely well done and just interesting.

    1.) Disgaea: Hour of Darkness-
    "This game is great" pretty much sums this up. The dynamic leveling system that is thought to not have an end, the replayability, the damn funny story, the memorable characters, the vast amount of unlockable classes and weapons, just the overall awesomeness this game radiates is just too much to sum up in any simple word, but it was quite the hidden gem, because it was never made a "Greatest Hit" and was a limited release. *misses my copy* Of course, you can go to and get a copy for $70, but I dont know many people who would leap at that, er, awesome chance?

    Honorable mention (in no specific order)

    15.) Halo
    14.) Tactics Ogre
    13.) Soul Calibur 3
    12.) Resident Evil 4
    11.) GTA: Vice City

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    10.Final Fantasy 8-It was a good game, however the draw system was flawed and Squall's behavior began to get more and more unbelieveable.

    9.Final Fantasy 10- good game, however it was way too linear and it didn't give you any options of doing certain events in an alternate order. Also the maps sucked (there was only an entrance and an exit on the maps). Great Story.

    8.Final Fantasy 6- Good battles and good magic system, except sometimes it was exceedingly hard to find out where to go next.

    7.Hitman Blood Money- Very realistic. Great level design and the game did a good job implimenting oppertunities. (e.g. a bottle is sitting there and you notice that your target sips out of it and the goes away, then comes back to sip from it. You could poison that! these types triggers are all thorughout the level).

    6.Ninja Gaiden Black- Excellent action, great use of different weapons and I just love being a ninja! (running up walls, throwing shurikens and whatnot).

    5.Contra Series- great simplistic shoot-em up action, however it got pretty hard after a while. (seeing as how one shot will kill you, though I was never that good at the game).

    4.Call of Duty Series- excellent semi-realistic shoot-em up army action. Great on multiplayer!

    3.Earthbound- Entertaining humerous gameplay/enemies/graphics/healing items (fast food)/characters and there are random jokes scattered throughout the game so you are always entertained, except towards the end, it got sort of dull then. I would suggest emulating it.

    2.Final Fantasy 12- this game gives you complete freedom with how you develop you characters. Comparing the freedom in this game to the freedom in FF10 is like comparing the freedom in America to the freedom in Communist China.

    1. Can't think of the BEST game I have ever played so I am currently keeping the slot blank.
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    Lightbulb ***absolution!!!***

    *My Top ten games*...(for this century,i guess)

    here they are,ok this is in no particular order,here goes...

    10.) Marvel vs. Capcom,PS1
    -now heres a game i love to play with my friends,cause i always win against them hehehe they aint no match for the grand master!haha ok back to bussiness, i love marvel characters,i certainly love capcom characters so why not have the both right!this game is intense man!the fighting styles and game play rocks,the thrill of a combo gives you a different kind of adrenaline boost!its a 2d fighting game but realy packs a punch compared to most 3d games!this one is kept in my memory!ahhh the good old days...

    9.) Tekken 3,PS1
    -im piling up on fighting games huh?well i cant help it a fighting game gives you a different aura of satisfaction compared to other games.this in particular is a favorite of mine.playing tekken has taken my button pressing abilities to the next level!i love the graphics of the game,i specially enjoy the cinematics of the movies,and the special effects are very good.all in all i can say this game rocks like hell!yeah!

    8.) Final Fantasy-1,Nintendo
    -i must say im addicted to this game even though the graphics are outdated and the story is a bit flimsy,but i love rpg games and this is the daddy of all final fantasy games.they should pay a tribute to the game that started it all!i really enjoy playing this game because of its originality and mystery,infact if i still had my nintendo i think id still be playing it!and my favorite character or should i say idol is here too,the fighter!this is the character that represents Cloyd,Squall,Zidane,Tidus and all the lead heroes of the series!hail to the daddy of all final fantasy games!

    7.) Final Fantasy-V,PS1
    -now this is a game im interested to play because of the variety of classes i can choose,and also the skills can be combined to create an even more powerful character!i really enjoy the uniqueness of the game style,although the graphics is a bit similar to final fantasy 1,but the story is good!in conclussion you still cant beat a game with good gameplay even though it has poor grpahics!and this game rocks!

    6.) Castlevania; Symphony of the night!,PS1

    -In my opinion,this is the ultimate 2d game at present!wow,amazing,superb!these are the words that literally come out after ive played the game!i love everything about it!2d has been warped to the next level and has blown me away!the graphics are amazing that could beat even the most intriquet 3d game,the game play is extremely powerful,i love it man!the animation is totally flawless!i love the monsters!i love the bosses!i love the weapons,armor,items the story which involves count vlad tepes dracula!its my ultimate 2d game!

    5.) Counter Stike,PC
    -ahah!time to shift to another gaming console and the pc has some of my favorite games as weel,especialy this one!the game is a heartpounding strategy shooting game!i love how to out play and outwit opponents with quick,cool and smooth shooting and dodging!its one hyper active addictive game!i love playing it from time to time to get away from the fighting and rpg games!this game is as cool as its name!

    4.) Mario 3,Nintendo
    -hellow,now a classic game has arrived!yeah this game has been lost from all the new games of today but not lost in my gaming memory!we share the most fun moments with my friends in this game!this mario has also the same property as final fantasy V where you can choose from different classes,he has a variety of skills and abilities to choose from and this is the reason it sucked me in!the game is simple and just fun!what can you ask more from a video game?fun!fun!fun!

    3.) Final Fantasy-VII,PS1
    -yeah man,this game is super hot!no wonder its the most overrated final fantasy game!the game has a better story and acceptable graphics to my taste.but what really drives me to play it is still the gameplay and the whole mystery of a final fantasy,only this time it has better characters and way cooler effects!and its the first final fantasy to evolve the players in having limit breaks,which is ultra cool!not to mention the baddest villain ever to walk on the gaming world,Sepiroth!ust admit it hes cool,if you cant beat him join him!

    2.) Final Fantasy VIII,PS1
    -Here we have one of my favorite games to play.and its because of the story,graphics and awesome effects every battle delivers!and i would like to aknowledge the monsters and bosses of this game,in all my gaming this is the only game that i liked the monsters more than the characters!heheh hard to believe but true,in this game the monsters rock!especially Ultima weapon,Omega weapon,Blitz,T-Rexsaur and many more.and the cool guarduan forces are just as great namely Diablos,Ifrit,Bahamut and Eden!these factors of a game really stick to me and become part of my poetic heheh

    1.) Contra,Nintendo
    -hahah i probably think you ginned or even laughed when you see this game in my list?well as i said these games are in no particular order.i just happen to like this one very much,because of its simplicity and complex factor all in one.and plus ive played it since i was 9!this game is the basic shoot em up,jump up and down,duck the bullets kind of game!its a fun fun game!even though they made a 3d version on the PS1,i still like the original,nothig beats them as they say!

    *There you go!all complete!maybe in the future some of the games will change because theyll be making more awesome and new ones!well thats all shitheads!

    ***HALLER BACK!!!***

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    All right now time for me to light this opinionated candle! Mainly RPGs.
    Final Fantasy IX
    1) This game is simply amazing It is filled with magical and mystical energy it actually makes me feel secure believe it or not. The music was breathtaking, especialy Your not alone love that theme and Melodies of life. I love all the unique characters, this game mixes all elements of a good story within itself. The plot was the deepest of the FF series or any story in the world at that!
    Chrono Cross
    2) To put it simply this and FFIX are tied. The story in this game rivals that of FFIX, its main characters rock! not some of the extra useless ones. The music steals my heart as well all the wemon are hot in it as well especialy Riddel and Schala etc. This game also has one of the best battle systems ever in any RPG.
    Final Fantasy VII
    3) The story and the characters were all great! The musical score in this game is ok but not the best that is for sure. I guess the only reasons why I love this game because of the story the characters and the chocobo sidequests.
    Gran Turismo Series
    4) The realism of the driving physics in these games is completely astounding! especialy in Gran Turismo 4 this is as reall as racing gets without really going to the track. Also the fact that GT4 has 700+ cars that are realisticly programed to their real life specs makes it that much more amazing. I recomend this game to any true car enthusiast, who does not like mindless unrealistic powerslides found is games like Need for speed, Top gear etc.
    Final Fantasy VIII
    5) It was my first RPG I ever played it started my love for story based video games especial ones frome Square Enix. All the characters are memorable, and lovable. I actually like the junction system and the music is pretty. And the plot kicks butt.

    Chrono Trigger
    6) The game has all the aspects you could ever want from an RPG from Square co. Great Characters, story, music, and fun involved game play. This game also had over the top graphics for its time.

    Legend of the Dragoon
    7) Lets start with the fact that it has a unforgettably awesome plot, all the characters are so well developed and explained that it is hard to find a story to match this games character development. Though FFIX has it tied. I also loved the inovative battle systm in this masterpiece as well. I liked the music too.
    Zelda Orcerina of time
    8) This has a very unique and soothind energy about it it reminds me of watching my big brother play the Zelda for SNES when I was a kid when I felt so worrieless and happy without no responsibilities in life. I quess it is more like a comfort food game Though I do like the music, and classic story of it.
    Final Fantasy VI
    9) This game has beautiful Music, story and characters And the graphics were over the top for its day as well. I most ways of the game it should be placed at my #7 but since the battling and learning abilities gets so boring quickly it brings it to my #9 those are the only reasons

    Parasite Eve series
    10) From what I got to play of the first one the game kicked ass everthing about it especialy sexy Ayea Breya I only got half way through befor my brother took it back so if I played more of it I might be higher in the list I plan on getting this game again soon though.

    Now for some worthy titles below my top 10 list are as follows.
    Super Mario 64
    Mario Kart series
    Super Smash Bros Mellee

    And I guess that is all wheew!

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    This is one thread i had to actully think about but heres my Top 10.....

    1.Metal Gear Solid 1: This game is a classic and the best that came out of the PS1. Great game if your a fan of a main charcter that is a badass.

    2. Final Fantasy X: Great love story, and the first Final Fantasy game to had voice actors.

    3. Zone of the Enders: Great story and great hand to hand combat.

    4. Grandtheft Auto: Vice City: Fun Killing game.

    5. Kingdom Hearts: Great charcters, graphic, and storyboard

    6. Final Fantasy VII: Great boss fights and great characters

    7.Star Ocean Til the End of Time: Hard game, great mini game, great characters, super storyboard.
    I give everyone permission to call me Endy, and by the way I got that nickname from FATE, sounds cool

    KARIN (Complete Series 1-24), INUYASHA (Episodes 1-167), SCHOOL RUMBLE (Episodes 1-26),SHAKUGAN NO SHANA (Complete 1st Season 1-24), BLEACH (Episodes 1-92), MY HiME (Complete Series 1-26), MY OTOME (Complete Series 1-26), PLEASE TWINS (Complete Series 1-13), ELFEN LIED (Complete Series 1-13), NARUTO (Episodes 1-28), THE MELANCHOLY OF HARUHI SUZUMIYA (Complete Series 1-13)

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    1.) Chrono Trigger- This game is my all time favorite game because it had the most possible likeable outcomes and scenarios of it's time. Plus the battle system is kick ass. After beating the game the first time through you can go onto new game plus, and crush the competition!
    -ATB System RPG

    2.) Lufia- This game is soooo kick ass. It was very unique and highly entertaining. This game promotes 4 terribly strong bosses, and is the only Capcom FF style game (besides Lufia 2.)
    -ATB System RPG

    3.) Beyond Oasis- This game was the first RPG I ever played/beat. The story gets very into depth, and easily hooks you into it the first time you pick it up.
    -Action/Adventure RPG

    4.) FFV- This, in my opinion is the best FF game ever. Granted the only FF I haven't played/beaten is FFIV, those are pretty good odds (you have to be able to like 2D FF's.)
    -ATB System RPG

    5.) Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask- This is my favorite Zelda game. It can easily hook you with the multiple side-quests and mini-games, and once you get the Fierce Diety Mask, you'll feel invincible.
    -Action/Adventure RPG

    6.) Resident Evil 4- This game (the first time around) scared the shit out of me. The next time through, you'll do all kinds of stuff to scare anyone who's watching you. Expert mode is close to impossible, so hey if you're someone who likes a challenge, give it a try.
    -Horror/Survival game

    7.) Guitar Hero 2- If you like rock, DDR, and watching other people own at the game making you feel insignificant then this game is for you.
    -FTS (follow the screen) game

    8.) Star Ocean: Til' the End of Time- This game is very addicting, and it has the most side-quests of any RPG I've ever played (also you can level up way past 100!)
    -ATB Adventure game

    9.)DBZ Budokai 2- This is the best fighting game that I've ever played, enough said.
    -Fighting game

    10.) Megaman X Collections- This game is very enjoyable, and if you love Megaman like me, then you'll know what I'm talking about.
    -Platform game
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    Fantasy X is being warned for not obeying the thread rules.

    And vivi 33 is being pre-warned for the same thing.

    There reasoning behind this, is because Fantasy X has broken other rules before. Do not reply to this post, please, you will be warned.


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    Lessee... begin the countdown! *drum roll*

    10) Medieval: Total War (PC) - We begin the list with... a strange combination of Civilization and RTS games. The empire-building isn't as fun as Civ 3, and the battles aren't as fun as, say, Starcraft, but combined, they make one hell of a great game. The Total War series is all about taking control of a nation and changing history, and Medieval is my personal favorite - if I had my way, the entirety of Europe and a fair amount of Africa would have been under the control of the all-powerful French Empire for the majority of the 11th - 15th centuries. Rawr. I've never played Medieval 2, but I bet it kicks major ass too.

    09) Donkey Kong Country (SNES) - Next up is one of my favorite platformers of the 16-bit era. DKC was a smash hit where I lived back in '94 due to the awe-inspiring graphics (at the time) and explorative gameplay. DKC isn't just a quest - it's an experience. That being said, it was also fairly funny. The plot: a gorilla's gigantic stash of bananas is stolen by a bunch of two-legged crocodiles, led by the criminally overweight King K. Rool. DK and his monkey buddy, Diddy, have to traverse the entirety of Donkey Kong Island to get them back, stomping and rolling over rats, snapping crocs, barrel-tossing orangutans, and more with the help of their animal buddies (a rhinoceros, an ostrich, a swordfish, etc). Great times.

    08) Pokemon Crystal (GBC) - To me, this game is the height of the Pokemon series. Gold and Silver were definite improvements over the original, adding 150 new Pokemon, the ability to hold items in battle, a clock system that kept track of the days of the week, a morning-day-night cycle that affected which Pokemon could be encounted, day-specific events, and shitloads more. Crystal version added to that with the choice between a male and a female character, fleshing out the storyline a bit more, and better and brighter colors. Hence, it's the definitive version. Ruby/Sapphire didn't really do it for me, however, and kinda I lost interest in the series after that. Emerald went a long way towards correcting the mistake of Euby and Sapphire, but not far enough. Here's hoping that Diamond/Pearl will bring Pokemon back with a vengeance.

    07) Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (SNES) - My absolute favorite platformer, ever, because it took huge risks, messed around with the traditional platformer formula... and it worked. This is the story of how the baby Yoshis risked life and limb defying everything that Kamek the Magician and Baby Bowser could throw at them to bring a whining and crying Baby Mario back to his parents. The enemies are childish, the backgrounds are even more childish, and Baby Mario is quite possibly the most annoying video game character ever, but I couldn't care less. The system of throwing eggs, the double-jump, the music, the gameplay in general, all of it is otherwise stellar. This game, like Donkey Kong Country, was an exhilarating adventure that I still play to this day. Every gamer should be required, by law, to play this game through at least once. Just turn down the volume when Baby Mario starts bawling.

    06) Seiken Densetsu 3 (SNES) - The bigger, better brother of Secret of Mana (a game that would probably come in at #11 if I had to choose), SD3 is one of those pure classic RPGs. Six playable characters, three (kinda) distinct storylines, and hundreds of kickass background songs adds up to lots and lots of hours of awesomeness. The biggest crime in the video game industry is that this game was never released outside of Japan in order to make way for the below-average Secret of Evermore. It's not too late, Squeenix - with all those 16-bit Final Fantasy remakes you seem to love nowadays, can't you put out at least one port of this game? Please?

    05) The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past (SNES) - I've loved this game since the first day I played it, but I didn't truly appreciate the leap the series had taken until I got the chance to play through the first two Zeldas (yes, I know, I never played them in my childhood, shame on me). The fact that they went from those games straight to this one is absolutely mind-blowing, as LttP has so much more to offer, is a hell of a lot longer, and has a much better developed story. This is one of those games that shouldn't be replayable due to its linearity, but just is anyway, because it's that awesome. This, to me, is the definitive Zelda experience.

    04) Final Fantasy Tactics (PSX) - I mostly like this one for its twisted, convoluted, atypical storyline, insofar that it doesn't make you feel as though you're the center of the universe, and everything was created exclusively for you. That's the main allure here. That, and the job system, which is probably the greatest way to customize your characters in any RPG, ever. While it doesn't feature the greatest tactical RPG battle system (an honor that belongs to Ogre Battle or Bahamut Lagoon, I can't decide which), it still has a good one. I'm psyched for the PSP remake, as it just adds more great stuff to an already great game.

    03) Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn/Throne of Bhaal (PC) - Going along with the "you are not the center of the universe" theme is BG2. You're not doing BioWare a favor by buying this game. They're doing you a favor by allowing you to own it. This is the epitome of the nonlinear RPG genre here, folks, and it's probably the most replayable RPG i've ever seen. Create your own character and immerse yourself in the world, gaining allies and traveling companions (ranging from the goody-goody paladin Keldorn to the ranger Minsc and his miniature giant space hamster to the scheming mage Edwin) while progressing through the excellent story while being as good, neutral or evil as you please. Having one of the most badass antagonists ever (Irenicus) doesn't hurt, either.

    02) Starcraft: Brood War (PC) - You may have noticed that I rank replayability in a game fairly high. That's one of the many reasons why this one's in the second spot - I started playing this a good six or seven years ago, and I still find this game to be fresh and interesting to this very day. In fact, i'm probably gonna go play a match on after i'm done with this. This, boys and girls, is the perfectly-balanced pinnacle of RTS and multiplayer perfection. There's a reason why this game is practically a national sport in South Korea. I can honestly almost see why Blizzard hasn't released a Starcraft II after all these years - I mean, where do you go from here?

    But we still deserve an SC2, if only to further and resolve the awesome single-player story. All sorts of colorful characters, like Jim Raynor, Zeratul, and the self-described "Queen Bitch of the Universe" Kerrigan, make the single-player mode at least worthwhile, and quite frankly, SC fans the world over deserve to find out what happens to them all.

    01) Final Fantasy VI (SNES) - Dum, dum, da dum! Number one is revealed! This one has been my favorite game ever since my first run-through. As my first traditional RPG (Secret of Mana isn't really "traditional", or wasn't back then), it may just be nostalgia in the works, but no other game has made me feel as enthralled as FF6 has. Everything just works - characters, music, story, gameplay, graphics, everything. I still get a blast every time I take the Blackjack into the air and the first few notes of the airship music kick in. And, of course, there's Kefka, which I won't go into because everybody knows how much ass he kicks. Suffice to say that he makes Sephiroth look like a pansy little momma's boy. So, yeah, in my oh-so-humble opinion, FF6 is what all other console RPGs wish they could be. The end.

    Might as well just put out some honorable mentions...

    - Star Fox (SNES)
    - Star Fox 64 (N64)
    - Mario Kart 64 (N64)
    - Chrono Cross (PSX)
    - Secret of Mana (SNES)
    - Counter Strike (PC)
    - Super Smash Bros. Melee (GC)
    - Street Fighter II': Hyper Fighting (Arcade)
    - Metal Slug X/Metal Slug 3 (Arcade)
    - Ogre Battle (SNES)
    - Pokemon Red/Blue (GB)
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    10) Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64) At least one of these games has to make it onto my top 10. I would almost include A Link to the Past, as per I absolutely loved that game for years, but that game hasn't really aged well for me. This one, however, included a huge, immersive world to explore (probably my favorite attribute about it) along with the fantasy setting (probably my second favorite attribute about it.) All the dungeons were really fun to solve. I still haven't solved Ganondorf's tower, however... it'll be a little while before I can, too; my N64 is still being loaned out after however many months.) Note: I haven't played Twilight Princess yet.

    9) Warcraft III (PC) Perhaps one of the only reasons this game isn't a lot higher on my list is because I couldn't really play it for all that long; my computer would always freeze up after a certain time of playing it. I also wasn't able to figure out the map editor as well as the one in its predecessor, Warcraft II. Still, it expanded on one of my favorite universes with a much more interesting story, the inclusion of several more races, and the introduction of "neutral units."

    8) Final Fantasy Tactics (PSX) This game deserves a bit of recognition. It combines two of my favorite genres; that of RPG and Strategy. This game can be enjoyed for the random battles alone, and leveling up your characters. My second play through, I started using chocobos and dragons, along with a priest and a lancer (lancer is probably my favorite class. Either that, or monk.) The story is also amazing, and amazingly complicated. Some people complain about keeping track of all the characters, but I really enjoyed the huge cast, along with all the plot twists and such.

    7) Super Mario RPG: The Legend of the Seven Stars (SNES) Back in the day, man, I played this game through like 13 times, or so. Just loved the colorful worlds and characters; Geno and Croco are two of my all time favorites. I liked the cute character designs, too. It's a pretty short game, however, so there isn't much deviation to what you can do as you play through (although I suppose you can pick and choose the teams you use. Every time I played this game initially, I'd always use Bowser and Geno. Then, this last time I played through, I switched Geno out for the Princess, and I've found that she's actually really valuable to have as a healer character. I also noticed that the regular battles were a bit harder than I remembered them, and that the boss fights were a bit easier this time.) I loved the battle system, too, with its "timed attacks."

    6) Pokemon Red/Blue (Game Boy) I was full into the Pokemon craze when it first hit here in the US in 1998. I'd already been watching the cartoon for a couple months before I finally got the games. The games were so much better than the show, however. I got both versions and played them for like 5 or 6 months, until I caught all 150 pokemon. I think the bigger thing for me, however, was "raising" these teams of pokemon. I loved my charizard (who I named "Ralph.") Maybe a bit too much, however; he got to be like ten or fifteen levels higher than all my other pokemon at one point, and we all know that that does not cut it in the world of pokemon, because you need all of your pokemon to be strong.

    5) Final Fantasy 6 (SNES) Back in the Summer of 2001, I finally played this game... and then I played it again. Definitely my favorite game in the series, I loved the huge cast, and the fact that nearly all of them had their time in the spot light, and not one took all of the lime light (although it could be argued that several took a large chunk of it.) Plus, it had my favorite Final Fantasy hero and villain, in Locke Cole and Kefka (also two of my favorite heroes and villains, period.)

    4) Crystalis (NES) Wow, this game is old school. A wonderful cross between fantasy and science fiction, with an Apocalypse that takes place in 1997. My first real RPG (aside from Dragon Warrior or Zelda II) I loved running around, fighting stuff to level up, talking to people and searching for the way to the next area. It's probably the first game I played that really involved a lot of exploration at all. It was my favorite game until I played Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (which maybe strangely is not above this game anymore...)

    3) Super Smash Brothers Melee (GCN) Two years or so ago, this was what I did. I managed to unlock just about everything. I never managed to beat it in on hard or really hard, but I've nanaged to take the title of "best at this game" among my friends (although the last time my friend from the Air Force was here, he put that into question... I'd kicked his but a million times before that, however.) Anyhoo, I love most of the characters (Fox will always be my main man, then possibly Yoshi) and all the... stuff from other games. I just love the concept of all these mascots fighting each other. I can't wait to see who's in the next game, either.

    2) The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (XBox) I played this game to death, doing every possible thing I could and visiting every square inch of land in the game that I could, I think. I loved exploring the world and sneaking/forcing my way in where I didn't belong. I also thought all the character/monster designs were pretty cool, too (although most of the female character faces were fairly... not attractive. Oh well; that's not what I played the game for!) If my XBox hadn't broken, I'd probably be playing this still.

    1) Warcraft II: The Tides of Darkness (PC) Back in the day, I played this game all day, every day. That was my Summer of '96, along with pizza from Izzy's Limousine, the music groups Oasis, Blondie, Orange Astronauts, & etc, and eventually The Hobbit. Warcraft II lasted for me for another several years after that, too. The map editor was probably one of the big things for me. Also, exploring maps, and the "epic" battles that occured in the games. I also love fantasy stuff, which this is filled with. But anyway, yeah; I have really dear memories of this game.

    There are a lot of games that I've thoroughly enjoyed in the past that should probably get some sort of mention, so here they are, in no particular order:

    -Super Metroid
    -Super Mario World
    -Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
    -Paper Mario
    -Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
    -Star Fox
    -Star Fox 64
    -Star Fox Adventures
    -The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
    -The Legend of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
    -Chrono Trigger
    -Chrono Cross
    -The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall
    -Metroid II: The Return of Samus
    -Final Fantasy 7
    -Final Fantasy 9
    -Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
    -Kirby Super Star

    Anyhoo, I think I'm done.

    Wuv, Yer Mom

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    10.[B][Legend of Zelda- Master Quest/B](N64) I love this game. Few People can say they have mastered this one, well I'm one of them. The game is so freaking hard I literally stop playing for 2 months

    9.Killer Instinct Gold(N64) Now this is a Fighting game worth remembering. The things you could do in the game. What other game you know that has a combo theory. The graphics were amazing and the gameplay outstanding

    8.Super Mario 64(N64) I played this game every single day back then. I played it so much I played it with my eyes closed. i wouldn't even eat. I lost ten pounds of this game.

    7.Kingdom Hearts 1/2(PS2) When I first heard of this game I said that i couldn't be done. Final Fantasy mixed With Disney, come on now. But when i got it it blew me away. And thats all I have to say.

    6.Devil May Cry 1/3(PS2) When I first played this game it was at night. It scared the craped at of me, but this game was fun with alot of action. The music always kept on edge as well as the story. i never manage to beat it on Dante Must Die Mode though

    5.Final Fantasy VIII(PS) I like this so much i actually beat it in one straight day. I like the music. Calm and relaxing but has and uptempbeat at times. I the thing i didn't like was the melodramatic love story in this one. Maybe because I had just recently broken up with my girlfriend at time.

    4.Tekken 3(PS) This is one of the fight that got me hook on it since the first one. Especially because me and my friends used to beat money. I won load of money because of this game (and the Street Fighter Series).

    3.Sonic the Hedgehog(Sega Genesis) I remember me playing this game all time. It was the only game i played for the Genesis. The sonic games back then are better than the ones today in my opinion.

    2.Final Fantasy XII(PS2) I got this game and still haven't beat it yet. I have at least 80 hoursof gameply and still have a crapload of thing to do. I remember playing all night this game trying to beat Zodiark and still haven't beat him yet.

    Andmy all-time favorite game is.....

    1. Final Fantasy VII(PS) I don't need to explain why this is my all-time favorite game. Just read all the article on this game and you'll see what I mean

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    I just love this thread! It was super hard to put my favorite games in a list. Most of them are pretty much a tie but I put them in a list. I hope my list is descriptive enough. Here's my game list:

    10) Legend of Legaia (psx) I never really hear about this game like all the other games on my list. I wonder if people just don't like this game. I think that this game was really good. I liked the story. I liked that you could learn magic from the serus. Most of all I liked the combos that you could make. I just loved that. I wish more games had a battle system like that.

    9) Final Fantasy X (ps2) I thought that this game was great. It had a great story. I also loved the battle system. I like that it was turn based and that the aeons that you could summon could actually fight like a character and not just appear do damage and leave again. I think that the best part about this game would have to be the aeons.

    8) Final Fantasy IV (SNES) I thought that this game was also really good. I liked the story a lot. I thought that this game had one of the best stories. I also liked the difference in characters. Each character had their own unique personality and set of abilities. I only wish that you could pick which characters you wanted to fight with instead of characters getting "killed." I've never played this game on the SNES I just have it for the psx in Final Fantasy Chronicles.

    7) Final Fantasy VIII (psx) I liked this game because the graphics were really good for its time. (Especially compared to Final Fantasy VII) I liked the limit breaks also. I like them better than Final Fantasy IX's trance and Final Fantasy VII's limits. I also liked the story. It wasn't as good as Final Fantasy IV's but it was still a good story. Having the monster's leveling up was also a good idea. I haven't seen that in any other game and I thought that that was really unique.

    6) Breath of Fire IV (psx) This game was really good. I liked the story a lot. I think that the story was even better than Final Fantasy VIII even though some people might disagree. I liked that you could also play as Fou-Lu at an immensly high level right away in the game and through the game. One great thing about this game was all the mini games. There were a lot of them and I liked almost every one. One of my favorite was when you got to raise the faries. They were awesome. The first time I played I kind of killed most of them. They starved to death. This game kind of reminds me of Legend of the Dragoon because of the dragons/dragoons which by the way is next.

    5) Legend of the Dragoon (psx) Legend of the Dragoon was an awesome game. I loved the battle system where you had to actually press buttons to perform a combo or any decent attack. It kept me more active in the game instead of just repeatingly pressing x to attack and wipe out enemies. The story was also very good, but most of all I like the characters. I thought that they were very well developed characters. I just wish that I could've kept Shana. I didn't like Miranda.

    4) Final Fantasy 9 (psx) I loved this game. The story was just awesome. I also liked that you could get abilities from weapons and armor. The characters were also great well except for Quina. There really isn't much to say it just is really good.

    3) Xenosaga Series (ps2) I would have devided these up but I didn't have enough space. I really liked these games. I loved the story. It was amazing. These games were really good. I would say that I would order these games from least to greatest: Xenosaga Episode 2, Xenosaga Episode 1, and finally Xenosaga Episode 3. I loved the Xenosaga battle systems. They were all good and different in each game. I don't see many games as good as these.

    2) Final Fantasy Tactics (psx) This game would have to be my second favorite game. I just loved the different jobs. All the jobs were creative and each had their own unique skills. I also liked the story. It wasn't as good as other games but none-the-less it was still a great story. There really isn't much to say why this game is so good. It just is. The only improvement I can find is that they could have made the ending better.

    1) Phantasy Star IV (Sega Genesis) This game has to be my favorite game. This is the first RPG I played and it got me ready for all the RPGs I was going to play in the future. This game was just awesome. Everything about it was good, especially for when it was made. I love the characters, the story, and the battle system immensely. The only bad part was when Alys had to die. I should probably put spoiler marks but I don't see the need since this game has been out for how many years now. I'm glad that I got the Sega Genesis collection for my ps2 so that I can now play it on my ps2 instead of having to dig out my Sega.

    Games I wish I could have put in my list:

    Megaman Series- Originally I had it in my list but I had no room.
    Final Fantasy VII- Also I originally had it in my list but I needed to make room for Final Fantasy IX.
    Chrono Cross
    Chrono Trigger
    Final Fantasy X-2
    Soul Calibur
    Mortal Kombat
    Sonic Series
    Breath of Fire III
    All the games that I liked and I'm sure I forgot.

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    this'll be tough, but here goes.

    10) Final Fantasy -- It was my first experience in computer/console gaming, and an RPG to boot! The world seemed so massive and though the controls were pretty simple, it was a challenge. When SquareEnix brought out FF: Origins, I felt like I was a kid again... until I found that easy mode...

    9) Doom II -- I don't really know what addicted me to this game. It wasn't really that involved... I mean, you just go around shooting things. Maybe it was just the feeling that the monsters were really after you instead of a little pixel-guy on the screen.

    8) Master of Magic -- I loved this game... until I got my new computer. City management, spell research, turn-based combat, a great variety of units and spells. Add all that to virtually unending replayability, you got a great old game. Unfortunately, Windows XP doesn't like most of my old MS-DOS games...

    7) Legend of Dragoon -- My first PSX game. I got it and the console with my first Christmas bonus check. I had no idea what it was about, or if I would like it. Graphics-wise, it wasn't awesome. Replayability wasn't great. I love the addition system where you had to hit the buttons at the right time to complete the addition. I still drag it out to play from time to time.

    6) Final Fantasy VII -- WOW. When I got into this game, I wondered why I waited so long to get it. The materia system was unique, combat was well-executed and it was a great story! Also, I loved the limit break concept... i just wish I could have gotten into the lucky 7777 mode.

    5) SSI's AD&D Gold Series -- Pool of Radiance, Curst of the Azure Bonds, Secret of the Silver Blades and Pools of Darkness. I freely admit being a RPG addict. These games here fed that addiction for years. These were my first experience of AD&D in the computer/console environment. They took the rules and characters I knew from pen and paper RPGing with my dad, and brought it into the everyday accessibility of a computer. I think what I loved best was being able to transfer your party from one game to the next.

    4) Diablo II -- Another one I grew fond of and I don't know why. Might be the great variety in weaponry and armor. Also I like the way you can customize characters. The semi-random world also is still intriguing.

    3) X-Wing Alliance -- I've played every X-Wing/Tie Fighter game out there, and this one was, by far, the best. Not only do you fly fighting missions, but there are also cargo runs, espionage missions, and escort duty as well. The idea of following a family through Episodes V and VI of the Star Wars epic was and still is a great aspect of the games appeal. Plus, who wouldn't want to fly into the second Death Star

    2) Final Fantasy XII -- What a change! I never played FFXI, so I have no idea what its like, but out of all the FF I have played, this one is INCREDIBLE! I love the new battle system. I love how you see the enemies right on the main screen so you can avoid them. I like (no, not love) the license system... though it gets tough to wait for that one license you 've wanted. The amount of time you can invest in character development astounds me... I've put 90 hours into the game and still haven't finished. The graphics are absolutely beautiful. The ease of travel is very nice as well. I can't wait to see this game's ending! But, despite all that praise, my number one is...

    1) Runescape -- The only MMORPG I play. I've played this since I graduted High School, so... nearly 11 years. Probably the greatest aspect of this game for me is the constant updating. Every month sees another quest (or 2) and they are always putting out new areas to explore. There are numerous skills to train, hundreds of armors and weapons, plus it has got to be the best game when it comes to system requirements. I can play it easily on a 28.8k modem connection. There is just too much good in this game to do it justice on this little post. But, if anyone out there plays, look me up: yeltnac78.

    Honorable Mentions:

    Pokemon Yellow -- Pikachu is too cute!
    Eye of the Beholder Series -- Doom meets D&D
    Neverwinter Nights -- D&D's answer to Diablo
    Twisted Metal Series -- Let's blow stuff up in our car!
    Burnout 3 -- Road Rage is fun... just not in real life
    Marvel Ultimate Alliance -- I always wanted to be Iron Man
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    10. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - This was my first foray into the GTA world, and I can honestly say I was not disappointed. The game was seemingly made for me. When I judge a game, a big part of it comes from the gameplay (of course), but it goes even deeper then that. The atmopshere of the game is tremendously important. Vice City had all of that. The sandbox gameplay combined with the bright lights and the radio stations packed with 80s classics all add for an experience that can't be missed. Some missions had me on the verge of throwing the controller, but it's not a frustrating game at all. Every character adds to the engaging story, and in the end, the player is not disappointed at all.

    9. Star Tropics - I've always felt Star Tropics was a more obscure title for the NES, and to some degree, I'm right. Until I had the internet I figured that no one else had ever played the game, since none of my friends had. Thus, whenever I played it, I felt it was my own game and my own experience. Anyway, enough of the personal rant. But hey, it's part of why I like the game so much. Since no one else had played it that I knew, everytime I beat a dungeon or moved onto the next chapter, I felt like I had really accomplished something. Accomplishments, they were. Star Tropics is one of the harder games I've played, with some ridiculous dungeons and neat weapons. The soundtrack is one of my favourites, with several peppy tracks that'll keep you bouncin' the yo-yo off them fools.

    8. Shadow of the Colossus - A friend of mine told me a few years ago about a game that was made up entirely of boss battles. I shrugged it off at the time, since it didn't really appeal to me. Then I found out that these boss battles were some of the most epic in video game history. Epic boss battles, with huuuuuuuge bosses. Hell, everything about this game is huge. The world is insane. It's worth trying to find all of the fruit trees and lizards just to see all the detail that went into creating this enormous backdrop. Half the challenge is just finding the damned things, and once that happens, be prepared for a fight. Each battle has the same general principle, yet no two battles are alike. To spice things up, there's some intense music playing througout the battle that changes at various points just to get your blood pumping as opposed to the eerie silence that occurs in the rest of the game. All in all, Shadow of the Colossus is yet another unique gaming experience that can't be missed.

    7. Legend of Zelda - This may come as a surprise to some considering what the next entry on the list is, but I believe I've already pointed out which of the two I prefer more. I shall reiterate. To simply say the Legend of Zelda series would be a cop out. Each game is unique. What I loved about the original was its "open-endedness", which is only half-true. There was a giant world and Link could explore pretty much anywhere, and even go to the eighth dungeon before he completed the first. Simple, but epic soundtrack. Gameplay that really grabs you and dungeons that give you a good challenge- especially if your shield is eaten. Link's hefty inventory was also neat, with great satisfaction coming from upgrading the sword, boomerang and candle. If you haven't played this game, you're missing out on a piece of history.

    6. Legend of Zelda: The Adventure of Link - As mentioned before, this is entry is controversial considering the reception of the game at the time. However, I actually played The Adventure of Link before the original, so I wasn't disappointed with either game. I wasn't a stranged to side scrolling, and liked the idea of two different views. Just like its predecessor, the game has an epic soundtrack and EXTREMELY challenging gameplay. The road to the Grand Palace is littered with places were I've hit the proverbial "Game Over" (sometimes right before the last cave). The "inventory" is somewhat disappointing compared to the original, but this is made up for by Link's array of spells, which turn out to be very useful. The RPG element is minimal, but I think it adds to the game. Nothing like a run through Death Mountain for heaps of experience. A solid game, and a real challenge for those who are looking for one.

    5. Super Mario Bros. 3 - If I was asked what my favourite game was 12-13 years ago, I would have said Super Mario Bros. 3. In my opinion, it is the perfect side-scroller. The gameplay variations are great, the levels are challenging (at first, and then they become as familiar as the back of your hand). As far as side-scrolling action goes, look no further than this classic. You'll be humming the music for days, and every time you hit the A button you'll lift a few inches off your seat.

    4. Final Fantasy VI - I've said this a few times, and I'll say it again, the gameplay experience for me depends a lot on the atmosphere of the game. And man, Final Fantasy VI is like playing a friggin' movie, at least that's how I felt as I watched Terra run through the caves of Narshe for the first time. All FF games can fall into the same category of having a story that evolves exponentially as the game progresses. I find that FF6 is that, and then some, mainly because of it's huge cast of characters with the majority of them all having a sufficient background story. The battle system is perfect. The battle abilities are great. Boss fights are awesome. Dungeons are, well, dungeons. Some are long and annoying, but the reward comes in making the story progress. The soundtrack is also unquestionably amazing. Basically, FF6 can almost be called the perfect RPG (see below).

    3. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - When I heard the news of a 3D LoZ game, I was obviously excited. As many would say, it's a good thing Miyamoto is a perfectionist and there was a two year delay, because the end result is one of the best games ever released. Excellent story, gameplay, music, etc. The combat system is smooth and not difficult to master. That's a good thing, because for me, the strongest point of Ocarina of Time are the dungeons. The three-dimensions of the dungeons give them the character that 2D could never really pull off, save for perhaps moving background music. The sounds and visuals really make each dungeon unique and make you feel like you're actually there. In the end, the total package is a gaming experience that one can cherish for years to come.

    2. Chrono Trigger - In my opinion, Chrono Trigger is the aforementioned perfect RPG. I absolutely love the story. Again, it's like any RPG. Starts off with a few simple events, and then evolves into something wondrous. Chrono Trigger is something special. The atmopshere and the feeling I got when I first played it was spectacular. The game sucked me in and there I was, envelopped in its beautiful worlds, fun characters, and gameplay so smoooth the controller slips out of your hands. The combat system is awesome. Double teams and triple teams? Now we're talking. What I also like is how each character is important. Perhaps some more than others, but they're spells are all unique, and stay unique, which is something that disappeared in other games (FF6,8,10). 9999 damage hit, Luminaire and Dark Matter? Lavos doesn't stand a chance.

    1. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time - I was having some difficulty deciding between this game and Chrono Trigger for the number 1 spot, but after about 20 seconds of deliberation, I've awarded it to Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. What interested me about the game was it's Middle Eastern flavour, and perhaps it had music that reflected that flavour. What I got wasn't what I was expecting. It exceeded each and every one of my expectations. What I got was an awesome gaming experience that can be chalked up to a game that unfolds like a child's storybook, where wonder and excitement emerge from each page and each illustration. The game's palette is awesome, which adds to the storybook feel. A truly beautiful game visually, and the gameplay is very smooth and refined, albeit fairly linear. The combat is good, but for what it's worth, the game isn't about the combat. At least not the combat with monsters. The fight is against the puzzles and all the objects and obstacles the Prince interacts with. Still, the game istelf isn't all that hard, and the first time through might you take 10 hours or less, but after those 10 hours, I don't think you'll be disappointed. Like a good book or film, you're sad that it's finished, but you're more than glad you took the time to either read or watch it. The two games that follow are both good games in their own right, but as sequels, neither one truly lives up to the elation that comes from playing the Sands of Time, a game that can and should be enjoyed by everyone.

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    my top ten lists are:

    10. Resident evil 3: Nemesis- this is the last resident evil that i just saw and played.. i have no interest of this anymore... yeah it's a pretty good and thrilling game, but i think i have to quit playing this game

    9. Crash Bandicoot 1- one of the hardest game that I know, because you need to complete 3 tokens to go to the bonus round, unlike the advanced series of this game (of course you need to complete 100% to that by getting all gems, diamonds and relics, proving that you accomplish the game). Plus, it's hard to control this funny character, Crash...

    8. Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped- now this is more advanced game than the original one... I'd rather jump on this series to include this in Top ten list. Lots of secrets and lots of fun!!

    7. Dino Crisis 2- Regina is sooo cool!!! I'm telling yah!!! i like her actions and the way she beats the dinosaurs around her.... pretty good game, i hope that some of you enjoyed this game... me and my brother played this game about 20 times (just to beat the record!!)

    6. Dino Crisis 1- i think this game is more thrilling to play than the second part because it's a real survival game... no points and don't have to buy items and weapons. just leave the stuff that you don't need to use at a certain time and reserve it (and so on).

    5. Crash Team Racing- this is one of the cute game that I played with my friends... it's like your going to trap the other cars racers so that they might beat you (by hitting boxes and randomly has choices what kind you want)

    4. Crash Bash- it's a "parlor game" to me... good for all ages!!!

    3. Tekken (3, 4 and Tag)- i missed this fighting game when i was at home... as this game series going on... their costumes and their cool actions makes me impressed... i like xiaoyou.. she's pretty cute and has cute moves!!!

    2. Final Fantasy 8- this is one of the popular ff series i know, i like the story of Squall and Rinoa-loveteam!!! and not only that i really enjoyed playing this game... wishing that this game will be a movie... oh my...

    1.Final Fantasy 12- one of the newest game i ever played in my video game experience... well this is the top my list because got unique battle system, good graphics and more realistic game... this is all familiar for most of you...

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    Romans 6:23

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    ok....this is hard cause i have alot of games and love alot of them too.

    10.)Guitar Hero II- Another dream come true. Rocking it out like a rockstar.
    love using the guitar. lots of fun, great for parties.

    9.)Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones- This game was a instant favorite and i still haven't beaten it yet. The Prince rocks and the chariot part was my favorite part.

    8.)Kingdom Hearts II- Way funner then the first. Camera was better. Characters where better. But the game wasn't as Deep as the th first and wasnt as long eather. Summons were a little better. Hated Organization XIII.

    7.)Kingdom Hearts- Harder and way longer then the second. Story was more deeper but still lost the main focus. The levels where bigger and longer and the bosses were alot harder.

    6.)Gran Turismo 4- To put it easy simply, Racing Nirvana. There are hundreds of cars and many many tracks to race on. has 2 hour races that are for die-hard racing fans only.

    5.)Resident Evil 4- The BIGGEST Adrenaline rush ever! This Game never got borring! it was my first horror game and is still my favorite! if u have it and have a sound system eather turn it up really loud while your playing the game or put head phones on while u play and make sure its dark and everyone is out of the house. Then play it. haha makes the game better.

    4.)Shadow of The Colossus- THis game is like no there. no really there is nothing like it. Your in a massive level that takes forever to get around on and your looking to hunt down 16 (i think) Giant Monsters known as Colossus.
    Some are really tall, others can fly, and others can swim. makes it interesting and has amazing music. Best one is 12. its a flyer.

    3.)Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory- Best Stealth game ever. Sam Fisher owns Solid Snake! Proably one of my fav soundtracks ever. Great gameplay and fun to play over and over again. Story is interesting and keeps u going and it has it surprizes.

    2.)Final Fantasy X- This was my first RPG ever! I fell in love with it after the first 6 hours. Story is its strong point then after that is the pure old school turn based battles and the flow of the game. Now that ive played more RPGs this one seams restricting, but thats not really a problem. Ending made me choke up. lol Took about 75 hours to beat the main part of the game.

    1.)Final Fantasy XII- yes yes. This is my favorite game ever. it became that after the first 13 hours of playing it. The Story might not be the bast but i still like it. The battles never get borring and always keep me on the edge of my seat. The beauty of the game is almost 2nd to none, most beautiful game in my opinion. Huge world was the bigest one by far. The Airships are sweet!
    The characters are way more human then most of there FF games, made them more better. took about 100 hours to beat main part of the game.
    Ashe: You're sky pirates, aren't you? Then steal me!

    * Vaan: Let go of me!
    * Balthier: Keep this up and I will!

    Squall: I dreamt I was a moron...

    *Judge Gabranth: Lady Ashe! Your father's
    murderer is here!

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    Stage Dives, High Fives. Your Top Ten List (Descriptive!) Confession's Avatar
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    Sep 2007
    Jam and Cream. Butterscotch Fairies.
    10) Shadow of the colossus.
    so simple yet amazingly stunning graphics and addictive, vast land to roam. the bosses vary in diffuclty which shows your not ready for whats coming just a fantastic game i advice you all to play.

    9)Dragonballz budokai tenkaichi 2.
    fantasic fighting game, never old all the pretty clolours and plus for any dbz fan this is a must with over 100 characters to play as makes so many different senarios.

    8)grand theft auto series
    amazing games so much to do so much wasted time. just great anyones type of game.

    7) Age of empires 2.
    it would be higher except it gets very repeditive. but becides from that the ideal stratergy game

    6) Resident evil 4.
    great graphics perfect gameplay the only downfall is the aiming, but becides from that the most enticing game you can play.

    5)splinter cell double agent
    love it the disabling cameras its just one of the best types of gameplay you can have

    4) the hitman series.
    i love the fact of poisioning people and just the general hardness of the game very frustratingly lovable

    3)Final fantasy XII.
    great graphics fantastic gameplay altough it could of had a better stroy line it is one of the best rpg's i've ever played

    2) tied between final fantasy x. and call of duty 4
    just so addictive, turn based rpgs are just fantastic awesome story line so many twists and plots and with 200hours of gaming perfect buy.

    Call of duty 4 is the best game fps i have ever played

    !) gutitar hero series.
    these are just the most fun i've ever had everywhere i go there is guitar hero in my bag. FANTASTIC
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    Wu Tang Killa Bee's, We On The Storm.

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