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Thread: Where's the rest of it?

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    Where's the rest of it?

    Got my hands on some really stellar games for GB/GBC/GBA, Golden Sun being one of them, heard such a great things about the game. Will not use the word “stellar” in the same context as Golden Sun anymore, but that’s beside the point. Story, characters, as generic as it gets, story being told to player like he’s the biggest kreten ever, but the visuals and gameplay are on point. Gameplay in particular, the djinn system is great, I only wish the psynergy puzzles were a lot more complex, like in Zelda.

    Anyways, I reached what I thought was halfway point of the game, defeat a rather challenging boss, a short scene plays out and instead of me going further the credits roll in. The game just abruptly ends, the story isn’t finished, so many questions unanswered, at that point you know so little about the villains and their motivations. So where’s the rest of the game? There’s a sequel that came out a year out two later that wraps up the story. Some of you may think why I’m bothered by this, this isn’t all that unusual, well, let me explain.

    Take The Witcher for instance, despite being part of the ongoing series each game still wraps up nicely, you have a sense of accomplishment, games have self contained stories with the main story looming in the background. Same can be said for Mass Effect.

    That’s not the case with Golden Sun though, it just abruptly ends and at such a stupid point in the story I might add. There’s no sense of accomplishment, no satisfaction, game gives you nothing, it all felt like one massive unnecessary filler. I bet everything I have (ain’t much, lol) they cut the damn thing halfway through production and just released it while they work on the rest of it. F**k this game and it’s sequel. Imagine going through FF VI and it just ends as Kefka tears apart the world, even worse than that because that's actually a neat teaser for what next to come.

    Ever played a game with unsatisfactory closure or nonexistent one?

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    I have a few that come to mind.

    Golden Sun for GBA is one. I enjoyed playing it so much that I felt betrayed that it ended so abruptly. I never bothered with the second because I was that annoyed.

    Rage is another game. For starters it was a complete letdown. With the companies involved and the hype of it, I felt like I was promised a darker version of borderlands, or a very deep game, exploration-wise like fallout. Instead I got some garbage combination of both. Then, I do some mission where I shut off some computer terminals, kill some generic enemies and the game ends.

    Dragon Age 2 pissed me off as well. After loving the first one, the second was so short and really just felt like it was published to give you a bunch of decisions to make going into Inquisition. You meet a few characters who become awesome in Inquisition, but at the time, I felt cheated, especially since you basically revisited the same few locations over and over until the game just ends.

    Borderlands was also annoying because you fight the final boss and that's it. No epic loot, just a thanks for playing, see ya later. The rest of the game was awesome though.
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    haha i think everybody had that reaction with Golden sun, i enjoyed it up until the credits. Then by the time the sequel came out, i was well away from going near handheld games and i had forgot most of what happened, so never went back to it

    Same with Shen mue, although i knew it wasnt gonna be wrapped up, it just just took way too long for the sequel, i lost all interest.

    This approach doesnt work for games, its fine for movies, and is required as mostly nobody wants to spend more than 3 hours watching one movie.

    Games dont have any excuse to split a story in multiple games, sure its ok if its a really long story and has alot of content, it made sense for shen mue to do it, they just should never have taken as long as they did for the 2nd game.

    A year is ok, anything much over that is crap.

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    I loved Golden Sun. I did not mind the ending at all as I think I saw it coming. It has been ages since that time and I cannot accurately know my state of mind. Since I enjoyed the game so much I would play it over and over. It had some great game-play, puzzles, looked really good for the GBA, and had a fantastic score which all carried over into the next game. The sequel does a better job with the puzzles, Xanatos in case you are interested, and opens up the whole world. Story was somewhat generic though it has a little twist to change things up from being too cliche. I did like how they incorporated the djinn in and outside of combat. I find both to be great. The same cannot be said for the entry released on the DS as that was not up to par to me.

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    Golden Sun is an anthology RPG simply. This game literally won me over, and it was one of the favorites of my childhood. I took it without really knowing what it was worth and he bluffed me.
    Fights are turn by turn but do not lose dynamism, dungeons require a minimum of reflection and some moments are for me mythical: the boat crossing, the city with the games, the magic tree ... The story is involved from beginning to end.

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