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Thread: Shenmue I&II

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    Shenmue I&II

    I never played the original on, what was it, Sega Dreamcast?
    Would the remake be worth getting once it comes out? I remember literally every gaming magazine blowing their loads over this game, but I know literally nothing about it.

    Inform me!
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    It was a big deal back then, you could do so many things in it, get a job, play loads of mini games, practice kung fu. And then theres also progressing the story. I loved it at the time, but i would imagine it wouldnt be as fun in this day and age as games are so much bigger than it now, where back then it was the first of its kind.

    I cant remember much about it, other than it was an anti climactic finish, its a "to be continued" ending, and i never got to continue the story as part 2 was never made.. well not in a timely fashion anyway..

    *researches wikipedia*

    Wow, it actually states part 2 was released 2 years later... Why did i have it in my head that it wasnt released for a long time (many years) on another platform? wtf!

    I must have just been buried deep into the playstation 2 at that point, Shenmue 2 was out in the end of 2001 apparently, big PS2 games in 2001 would have been MGS2, Soul reaver 2 and Grand theft auto 3... leading into FFX in early 2002... And thats not even considering the PC side of things..So yeah, understandable it went over my head.

    But yeah, Shen mue was a joy to play through at the time, it had a lot of new ideas in it and the graphics were insane for the time. But it wasnt especially fun.. not anywhere near the amount of fun the other games mentioned above were..

    But yeah, if you're intrigued, give it a go, i would advise waiting to see if ShenMue 3 will wrap up the story first though, unless you don't mind waiting an unknown number of years for Shenmue 4..

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    Never played Shenmue and it's very much possible I wouldn't touch said games at all... Even so, best of luck to Shenmue 3 whenever it comes out that is.

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