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Thread: Secret of Mana Remake

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    Secret of Mana Remake

    Lovely remake. Buy?
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    It's a remake that keeps the defects and qualities of the original.
    For those who have done the original, you will find the same qualities and defects with still a lot of welcome innovations. For those who discover this monument: keep in mind that the game is over 20 years old but go for it!

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    I personally thought it was a great remake. Many have complained about the graphics for the remake, but if you compare the original to the remake, the remake's graphics are actually staying true to the cutesy, fluffy form the characters of the original. The story is exactly like in the original but with an updated translated script, it has a 3 player mode, and a new soundtrack, plus you can actually physically attack the bosses that were broken in the original game.

    What this remake offers other than what I mentioned:
    - A brand new sequence where the party members talk to each other in the inns of the game discussing different events which adds to the character development and background to the storyline.
    - A new, adjustable item limit which allows you to set the amount of items of each item you can carry up to the maximum of 12 items!
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