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Thread: New Localization for Y's VIII Delayed into 2018

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    JRPG News Post New Localization for Y's VIII Delayed into 2018

    NISA the publisher and company that localized the latest Y's game, Y's VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana received a lot of criticism for the localization. NISA promised to fix the issues with the script and patch it into the game for November. However, they announced that it is going to be delayed into early 2018 along with the PC version. They will also be doing new voice recordings with the new script. They were unable to give a firm date on when they are delaying it till, but the work being put into fixing the issues looks to be more extensive than originally thought.

    Source: Ys VIII Localization Fix And PC Version Delayed To Early 2018 - Siliconera
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    I'm far more willing to wait if I know it means we'll get a good localization.
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    I'd like to throw in my input about the Ys VIII game: I did end up purchasing the game and been thoroughly enjoying it despite the localization issues. The localization does have some typos but for any translation issues the game may have, they haven't really distracted from the gameplay itself. If you all rather wait and get a good translation with improved voice overs that's completely understandable. Otherwise, it is very fun, combat is fast paced, plenty of quests to go on, and, arguably, it's the best Ys game around. For those who have purchased the game, you do get the updated translation free of charge when it has been made available.

    If you want to play a known good Ys game while waiting for the updated localization, there is a physical multi-language release of Ys Origin on PS4 and it is also available digitally so PS4 owners won't be going without any Ys titles!
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