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Thread: Final Fantasy XIV Core - Final Fantasy XIV Fansite

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    Final Fantasy XIV Core - Final Fantasy XIV Fansite

    Hey everyone!

    I did not see our fansite mentioned here yet. So I'm making a formal introduction thread about our site. REMOVED

    We're a fansite for the upcoming mmo Final Fantasy XIV by Square Enix. Our aim is to be the number one fansite, with the most interesting discussions, awesome community and latest news and information.

    Currently we're running on a dedicated server and are sporting the new Invision Power Board version 3.0 which is far ahead of other forum and community platforms.

    The FFXIVCore community website exist to provide a friendly and active community for those who are interested in Final Fantasy XIV. We also provide the latest information and news. However, we aim to display the true appearance of the Final Fantasy XIV community and thus leaving it for the most part - Uncensored & Unmoderated. We welcome posters to post at their whim, without any regulation because it shows more accurately how the Final Fantasy XIV community is, and how the personalities behind those who play Final Fantasy XIV.

    We're quite a few people behind this site, the site admin of the #1 Lineage 2 fansite is an admin, myself (previous admin at, the #1 aion fansite, among other sites) and several other Final Fantasy and MMORPG fans.

    We have some interesting resources, such as REMOVEDThe Ultimate Final Fantasy XIV FAQ[/url] and we're also on REMOVED and REMOVED. We also have a gallery and a wiki is on the way!

    So, if you have a few minutes, REMOVED. We'll be at GameCom 2009 to cover the game.

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    I have a question. Why start a fan site for FF14 when FF13 hasn't even come out yet? Isn't it going to be hard to keep a fan site for a game busy for like 3-4 years without even having the game released?

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    FFXIV is a totally different game and it will be released around the same time as FFXIII. It's an MMO so having a fan site for it to discuss whats going on in the new world and it's playing. Nothing wrong with a fan site.

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    My fault. I've never played XI because of the price. I'm not a fan of these types of things. Leve them for consoles is what I say.

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    Sorry, but we're not too fond of one shot advertisers.

    LINKS REMOVED AND LOCKED. Though you're free to keep the links in your sig.

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