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Thread: DS games you would recommend to other people

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    Certified tech, come at me! DS games you would recommend to other people SuperSabin's Avatar
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    DS games you would recommend to other people

    I recently bought Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and it is awesome! I put up this thread because it would help people find more good DS titles to check out if they never heard of them before or are not sure about certain titles that other users on this site have.

    Heres my list of DS game recommendations:

    Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword
    Final Fantasy III DS
    Final Fantasy IV DS
    Chrono Trigger DS
    Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings
    Fire Emblem: Dragon Sword
    New Super Mario Bros
    Mario Kart DS
    Super Mario 64 DS
    Warioware Touched
    Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

    Lets hear you guys' recommendations for DS games.
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    Insanity is a girls best friend. DS games you would recommend to other people Fearless's Avatar
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    The World Ends With You

    Hellz Yes.

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    Mmm I have a couple... I'm still fairly new to the Nintendo DS though =^^=

    Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings
    Battles of Prince of Perisa
    Tetris DS
    (Tetris, an all time classic!)
    New Super Mario Bros. <- although it wasn't great... still good if you like Mario!

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    ~The Prince of the Moon~ DS games you would recommend to other people Hiromi Kikawada's Avatar
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    Ooooh...i have a few.

    Final Fantasy Crystal Cronicles Rings of Fate - Its not like all the other FF but its really good.

    Phantasy Star Zero - I LOVE Phantasy Star and im glad one for the DS is out. ;3

    Rune Factory A Fantasy Harvest Moon - Yuu might not like Harvest Moon games but this one is like RPG. Fighting monsters,level ups,weapons...ect.

    Children of Mana - From Square Enix... ;3
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    Warrior Ninja DS games you would recommend to other people Led Zeppelin's Avatar
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    DS games that I'd recommend are:

    Nintendogs: I find that they're the cutest little things ever =3...YOu get to take care of them, take them on walks and put them in competitions where you could win ribbons and money on the game ^^

    Yoshi's Island DS: Did you ever play on the Yoshi World game on the old Nintendo 64??...Well it's kind of like the same thing you play as yoshis going through places and you're trying to help little babies out...It's really fun to play and it brought back memories of the older one :]

    Pokemon Diamond: I always fancied pokemon games they're just so much fun to play...It has the basics like the one for the gameboy but it has the new pokemon instead and the story, I find, is a little better then the originals ^^

    That's my list of recommendation so far I'll edit if I can think of some more <3

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    Master of the Shadow Key DS games you would recommend to other people KeybladerXIII's Avatar
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    Don't forget a fairly new game that came out: Rhythm Heaven. You are given a scenario and must do a specific action while keeping a nice rythm. It is very addictive!
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    Asking all the personal questions. DS games you would recommend to other people RamesesII's Avatar
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    Definitely Final Fantasy Grimore of the rift it is like Tactics advance but a bit more simpler and the story line isn't quite as good but it is still a good play.

    I do have to agree Fire Emblem and Children of Mana are a must.

    I don't mind playing a bit of Pokemon every now and again.

    And for those that are interested i would recommend Brain Train the puzzles and games are addictive.
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    Certified tech, come at me! DS games you would recommend to other people SuperSabin's Avatar
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    Oh man, i totally forgot about adding Children of Mana to the list. I have that game and I totally enjoyed it. That game recently got me into playing DS games again.
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    Chocobo Sage Crazy Chocobo's Avatar
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    I happen to like Animal Crossing: Wild World. It's a great game even though the Wii version of AC came out not too long ago now. I would also agree with Nintendogs, a very entertaining and cute game for all ages really.

    Final Fantasy III is cool, I like it even though I haven't played a lot of it. Also I enjoy FF Fables: Chocobo Tales, very cute and addictive.

    There are too many good games on the DS!

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    Ellipsis DS games you would recommend to other people Meigumi's Avatar
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    I'd recommend The World Ends With You.

    It has a unique gameplay, unique characters, and a unique storyline.
    A challange, but fun in many ways. Humor, Terror, Drama; all rolled in one!
    It is mostly, while being made, focused on music.

    I'll give you the link to the OS:

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    ~☆~Muahahaha!!!~☆~ DS games you would recommend to other people SilkAngel's Avatar
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    Rune Factory 2 is a must buy if you like romance/action + fantasy/farming

    I also enjoy Animal Crossing: WW, Final Fantasy III, IV, and Crystal Chronicles: Rings of Fate
    Pokemon is also a classic that I love <3

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    艶かしき安息、躊躇いに微笑み DS games you would recommend to other people ZantetsukeN's Avatar
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    Topping my list is The World Ends With You. Amazing game, one of the most unique games you will ever find.

    Others I would recommend are Castlevania: Dawn Of Sorrow, FF III, FF IV, Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum and Bust-A-Move DS.

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    Registered User DS games you would recommend to other people Sinin's Avatar
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    The World Ends With You
    Pokemon (Anything but Dash>.>)
    Rhythm Hevan
    Pheonix Wright
    Apollo Justice
    Cooking Mama (bitchin'!)
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    I want to play a game. DS games you would recommend to other people Zargabaath's Avatar
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    Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen and Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride.

    I've played beat all six chapters in IV and I am very close to beating V.

    The Dragon Quest series is what got me into RPGs and one of my favourite series. I can't wait till Dragon Quest VI and IX for the DS

    When Square Enix announced that the Zenithian Trilogy (DQ IV-VI) were going to remake those games for the DS and bring them stateside was a very happy day.

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    The joke is far too true DS games you would recommend to other people loner-kid's Avatar
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    well seeing as no one else has mentioned it I reccomend Disgaea ds. It has a great story that's full of random humour, and the gameplay is really top notch. As a stratergy RPG it's got quite a lot of depth, you can create characters, level up equipment in the item world, request better equipment from the senate; long story short it's a game you can easily pour hours into

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    Choo-Choo Bear DS games you would recommend to other people Volendral's Avatar
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    The ace attorney games are awesome. Starting with Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and going to Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice. A great serious (Though, I still wish that they would of stuck with Phoenix Wright...)

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    anything by

    square-enix is pretty amazing on DS

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    Ah, I've been thinking about DS recommendations lately, glad to see there's a thread. An old one, but still good nonetheless. *dusts it off*

    So, I see RPGs are pretty well covered here, as I expected. What I would like to know is if anyone has recommendations for more quirky, offbeat kinds of games or games you think may be overlooked/underrated.

    And somewhat related to that, has anyone played Black Sigil: Blade of the Exiled? It sounds interesting but I'm not entirely sold on it yet. If anyone has any experiences with this game I'd love to hear (read?) about it.

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    R-K H、有名な侍の戦争の神ソウル刈り取り手 DS games you would recommend to other people Ryu-Kentoshii Hirokima's Avatar
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    Selkie in training DS games you would recommend to other people Silver Spyro's Avatar
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    New super mario bros.
    Mario 64 DS.
    Any mario, really.
    FF3 DS.
    Uck... I forget.. I'll probably come back with moar.. <<;
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    DS games you would recommend to other people V_Translanka's Avatar
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    The Ace Attorney series - Its been said numerous times already because this is such a solid series. If you hear "point & click" and get turned off, fight that feeling, dammit! These games rule.

    The Castlevania series - I've been playing Portrait of Ruin, but I've also played some Order of Ecclesia and they both kick ass. If you've played Aria of Sorrow on GBA then you should probably play the follow up Dawn of Sorrow for DS as well. This series has always been epic and keeps on kicking ass.

    Bangai-O: Spirits - To me, it's got kind of a big learning curve, but its possible I'm just stupid. Either way, it's a pretty great shooter (oldschool-type, not FPS).

    Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen - This is a remake of one of arguably the BEST NES RPG. To me, it's easy to see that this is where FFVI got the early inspiration of going from linear during the first half to blowing wide open to an expansive, explorable world in the second half. Then dig on DQV as it was one of the best SNES-era RPGs. Coming soon: DQVI & DQIX.

    Dragonball: Origins - Its Akira Toriyama, its Dragonball, its cute, its funny, its one of the only action/adventure games I would play. Maybe not the best the DS has to offer, but a nice, light play to help wash Evolution out of your consciousness.

    Etrian Odyssey - Great oldschool RPG fun set to a dungeon-crawler setting. The story doesn't pick up for a few levels of said dungeon, but if you're into hardcore, level-grinding action, this is the RPG for you (there's a sequel too!).

    Exit - Think new gen sort of Adventures of Lolo puzzler. I wouldn't want to buy it, myself, but its the sort of 2nd game you might buy for someone when you're not entirely sure how much they'll like the 1st choice you get 'em. Very light play for on-the-go stuff when you're not playing one of the bajillion SRPGs that are on the DS.

    Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon - Speaking of SRPGs, if you're going to get one, it might as well be this remake of the 1st of this legendary SRPG series.

    Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars - Unless you simply cannot stand the oldschool topview (and if that's the case then I wouldn't be recommending to you anyways, you terrible new gen graphics whore you!), this is another good entry to the GTA series. They do some fun stuff with the touch screen as well (feel that aggravation as you have to manually hotwire that car...!). Shooting things is still not as fun as the newer 3D GTAs, but running over people is always fun no matter what view you're in.

    Knights In the Nightmare - Part of my favorite newer series (Dept. Heaven). It isn't necessary to play the others (Riviera & Yggdra Union), but you should anyways as they're just as awesome in their take on their various genre. If you're looking for a slightly new gaming experience, I don't think you could do much better than the Dept. Heaven games. There's a BIG learning curve here, so not for the feint of heart.

    The Megaman Star Force series - If you liked the Battle Networks, this is basically Capcom going, "Here's some more slightly modified same!" I can dig it, though.

    Metal Slug 7 - It's Metal Slug, bitch. If you need an explanation beyond this is an amazing side-scrolling shooter series the likes of which not even the Contra series has been able to hold its own against, then it isn't for you.

    Professor Layton & the Curious Village - In a sea of puzzle games for the DS, Professor Layton stands at the peak. There's an upcoming sequel coming as well (something about a Mysterious Box or something...he's probably searching for that ever-elusive G-Spot is my bet). It basically plays like a virtual puzzle book with brain teasers, tests of common sense & eye tricks of various types.

    Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords - Strange RPG hybrid set to a strategic Bejeweled battle system where you'll fight for lines of skulls to attack or lines of multi-colored jewels to build up various mana bars to use specific abilities. It sounds stupid, but its pretty addictive...Though after a while it gets kind of tiring to keep at it. Might be another one of those in-between other games game depending on how dedicated you get playing it. There's tons of little sidequest things to do in this to keep you busy for quite a while if you really get into it.

    Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor
    - DS...Devil Survivor! GET IT?! AREN'T THEY CUTE?? Anyways, this is a pretty decent SRPG. I've never played a Megten before, but this one left a pretty good impression on me. Interesting storyline where you learn that people are going to die and you get trapped in this specific area of Japan using demons to help you fight other demons and junk. Eventually you start combining demons to make better demons and switch around abilities and all that.

    Suikoden Tierkreis - I've been playing this one the most recently. This is likewise my first foray into this particular (& popular) series and it too has given me a good impression so far. A quite enjoyable turn-based RPG...I can't quite understand why its gotten such bland reviews (though I've heard this is sort of just how reviewers seem to have been treating turn-based RPGs)...Multiple worlds, cool!

    Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume - Hey, another series I haven't played before! It's an SRPG with an interesting combo system. I haven't gotten into it very much (TOO...MANY...SRPGS...!), but I'd still suggest it, I think.

    Probably more (I'll just go ahead & agree with FFIV & CTDS right now, enough has been said about those, I think), but I can't think right now and that should do anyways, dammit! There's always more games coming for this system...I hope we get Shining Force Feather & even just ONE version of Tales of Hearts.

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    Registered User DS games you would recommend to other people Fayt.'s Avatar
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    I'm not a massive DS player.

    But ones that have stood out to me so far are the Dragon Quest remakes (IV & V), both are quality old school style RPG's.

    And for a strat-RPG with a different flavour try Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume, the story is quite unlike the majority of others out there.

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