Devil May Cry 5 is unbelievably, disappointingly easy. The game offers you only two difficulties at the very start, Human and Devil Hunter. It's been quite a while since I played Devil May Cry, and I distinctly recall Devil May Cry 3 kicking my ass, so I chose Human for my first playthrough. After first few bosses failed to land even a single hit I began anew and went with the Devil Hunter this time around, the spike in difficulty was minimal at the very best. In fact the last boss is the only one who provides any sort of challenge, but by then I didn't really care as I had way too many gold orbs on my hand which I didn't even have to use as I found out you can easily spam him with Coyote-A + Devil Sword Dante combo. This is by far the easiest game in the series, including the "reboot", I hear it only hits its stride at "Dante Must Die".

That being said, the game is still fun. All three characters, Nero, V, and Dante, are fun to play with, Dante in particular. He's such an awesome character, both gameplay and story wise. I mean, he's using a bloody bike to beat demons to a pulp. V is kinda broken, you can get the highest rank using this character with little to no effort, his style, while fresh and new to the series, is downright broken. His shadows though have more personality than him. As for Nero, well, much like in DMC 4 he's trying way too hard. Devil May Cry as a series has never been known for its storytelling, fifth being no exception, but the last few chapters are amazing, solid little twist and tons of fan service. The last few chapters really made me crave for Devil May Cry 3 again.

Overall enjoyable, though not nearly as Devil May Cry 3 and 4 or, and I'll get a lot of shit for this, even the reboot.