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Thread: Demo vs the actual Game.

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    Demo vs the actual Game.

    Demos tend to offer the very best of their respective games, a mean to test, and decide whether you like it or not, preview if you will, but what when the game itself doesn't live to it's demo. The question is, ever played, and ended up being thrilled with the demo just to be disappointed with the actual game later on, and vice versa?

    Demo > Game

    I remember Tribes: Vengeance demo appearing on one of the BUG DvD-s, not being a FPS fan I didn't expect much to be honest, but since I had a habit of trying every game on DvD I got with BUG magazine I gave shoot at Tribes as well, I was amazed to say the least. The entire jet pack concept was so much fun that I would end up jumping, and flying around for hours. Sadly the same can't be said for the actual game, it wasn't bad, far from it, it just wasn't thrilling as in demo.

    Demo < Game

    For quite some time I couldn't understand all the fuss around Batman: Arkham Asylum, until I bought the actual game that is. While I was playing demo I was restricted to walls of asylum, the story just began, and at first seemed mediocre at best, no to mention my previous experience with games based on comics, and movies. With the whole game in my hands I could breach the limits of demo, with time the story became interesting, I got to know the charm of exploring the island and solving Riddler's secrets.

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    Re: Demo vs the actual Game.

    Okay, let's see.

    Dead Space 2 is my example of Demo>Game

    That demo scared me about 5-9 times. And the demo lasted me about 30 minutes.
    In my 13 hours of Dead Space 2, I got scared 3 times. Vastly lower than what a game claiming fear should be... In the Demo, I had a feeling of being alone, however, during the events of he real game... yea, harshly disappointed.


    Bayonetta and GoW3. Bayonetta made me want to mastu---- play the game. And I'm glad I did, awesome music, a cool take on the bestiary and a good spin off the action stylish dmc type game. GoW3 demo was fun, but the literal game took it vastly beyond what I expected. Sadly however, after beating it, I had a sense of unaccomplishment... tsk tsk tsk

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