Capcom has recently hosted a stream earlier today in commemoration of Mega Man's 30th anniversary with developers talking about the history of the game, their favorite aspects about the series, how it's evolved. They also had some major news for people who are longtime fans of the mega man franchise. Because there are separate articles for the announcements I will link them all here in this thread. The following has been revealed by capcom:

Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 & 2 announced for Switch with amiibo support.
Mega Man Legacy Collection switch news

Mega Man X Collection coming to PS4/Switch/Xbox/PC.
Mega Man X Collection news

Mega Man 11 announced for PS4/Switch/Xbox/PC.
Mega Man 11 reveal

All these game announcements are slated for 2018 releases, starting with the Switch port of MM Legacy Collection in Spring, X collection for summer, and MM 11 will be released in late 2018!