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Thread: Another Genesis/Mega Drive game spotlight!

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    Another Genesis/Mega Drive game spotlight!

    Those who saw my previous thread long ago about a Genesis/Mega Drive probably remember that impressive looking Star Cruiser game I talked about. There is another Genesis game I wanted to share with you guys that you might like to take a look at. Are any of you familiar with the game Trouble Shooter? It's a shoot em up game by Vic Tokai. There is a follow up sequel to the game that was only released in japan and it has a very impressive soundtrack and the gameplay looks amazing. The sequel to the game is known as Battle Mania Daiginjou (or Trouble Shooter 2 as we westerners would call it) and it was released in 1993. The game revolves around girls flying around shooting at objects, not in flying ships, but in jetpacks. The graphics are apparently improved over the original game and the difficulty of the game has been adjusted to be more challenging.

    Here is a video showcasing the Trouble Shooter/Battle Mania sequel that never released in the west, I hope you enjoy!

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    Why do I think this was based on an anime I saw advertised in EGM once? Or was it International Outlook?

    You say one of the games came out here? Why does it look like the controls are reminiscent of Section Z? The characters are also using jetpacks, which, you know...

    Jetpacks are awesome, except in stage two of SOR2...that jetpack kind of makes me mad
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