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Thread: Picture Problem.

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    Picture Problem.

    I would like to ask if it would be possible to make it so when trying to add an image to a post or PM that it have the browse upload option. I can put images on my computer and upload them for my avatar and stuf like that but I can never get images on a Post or in a PM beacuse you need to get the URL for it.

    I wanted to know if the browse option could be added or if someone can tell me how to post an image on a post/PM.
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    You can always use a free upload program such as ImageShack® - Image Hosting or tinypic and upload them. Since HTML has been banned just copy the direct link to the image and use the image tags in your post. [ximg] your address here [/ximg] (make sure to delete the x's). Just make sure the image is scaled down to a decent size.

    Also if you can upload in a post by choosing to go advanced with your post. then it will throw the image in a thumbnail that can be clicked and opened in a subwindow.
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